7 November 2018


Happy Wednesday! Today is part-two of last Wednesdays post, 'Thoughts on Food & Mental Health', and will delve a little bit further into a different way of seeing our relationship with food and our bodies. As you would have seen last week, I have been working with Peta (Nourishing Soulfully) on my food and body issues and have really got a whole lot from our sessions, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind telling us a bit more about her beautiful business and what we can do to improve our relationships with ourselves.

Peta is so much more than someone who is able to advise us about food (although she is a qualified eating psychology coach) because she really has been on one heck of a journey with her own body and what she can eat to maintain optimum health (read her body story here). This lovely lady really is one of the sweetest, most approachable and non-judgmental humans you could work with when it comes to these emotional, deep-rooted issues and will never tell you what you 'should' be eating or what you 'should' be doing; she simply helps you un-pack your own thoughts and patterns in a really friendly, helpful, realistic and kind way.

^^ The lovely Peta and one of her four fur-babies, Katie ^^

I could waffle on with my testimonial for thousands of words, but instead, lets delve into our mini-interview right now so you guys can learn more about what Peta does with Nourishing Soulfully...

Let's start with telling people what Nourishing Soulfully is all about!

Nourishing Soulfully is about creating a neutral relationship with food and an unconditionally loving relationship with yourself. Through the content I create I hope to help wonderful souls unpick thought patterns, lifelong habits and food stories that have entangled a complicated web around our lives. Everything from the media, society and those who surround us contributes towards our own thoughts and beliefs. We don’t often stop to ask ourselves why we do certain things and think certain things, I hope that I inspire others to pause and take a moment to consider their own personal 'why'. If they’re not one hundred percent ok with their thought patterns, specifically those surround self worth and love, food and eating, we work together to create that neutral relationship with food and that unconditionally loving relationship with themselves.

What was your driving force behind making this venture actually happen? Did you have a 'I must do this or I'll be forever regretful' moment?

My biggest driving force was actually a few months after launching my coaching services. It was the moment that I realised it wasn’t about creating a business, earning money through coaching or building a career out of being an eating psychology coach. It didn’t matter if it didn’t earn a single penny,  it’s solely about spreading this message. About helping as many people as I can to find neutrality with food and eating and a very special, open relationship with themselves.

Can you tell us more about what someone could expect from their initial session with you? 

In our first Nourishing Soulfully session we’ll go over a brief summary of your history up until now, the first session lasts about an hour and a half. We’ll chat about current beliefs and I’ll take notes throughout. Creating an open, trusting relationship is absolutely key for me and I like to spend the first session doing just that. Unpicking all of these patterns takes time so I generally say that it will take between three and six months to make big shifts and changes, however I have seen clients massively shift their perspective and outlook within just a few sessions. After the initial session, sessions typically last an hour, once a week and their is homework to do for the next session.

To get started just pop an email over to peta@nourishingsoulfully.com or send me a message on Instagram, you can find me by searching for nourishingsoulfully. We’ll set up an initial call which will last between 15 and 30 minutes to have a chat about what’s playing on your mind, why you’d like to work with me and if I believe that working together will benefit you. If I don’t think that’s the case I will openly say so. It’s so important that I can truly help those who work with me. If I feel you need alternative resources, help or therapy I will recommend taking a look at X, Y and Z instead. 

What would you say is your ultimate goal for your clients long term? 

My ultimate goal for my clients is to look in the mirror and smile. For thoughts other than degrading body criticism and food cravings to take up the majority of their brain space and for my clients to recognise that they have a neutral relationship with food.

What are your future dreams for Nourishing Soulfully, short and long term?

My short term dreams are to help as many people as I can be that via blog posts, articles in magazines or captions on Instagram. My long term dream is to create a useful beautiful journal. I’d also like to create regular Nourishing Soulfully support group meet ups. 

Who would you say that you admire on Instagram that are doing things that align with the same vibe as you? 

I adore people like yourself on Instagram Lucy (aww thanks!), you’re very open and honest and I think the world can only ever do with more of that. I also love BodyPosiPanda, KatblueJay BettyMagazine and Jameelajamil.

What books would you recommend some read who may be looking to heal their food / body image?

It’s so easy to dive into the self help category and get totally lost and overwhelmed; here are a few of my absolute top recommendations:

- WE : A manifesto for women everywhere. Lucy you lent me this book and it totally bowled me over. It’s really important to do the each and every writing exercise in the book to get the most out of it.
- Body Positive Power. Beautifully written and so touching. This read really focuses in on what body positivity actually is and creating a loving bond with your body.
- The Goddess Revolution. A great read which echoes my own philosophy on food, eating, self love and life.

Any favourite podcasts / podcast episodes you think would be useful? 

Yes! I do love a good podcast!!

From The Heart Podcast: The Inner Critic Part 1 & The Inner Critic Part 2 - Rachel speaks to beautiful souls about the untrue stories they tell themselves.

Happy Place: Fearne Cotton interviews well known people about their happiness.

Wobble: Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell speak to people about what makes them wobble.

When you are feeling a little over-tired or in need of a lift what are your go-to things you do to pick you up (food/music/self-care...anything!)

Music is a huge one but one I often forget about. When I’m over tired and need to relax or feeling inspired nothing beats Bon Iver for me. But if I need a kick up the bum a Spotify playlist like Guilty Pleasures or Songs To Sing In The Shower does wonders!

I spend a lot of time cuddling cats; how have I managed to get this far without mentioning them?! (I was starting to wonder if they'd been forgotten!). I’m Peta and I’m a Cat Mum of four! I don’t know what I’d do without them, each one has their own little personality and they make everything a little better even at the toughest of times. Tea is also my go to as is a square or two of dark chocolate. Sleep is a huge medicine for me and really wholesome food like soup or stew. Watching the Christmas film 'Elf' will always pop a smile on my face and speaking to someone within my support network is something I’m so grateful for. I have a handful of close friends (including my other half Fraser) who I know I can message whenever and they’ll always have some kind of advice or something to make me feel better - usually a cat GIF. Who am I kidding I am constantly messaging them and I’m the one sending the cat GIFS! I do love a GIF, they’re my guilty pleasure.


Thank you so much to Peta for sharing a little bit about Nourishing Soulfully and what she does; I honestly cannot recommend her enough because she has really helped me so much. For me, food is the biggest issue in my life and everything surrounding it: body image, binge-eating, restrictive eating... you name it; so to finally work alongside someone who is not clinical and will listen and react out of love and not judgement is truly a big relief for me. Go send her a message and have a chat if you think you could benefit, you will not regret it (I pinky swear!). Invest in yourself and heal old wounds and I promise it will open up so many new doors for you.

Here are all the places you can find Peta:

Twitter: nourishingsoulf


4 November 2018


Here we are again folks, only this week it is... November! Did you do anything for Halloween? I bought us a couple of little pumpkins, as they are always fun to do, and we put them outside the cottage but had no visitors, so I was forced to eat the Cadburys treats instead (I did it for the team... medals in the post!). We also watched 'Apostle' on Netflix; there is no way that I can describe this film, but it is creepy, scary, strange and all the emotions of watching a weird cult movie, and definitely worth a watch. We then ended up staying awake until gone midnight (unheard of) to watch some of the '100 ghosts caught on camera' program on Channel 5. I think about 90% were faked but there were a few that you certainly cannot explain that's for sure.

Are you guys off to see any fireworks this week? I haven't been to see fireworks for so many years... about eight I think. I enjoy seeing displays but don't enjoy the big old crowds of people quite so much!

Lets dive on into the list for this week!

:: This week I have finally had consistent days where I have felt better (can I get a 'hooray'!). I cannot wait to get back to the gym; I am not happy as it has been so bloomin' long and I feel squidgy round the edges and miss pushing weights about! That said, rest is good and I have had my fair share of it, so back to it now for a hard push prior to the Christmas celebrations (by 'celebrations' I clearly mean the chocolates, I'm less of a party animal these days and more of a 'I can't come out, I'm staying home to watch Netflix in my jammies!').

:: Speaking of Christmas, it is very important that I tell you this news: the Christmas radio stations are officially up and running people! Yesterday I was dancing about the kitchen to several festive tunes and I am very excited about it!

:: Television wise, I have watched two amazing things this week! The first one was recommended to me by my mum and it is called 'Black Heart' (ITV1), well actually she called it 'something heat', then said 'deep heat' (!), but we got to the right title in the end! It is a crime drama and is gripping, although maybe not for those easily scared! The second program was recommended by my bestie, Helena, and is one you would have heard of if you have Netflix, 'Making a Murderer' (bit of a crime theme huh?!). I have always seen it on Netflix, but never started it; that has changed now as I am already on the second series (I have done a lot of art work this week so have had it playing constantly in the background). It is certainly not an easy watch, real-life stuff like that never is, but it is interesting and, once you have watched a couple of episodes, you are hooked. Have you watched it?

:: Having had a spurt of creative energy this week, I have been super busy and started creating a collection for the 'paper shop' side of Leaf Lane Studio. My first collection is going to be out next year as I want to release it all together (I will have to keep everything a bit of a secret... suspense and all that, which will be hard for me as I just want to tell you guys things as and when) and I am really looking forward to building up more and more products in that part of the business. I have also started working on some free printables that I plan to send out to those guys that are on my news letter, so make sure you are on there to receive the goodies as they come out!

:: I officially have myself an accountant for the business now (signed some paperwork this week!). I feel like a grown up now and am also very grateful to have her on side! I didn't realise quite how anxious the prospect of sorting all that stuff out was making me feel until I signed things and thought 'phew, I have help!'. This whole having your own business thing is a little daunting at times and suddenly feels very real when you get things like accountants and book wedding fairs! 

:: We had a beautiful sunset walk this week (as you can see by the very orange photos!). The light was catching the tree tops and looked stunning, I just cannot get enough of sun rises or sunsets, they make me so happy!

:: The food I'm most grateful for this week is... well, actually it's a drink (!), Alpro Chocolate Milk! It's so yummy!

That is everything I have for this week my lovelies, sorry it's super short. Next weeks gratitude list may be a day late as we are heading to a friends birthday party and won't get home until Sunday (Gizmo has her grandparents babysitting!). Have a great week!

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