18 November 2018


I'm back with another gratitude list, after disappearing last week and missing a list (gasp!); I shall sit in the corner and think about what I've done don't you worry! I hope all you guys are doing good and slowly making your way into the Christmas spirit; as I type I am bopping along to 'Fairytale of New York' :-)

Did you guys see my little Bullet Journal update video this week and see that I am soon sending out a freebie to my newsletter subscribers? If you haven't seen the post yet head over there and have a read! The freebie will be out by the end of this month and will include a mini Bullet Journal guide and a sheet of things you can cut out and stick in your own journal too; I really hope you like it.

As you will see below, I have put up a new vlog for you! I have a few things, vlog related, to mention this week! Firstly, I am very aware that this weeks video is way too long, but I wanted to put it up anyway, rather than discarding the whole thing! I am hopefully getting a new camera very soon, thanks to my mum, so vlogging life will not be relying on my rather knackered old iPhone which turns off after a video is recorded or gets very hot and bothered (much like its owner!). I have a lot of plans for future vlogs and, now that I have come to realise the sort of vlogger I am I think my best bet is to put up a couple of shorter vlogs a week or to vlog for just two days and put up one vlog a week. So please bear with me with the occasional longer video... it is really hard to get it right. If you haven't subscribed to my channel yet please do (click here!) because I think I may do vlogmas this year and so you can only see those on my channel!

Right then, let's jump into this weeks list!

:: The reason this post didn't go up last week is because we went to my best friends husbands birthday party in Devon over the weekend. If you have been around here for a while you will know that Helena and Rich have a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Lynmouth, so it is like a mini-break every time we go! We had lots of fun and met some lovely people, ate some amazing food, including Helena's homemade stickly toffee pudding cake (oh my God!) and chatted the night away about so many different things. I haven't been in a big crowd of people for a while and it was really, really lovely to get to know new faces and catch up with 'old' faces(!). Yesterday morning we all sat around a big table for breakfast and it felt so wonderful and fun having a big old group breaky.

^^ If you are ever in Lynmouth and need a place to stay... choose East Lyn, it's beautiful ^^

:: On the subject of Helena, a few months ago she mentioned she was making me a present; I had no idea what it was and so, when she handed it over on Saturday night I was totally overwhelmed by what she had done. She has made me the most gorgeous embroidery piece of my Leaf Lane Studio logo; it is beyond what I ever could have guessed that she was making for me and I am over the moon with it... how clever is she? The font and everything about it is identical to my logo and I cannot wait to have it in my little art room as well as having it on display at wedding fairs too, it is stunning. Thank you SO much my lovely little lobby! (For those of you that wonder why I call Helena my lobby... if you have seen Friends then you may remember the episode where Phoebe calls Ross Rachels lobster! No more explanation required!).

^^ there she is, my best buddy! ^^

^^ How amazing is this embroidery? I still can't get over it! ^^

:: To get myself back on track with some of the many things I have to do for my business, I decided to dust off my old white-board and start the week by writing a list of all the priorities for the week; yes, I have it in my Bullet Journal, but I needed it right in front of my face! It has worked wonders though and I had a really productive week! Sometimes it is the most simple methods that work the best!

:: One of the many things I finally got sorted this week was getting my 'initial' paintings up on my website and my Etsy store; it has taken me so long to get round to doing that with everything else that has been happening. If you want to order one for a Christmas present then pop over to Leaf Lane Studio right now and place an order as they are made as and when orders come in so you need to allow a little time for the process and postage. Any questions or bespoke orders can be placed by emailing me on hello@leaflanestudio.com - I will always try my best to accommodate what you need if I can! An example of something more bespoke is the little 'Welcome to our home' sign I did for Helena! 

:: Yesterday Joe and I met up with my lovely friend Kimberly and her husband, and took a little stroll around our village to show them the sights (it's only small so didn't take long!) and then we head for one of the local cafes for cake and tea. They do some seriously delicious Victoria Sponge in the cafe nearest our place; it had to happen! It's not very often we get to meet up with friends but it is always so nice to chat away and get to know new things about people. 

:: I had a fab food-mentoring session with Peta this evening; she is so wonderful at breaking down the things I waffle on about and making sense of how best to handle them. I am going through a bit of a 'I can't stand my body' phase, which isn't unusual for me (click here to read my story if you haven't already) but we have set some plans in motion for the next few weeks and I am so grateful to her for everything she does for me. To learn more about Peta's business, Nourishing Soulfully, read the blog post I popped up recently.

:: This morning we woke up to wonderful weather in Cornwall so it was a walking-boots-on-and-head-out kind of morning! We took the coast path that heads towards Prussia Cove and spent a while taking in the sea air and amazing views. I made a deal with myself to venture out for a morning walk at least three times a week, even if it is only for half an hour. It is such a great mindfulness exercise and amazing for active-meditation too. In the summer I was getting back from my usual early morning gym session and then having my breakfast/shower and walking for half an hour after that. It was a lovely routine so I think I will bring it back for as long as the weather allows.

:: I am so chuffed that Holly (of A Branch of Holly blog) has released a podcast (Blog It, Boss It Radio). I find her content, on all of the platforms she is on, super helpful and very motivational. If you have a blog or even a small business, like I do, then check her out for sure, she really knows her stuff.

:: Now the weather is getting colder I couldn't be more grateful for my bobble hat! The one I am wearing in the picture below is from a little beach cafe in Poldhu, and I love it! It has super cosy fleece lining and keeps me so warm, my only complaint is that it makes my already large moon-head look even larger!!

That is all for this week my lovelies, I am off to continue working on the rest of the free printable pack I will be releasing (hopefully in the next five days!) so make sure you are signed up to my newsletter for that! Have a wonderful week ahead, come back on Wednesday for a new post!


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