14 November 2018


I have finally found time to record a new Bullet Journal update video for my YouTube Channel; it has been a long time coming, as my last one was in April (sorry!). I am planning to make these videos a more regular thing as I really enjoy doing them, and I always get such great feedback from you guys about them, so I will try to get better! 

This latest update video shows you a few monthly spreads, including this months, and also talks a little bit about the best way to start a Bullet Journal if you are yet to start one. It really doesn't have to be a ridged practice at all; whether you use it every single day, as I do, or just to mark special moments in your life, there is a way for everyone to work out a system that they like.

I think the main things are not to be too precious about it, which is hard if you create a spread that hasn't turned out the way you hoped it would, but I would recommend not ripping pages out or stopping using the notebook because you have 'messed up' a section; perhaps stick something over it or glue two pages together and put it down to experience! I am on my third notebook now and make far less errors of judgement with my layouts! (I also tend to use a pencil to lightly mark what I want first!).

Have a look at other peoples spreads on Pinterest or Instagram and discover what works for you and take your time putting your layouts together, really thinking about it from a functional stand point. It is worth working on it slowly, especially at first, because it becomes such a wonderful memory to look back on and, what seemed a disaster at the time, can often look quite good when you go back to it later I promise!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video, but before you press play I have a little announcement! I am currently creating a little journal pack, which can be used for any kind of notebook or jounaling system. You will be able to print it for FREE at home and use it as you wish to create a beautiful journal spread! I was hoping to have it ready for this video but I still have some work to do on it! I am going to be sending it out to my newsletter subscribers before the end of November, so be sure to get on the list asap!

If you have any questions about Bullet Journaling in general please pop them in the comments box below and I will make a more general video very soon!


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