16 December 2018


Can you believe that, after this week, there will be just two more Weekly Gratitude posts before the New Year?! I am officially in my 'must sort my life out ready for 2019' mode and am trying not to make a big thing of it. The thing is I just love planning so much, I adore sitting down with a notebook and scribbling ideas, dreams and goals, so I kind of thrive at this time of year! This time next week we will be packing up ready to spend Christmas with our family, so this post will come to you a little late on Christmas week and probably from a place of food coma too, so bear with me!

PS: A new vlogmas video will be up tomorrow (Monday) with a bit of a catch up too!

Right, let's jump into this weeks gratitude list/other random things I may like to ramble about!

:: If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I had to take the rest of the week off doing daily Vlogmas videos as my mental health had a bit of a 'moment'; I have finally learned to eliminate things that may put a bit of pressure on me (even when they are things I really do enjoy) because in a mental health low, the little things can be magnified so much that it can get a bit silly. These days I take a bit of a black and white approach and tend to totally sit back for a while to recharge, rather than attempting a half-hearted approach. I have been filming odds and ends so will pop up a recap video for you asap and be back to the daily vlogs from Monday! What I have been super grateful for this week is how amazing you guys have been; when I put up a very short insta-stories clip about taking a few days off vlogging I got some truly wonderful and very sweet messages of concern and support which really helped me more than I can articulate, so thank you so very much for that.

:: On Monday I had the best cat nap (literally) before lunch. I’ve had the worst tiredness this week and so I tend to listen to that and grab a nap when I can because it makes me so much more productive for the rest of the day ahead. On Monday I was working away in my art room when I found myself dozing off, paint brush still in my hand and everything (oops), so I set an alarm and curled up on the bed in the same room. I was soon joined by our little bear, who snuggled right in with me for 20 minutes; it was wonderful!

:: On Thursday I had a final get together with my lovely friend Kat before she moves away. We went to our usual haunt, Trevaskis Farm, where they do the most amazing cakes/desserts you have ever seen (totally fine for 10am right?), I had a mint mousse thing and it was delicious!
:: I have had some really awesome weights workouts this week, where I have been trying to put a lot more focus on feeling whatever muscle I am working on actually contracting, rather than just going through the motions. There are some muscle groups that I really need to work on the muscle-mind connection more and this week I have felt a lot more soreness post-workout, which means I have done something right! I do like a bit of post-workout pain!

:: Our little village had its Christmas lights switch on  on Friday evening. We stepped out our gate and walked the ten steps to where the tree and sweet nativity scene is set up and huddled together in the freezing wind whilst we listened to carols and watched the lights come on. Mid way through a carol we decided to take a little walk around the village in a desperate attempt to bring some heat back to our feet and to see some of the fairy lights in peoples gardens and windows. As we turned the corner to head back towards the festivities we found Father Christmas hidden between two houses, waiting for his three torch flashes to tell him it was his time to head up the road for his grand entrance. What a cute little hour that all was.

:: Today I finally got to catch up with my favourite human, my lobster, Helena! We seem to always say 'we must'nt leave it so long' but then life takes over and, before we know it, it's been weeks. There is nothing quite like a proper catch up is there?

:: I have been really enjoying some quiet time in the lounge, with just the tree lights for company. A couple of mornings, at about 3.30-4am, I have found myself awake and inspired, so have sat with a nice cup of tea, working for an hour or two and it feels so lovely. Early morning inspiration is the best!

:: Cat-mum chats were back this week! If you have no idea what I am talking about then a quick summary is this: Peta and I Face Time each other to discuss cats, and whatever else has been going on. It was needed this week as it had been a while and a lot had happened, including one of Peta's cats, little Tina bear, having a very serious operation. She is recovering so well and being spoilt rotten for sure. Head over to Peta's blog and Instagram to have a catch up!

:: You may have seen in my vlogmas videos that I have been working on two special little personalised baubles recently; I am pleased to say that they arrived in their new home with no damage! I was really happy about that!

:: I thought I'd mention a Netflix film that I watched, and loved, this week, called 'Dumplin'', it stars Jennifer Anniston (how is she almost 50 years old now?), as a beauty pageant obsessed mother who's daughter decides to go against convention and enter the pageant, much to her mums initial dismay. It is so good guys, go check it out. I also watched 'About a Boy' this week too, I adore that movie; it's been a long time since I watched it.

:: On Thursday I received a bloody amazing little treat from my gym buddy, Rory, some home made caramel-shortbread (Millionaires shortbread?). He makes the best I have ever tasted, so it is always a good day to find some has been left by your gym bag! Thank you!

:: Last night/early this morning, whilst waiting for Gizmo to come in, I stood out on the doorstop watching the stars, which were the brightest I think I have ever seen. It was so clear and, as I stared up in awe (as always) I saw the brightest, longest 'shooting star' I think I have ever witnessed. I believe we had a meteor shower recently, so maybe it was a left-over/latecomer! I cannot get enough of stargazing; one day a telescope will be mine!

:: Finally for this week... I actually 'invented' a recipe! That sounds dramatic and is not strictly true, because what I did was take an pre-existing lentil burger recipe and through in a load of other stuff I had laying about. The result was actually really tasty and I made enough for several meals too, so am really looking forward to having them again. I am on the look out for an recommendations for veggie/vegan blogs or books which have simple recipes, so feel free to comment if you know any really good ones. (You can see me making the burgers in the vlog that will be going up tomorrow!).

Thank you so much for all of your continued support guys... and, before I forget, the free Bullet Journal printable will be out the week between Christmas and the New Year, along with a Bullet Journal video, where I will be putting together my 2019 layout for you. If you have any questions that you may like me to cover in that video please leave me a comment below. If you haven't yet signed up for the freebie, click right here to join the list and, as soon as it comes out I will email it over to you first!


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