7 October 2018


This week has been a bit of a strange one for me; my health has been up and down and that has meant that I haven't been my most productive (which really annoys me!) but I am getting better at letting things just 'be' and trying to rest in the knowledge that I will be 'on the up' again soon and will be firing on all cylinders. How has your week been? Is it feeling like autumn where you are yet?

Onto this week list!

:: I have started reading Mel Wells' second book this week, Hungry for More. You may remember my utter love for her first book, The Goddess Revolution, which I highly recommend every single person should read. The second one, as the name suggests, really digs in beyond just food and asks questions that help you understand certain thought processes that lead to certain behaviours and emotions. There are really useful journaling prompts after each chapter too which, if you can do them (and I recommend you do them!) really help you un-pick your thoughts. It is so easy to think about things in your head and think that you have everything worked out but, believe me, as soon as you start to journal things through, really letting everything pour out, you will go to brand new places in your mind and whilst it can be a bit raw sometimes, it is also very cleansing.

:: This morning we took a lovely drive along the coast road that runs between St Ives and Lands End and stopped at Sennen for a little wander; it is one of our favourite places and looks to gorgeous in this autumnal weather too. I spotted a little boat in the car park with a familiar name...

:: On Thursday night it was so clear outside that Joe and I found ourselves out in the garden a couple of times star-gazing. I am still totally overwhelmed by the fact that we can see the milky way right above our house and I wish I had the camera equipment to take a proper picture of it, because it is beautiful, and I honestly feel so small whenever I stand and look up. After a day where I haven't felt my best, either mentally or physically, I love nothing more than contemplating the heavens because it really does make you realise your place in things and that we are, ultimately, all one.

:: Whilst I worked on some bits and pieces in my little art room this week I threw on a film that Netflix recommended to me called 'How To Be Single' and, I have to say, it was pretty good! I am a right old bore when it comes to movies as I rarely just try something new, unless someone I know has really loved something they've seen (even then it can take me an absolute age to get around to it!). This film is basically summed up in the title, but it is funny and sweet in places too, although it is most definitely a 'chick-flick', so you have been warned if that genre isn't your thing!

:: I mentioned recently that I had dug out a very old iPod which was in a box in the back of my wardrobe. It is rammed with music, from dodgy dance singles I must have loved once, to old albums I no longer own but am so pleased I put them onto the iPod now! I have been listening to it on random for over a week and have found some real gems, as well as some cheesy crap too... hello there James Blunt! Okay, so I confess to still liking one or two of his songs, but heaven knows how I listened to whole albums at a time without throwing myself off a building! What songs are your guilty pleasures? Let me know in the comments, let's share with the group!

^^ A weekly gratitude post wouldn't be complete without a picture of Gizmo! ^^

:: I was flicking through Bloglovin' this week and catching up with a few of my fave people, when I stumbled across a little Leaf Lane Studio mention on 'Love From Lisa' blog. I have recently worked with Lisa on her wedding stationery for her upcoming big day and it was such a lovely surprise to see my name on her blog too. Lisa and I have been little instagram/blogging buddies for a while now so it was such a privilege to work with her on something so special.

:: After putting up with pajama bottoms and vest tops with many holes in for a long old time, I decided to treat myself to a new pair. I went off to good old Marks and Sparks and found some truly gorgeous bottoms that are so incredibly soft and feel cosy as hell to wear! I love lounge wear so much and just wish I could live in it full time!

:: Yesterday afternoon, whilst there was a break in the forecast of pouring rain, we head off for a walk at a very windy Godrevy, to see if we could spot a few seals (we did) and just get some much needed fresh air. Honestly, I don't think we have ever been there on a windier day; it was one of those 'hold on to your hat' types of walks (my bobble hat had its first outing of this new season and thank goodness I took it!). The sun came out and the waves were dramatic too, which is always my favourite kind of weather, especially over at Godrevy, it always looks so gorgeous.

That is all for this week folks! I am off for a little sit in the sunshine whilst we still have it! See you on Wednesday.

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  1. What a lovely list Lucy!! Your new jimjam bottoms sound lovely. I often feel the same when I look up at the stars. One of my guilty music pleasures is Tom Odell, I adore his music but I have to say it's pretty depressing!! I got myself into a right funk listening to it yesterday! I'm definitely going to check out that film you mentioned, I do love a good chick flick!
    Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
    Peta xx

  2. Love your weekly list, and thank you for the mention! It was such a pleasure to have you do my stationery, and I look forward to the remainder of the stationery to come. And it would be so great to meet you in person one day xx

    1. I'm really looking forward to finishing your stationery too! It would be so lovely to meet one day, I'd love that so much! xx


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