20 December 2018


I haven't done a 'Taking Stock' post for a while so I thought that it might be a nice round up to the month of December to pop one of these up! I do realise we aren't done with the month yet but, with Christmas coming up and all that jazz, I am just being realistic!

m a k i n g :: a new printable calendar for Leaf Lane Studio! It has taken much longer than I had hoped, but I am really pleased with it! If you want to see me speed painting one of the months, click here to watch the Vlogmas video it is in! The calendar will be out asap, probably the week between Christmas and the New Year.

c o o k i n g :: lots of meat-free food. I am not making any real conscious decisions to go meat free, but since I have been tuning into my intuition more when it comes to meals, I have realised that I am sort of craving meat free a lot. I have made chickpea curries, lentil burgers and other dishes recently and am constantly looking for other recipes to add to my repertoire. 

d r i n k i n g :: way too much Alpro soya chocolate milk! I do feel like a child reaching for my chocolate milk, but it is just a nice sweet treat!

r e a d i n g :: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. This book is taking ages for me to read, mostly because I keep re-reading parts of it because I love his thoughts so much... I will finish this!

w a n t i n g :: clothes without holes! Every single pair of pajamas I own has a hole and that is just the nightwear situation!

p l a y i n g :: the Foo's whilst I train... loud!

d e c i d i n g :: where to take the business in 2019. I have a million ideas and have printed out one of the amazing Jen Carringtons free mini books to help me reflect and plan; I highly recommend you check the books out, they are such an awesome resource! 

w i s h i n g :: for a visit to The Eden Project before the year is through. They currently have a light show thing going on in the evenings, which I have heard mixed reviews about, but I'd like to check it out nonetheless!

e n j o y i n g :: sitting with just the Christmas fairy lights on and drawing.

w a t c h i n g :: Christopher Robin and lots of Christmas films! 

l i k i n g :: watching everyone's Vlogmas videos and connecting to more people online who are watching mine!

w o n d e r i n g :: what fitness goals to set for the new year, I like to have a goal and I really need to decide what I'm going to do. I kind of fancy trying something a bit different this coming year as well as my usual gym training; watch this space!

l o v i n g :: wearing glittery nail polish! I love sparkly things, much like magpies are attracted to shiny objects! Also loving the fact that the gym blasted out Jazzy Jeff's 'Boom Shake the Room' this week!

h o p i n g :: to get a part time job next year that will allow me to bring out more products in my shop!

m a r v e l l i n g :: over how fast this year has gone by and how easy it can be to float along (i.e. more intention needed for 2019!).

n e e d i n g :: to get myself organised for the wedding fair I am attending in early 2019. I have quite a few things to get sorted out.

s m e l l i n g :: all the lovely village smells... wood-smoke, the sea and pub food!

w e a r i n g :: cosy jumpers and fluffy socks (I am also wearing trousers don't fret!).

n o t i c i n g :: how much sleep I have needed this year compared to other years... is it an age thing? Anyone know what's happening to me?!

k n o w i n g :: that THIS is my new favourite song (you're welcome, I'm not even sorry!).

t h i n k i n g :: how I am ready to see 2018 in my rear view mirror and launch into the New Year. I don't like the New Year as a rule, I often find my mental health taking a dip around then, but I am feeling like 2019 is going to hold something special, so I am going to put my positive pants on and try and attack it with all I have in me!

This is probably going to be my last post for a week or so guys; whatever you are up to have a lovely one and I will see you on the other side of the madness!

PS: during the week before New Year I will be sending my email list a free Bullet Journal printable, so make sure you are signed up so you don't miss it AND I will be filming a YouTube video (which will also be linked in the newsletter) showing you guys how I will be using my freebie to set up January! Click here to join my mailing list!


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