9 December 2018


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all doing well. Huge apologies for there not being a post last Sunday; I have been playing catch up a little so I just didn't get my head in the game and I would much prefer you to not have a post for one day than have a rubbish one!

I have started my Vlogmas videos now, so to catch up click HERE to go through to the playlist! I would love you forever if you would subscribe though as it makes a huge difference to me on YouTube, click right here to go and do that right now! I hope you enjoy the videos; they will be short and may not be full of lots of adventures because, well you know, real life exists and work has to be done, but I love watching peoples real lives, the more raw the better and so that is basically what you can expect to find!

On to this weeks gratitude list...

:: This week I made the very adult decision of saying 'yes' to going out-out! My beautiful friend, Kimberley, asked me ages ago whether I would like to go and see The Royal Ballets 'The Nutcracker' with her over at a local cinema and I was struggling to agree due to finances, but I thought 'sod it!' and told her I'd go! It was truly incredible! It was a live broadcast of the opening night from The Royal Opera House and I cannot tell you how magical it was. I sat there in total awe of those dancers and cannot wait to see another ballet in that same setting as the view was, in my opinion, better than being in the actual theatre! I highly recommend you checking out these types of live performances if you get a chance; it would make a lovely present for someone too as it feels more special than a regular cinema visit. Thanks so much for asking me to go with you Kimberley!

:: Kirsties Handmade Christmas started last week and it really had me feeling the Christmas magic! I soooo want to make wands now; if you didn't see the first one then you will have no clue what I am talking about!!

:: After finally getting the enthusiasm together to put the Christmas decs up, I have actually really enjoyed sitting in the lounge with just the fairy lights on. I think I forget how magical that feels; it made this mornings 3.30am headache much easier to cope with!

:: On the subject of Christmas lights, our village Christmas tree and lights went up yesterday, although they don't get their official switch-on until later this week. I also love the fact that a huge cross gets put on the top of the church too, which also lights up and looks beautiful at night. It is all these little things that make living in a small village like ours so wonderful; I love a tradition!

^^ Such a pretty rainbow over our village that just cannot be shown off by a phone camera! ^^ 

:: This morning we got all sorted for a little mooch about the village and, although it was short lived because of the rain, it was lovely to catch this rainbow and watch the rain coming in over the sea... maybe we'll have another try at a walk later today! I really enjoy getting fresh air after a week where I have basically been home the whole time; it's been so tricky to try and get out in-between the full on pelting showers we have been having!

:: Ages and ages ago Joe pre-ordered us the new Christopher Robin film on Amazon* and it arrived yesterday morning, so naturally we watched it last night! What a beautiful, thoughtfully-made film it is! I just adore lovely Pooh bear so much, he is the best isn't he? I think it was paused about three times to allow for self-composure (any fellow emotional wrecks over films please put your hands up!).

:: Wednesday was a bit of special day and we treated ourselves to some yummy Marks and Spencers food, including my all-time favourite dessert that they do, the millionaires dessert, which is white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse, a chocolate ganache on the top and caramel at the bottom with a biscuit base... basically heaven in a pot! Wow, my mouth is watering just describing it to you!

:: I was super chuffed this week to get a little mention at the end of one of my fave illustrators, Catherine of Katnipp Illustrations, videos after I sent her a personalised 'C' painting for being so lovely. I didn't send it for any shout outs at all, just to say thanks for always sharing her processes and suppliers etc, which many people won't do, so when I was watching her studio vlog this week it was amazing to see Leaf Lane Studio get a shout out! Catherine makes cute little pins and stickers among many (many) other things and is going from strength to strength with her business, which motivates me so much with my own.

Thank you for stopping by this week, it means the world to me that you take time out of your schedule to come here and read what I write...waffle and all! Don't forget to head over to my YouTube Channel to check out how vlogmas is going!

^^ This is the little bespoke, baby pink, 'C' I painted for Catherine from Katnipp Illustrations, order yours HERE ^^

* Amazon affiliate link

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  1. What a lovely weekly gratitude Lucy!! Yay for shout outs and the ballet sounds absolutely incredible!
    Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta xx
    www.nourishing soulfully.com


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