5 December 2018


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Since officially launching Leaf Lane Studio last September I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone so many times that, had I known prior to having my own business what anxiety I would get each time I faced said comfort zone breach, I may not have started it at all! 

This week specifically, I have found myself reflecting on just how ridiculous practically all my business-related anxiety has been, and the reason I began to think about it was because of money. When I launched the business I was more than aware that I wouldn't have much (any) money for a while and that it was something that comes with the territory unless you are one of the very fortunate people who just so happens to have a product or service that sells crazy-fast - if this is you then you're my hero!

I chose not to go down the road of business loans / credit cards and, instead, I opted for the slow approach and I am so glad I did. This way of starting something, which I knew so little about, meant that I gave myself the space and time to really grow into Leaf Lane Studio and understand what parts of my business I was comfortable with and what parts I was not.

It turns out that one of those things is money.

As I am sure you all know, when you work for yourself, you have to start filing your tax return and thinking about the best practice when it comes to filing receipts, keeping records and all the other things that come with the responsibility of being your own boss. For me, as much as I love facts and figures, and would really love to get stuck in with it all, I just had too much resistance to getting on with it, which I was really concerned may lead me to being out of the loop with my own records and some irresponsible business management on my part.

Every time I even thought about my tax return I would have a barrier come into my head and would not even be able to think clearly about how I would get that done, let alone whether I could do it right. This mindset and worry had been manifesting and niggling away at me for over a year, so I decided to take action and get myself sorted with an accountant.

My first meeting was yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful, and that is my reason for writing this post. I worried all weekend about my meeting, frantically gathering, sorting and labeling everything she needed from me and worrying I hadn't done enough my end; I felt sick with anxiety and really all over the place! As soon as I stepped into the meeting and had been assured that everything was okay and I had been doing everything right so far, the weight that lifted off my shoulders was huge.

My point it this: if there is something you are really worrying about and you can ask for help, whether it is something in your personal life or in work/business, just bloody get the advice or help, don't be like me and drive yourself crazy.

I have learnt so much about myself in launching my business and the biggest thing is how much I can avoid the things that worry me the most; for the record, this doesn't count when it comes to my clients and lovely brides to be, it is more my own side of things. I would never, ever let a customer down, so why is it that I would let myself down? It is so strange how things work in our minds isn't it.

I am learning that asking for help and guidance does not equal failure and I think that is my biggest 'win' for 2018, because I could have launched Leaf Lane Studio at least two years sooner if  I wasn't so worried about certain things, such as finding a printer for my work (which turned out to be so damn easy once I got over myself!), and this whole accountant thing pays for itself ten-fold with the amount of stress it alleviates, not to mention all the other little gems of knowledge accountants can offer.

The moral of the story: do not ponder for too long over the things that you can sort out in an hour or so, it is not worth it, I promise you! Make the decision to change and get on with it!

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