25 November 2018


^^ The view from St Michaels Mount back to Marazion this morning ^^

Happy one month until Christmas Day my loves; okay, I really need to talk about Christmas, I have to get it off my chest! Usually I am all over the festive season like a rash, but this year it just hasn't kicked in at all. I have been wondering why and then it dawned on me that working from home and not interacting with other Christmas lovers has really taken its toll! I need to get into Christmas and fast and that is why I have decided to try and do Vlogmas this year; I am not promising a video a day, but I will do what I can and part of that will be getting out and about as much as I can managed whilst having zero pennies in my purse and a phone that keeps turning off!

The good news is that I have received an early letter from Santa (my people know his people you see) and I have found out that I have a brand new, sparkling camera coming my way for Christmas (on a serious note I am a very, very, very lucky girl and feel so grateful). So you can expect a huge increase in videos and quality of videos for 2019. 

Any quick fixes for getting into the festive spirit will be gratefully received though, because I cannot even summon the strength to put up the tree, which always happens on 1st December and I am usually counting down the days! I am sure I will get there!

^^ A little preview of the calendar! What do you think? ^^

Right then, let's talk about the lovely things from this week shall we?

:: I have got right into painting the rest of my calendar for Leaf Lane Studio this week; I decided to use gouache for this years version and I am really enjoying it, it feels like a better medium for the look that I am after! I am, however, running a little behind still due to the few weeks of illness (playing catch up is the worst!) but it will be out soon, so hang on in there! 

:: This week was a good workout week for me. I managed a couple of yoga sessions, with my good pal Adrienne (YouTube!) and four sessions in the gym. I am feeling so much more like myself again, finally, and being back to training really helps.

:: I've been trying my best to interact more on my Instagram stories this week on both my accounts (make sure you are following the blog and Leaf Lane Studio!) and have been enjoying it a lot. My goal is to become more confident with it and to let you guys see a bit more behind the scenes stuff. I think it is so easy to over think it when, actually, it is often so much nicer to see the everyday things! 

:: Yesterday morning the postman delivered a little envelope through the door. As I picked it up I thought 'oh, this looks like one of mine!' and I was right! My lovely client, Lisa, who also has a blog....... sent me one of the thank you cards I had made as part of her wedding stationery as a little momento, and it had a gorgeous little note on it! It made my day!

:: I am so grateful for all the podcasts I listen to during the week because this whole business thing can be so hard when you are plugging away at it all on your own. Sometimes it is hard to know whether the emotions you are feeling are normal or not! This week I have been catching up with Sara Tasker's podcast, Hashtag Authentic, and have been enjoying hearing chatty conversations in the background whilst I work.

:: This morning Joe and I took a walk on Marazion beach, which was so beautiful. The light was super bright and the texture on the sand was gorgeous (as you can see from my many photos below!). The smell of the sea and the feel of the breeze on my face felt so needed today. I am really excited to get out and about a bit more for Vlogmas and, even though the videos will be short and sweet, I am hoping you enjoy seeing a few more of Cornwalls best bits!

:: You guys may know that I am not much of a drinker, but this evening, as I type in-fact, I am drinking a pink gin and tonic and it is delicious! It was only a one-serving things I grabbed whilst in Morrison's this afternoon, but I just fancied it... call me wild!

:: I have found so many wonderful friends via Instagram and this week I have been chatting to a couple of new people who are so great! These friendships are so valuable when you work for yourself and it is always lovely to share experiences! On the subject of Instagram, I am taking part in #MeetTheMakerWeek this week over on my Leaf Lane Studio account, so I would love it if you followed along! Find me by searching 'leaflanestudio'!

:: How could I forget the most fabulous thing from this week! Fish and chips Friday! No more needs to be said about that!

I am going to leave it there for this week, but I would love you guys to leave me a comment below if you have any thoughts on what you may like to see throughout December on Vlogmas. If you have anything you may want to know or ask or something specific in mind then get in touch via the comments or any social media! I always value your input!



  1. Such a lovely gratitude post Lucy. A pink gin sounds delightful! Sending lots of love you’re way xx

    1. Just to clarify, it wasn't my call with you that sent me to the gin!! :-)
      Have a wonderful day honey xx

  2. I'm glad you liked the little note on the gorgeous card you designed xx


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