9 September 2018


Hey there my loves! How is your weekend going? Despite planning for horrendous weather here yesterday, it was actually really nice and today, well today has been warm and pretty blooming gorgeous! I am going to do a whole blog post on what we got up to this morning because it was so good! The best thing about today was that it wasn't planned to happen, so it was a pleasant surprise and really enjoyable, so stay tuned for that!

I am going to head right on in to today's 'Weekly Gratitude' list, because it has been a pretty busy week, so let's do this!

:: On Thursday I was incredibly lucky to be interviewed for the beautiful Gemma Sand's podcast 'Free to Flourish Radio'! The episode will be out soon and I will be letting you know all over social media I'm sure (once I've vetted it to make sure I don't sound like a moron... probably will!). I was incredibly nervous about it, even though Gemma and I have spoken so many times; but she made me feel super relaxed and I think that, after the first five minutes I found my flow! We had quite the comical end to the podcast though; after Gemma stopped recording she told me that her little greenhouse had blown across the garden and her poor little peppers were inside it, whilst she was telling me this I was watching Gizmo prancing about in the garden after some poor thing that was trying to get away from her. After a couple of seconds this poor creature got batted up into the air, and it was only when it reached full height and stretched out fully, that I realised it was a snake. I don't think I have ever hung up faster from a call in my life. All ended well, snake and cat are still in one piece (I'm not sure how Gemma's peppers are doing!). Make sure you all head to Free to Flourish Radio and subscribe so you here my waffle when it comes out!

:: This week I started a new little gym routine I wrote for myself and, so far, I am really into it! I wanted to up my workload a little by popping in some super-set exercises to really burn out the muscles I am working on that day and I am loving the higher heart rate throughout (am I mad? Yep, probably!). I highly recommend changing things up every now and then to keep you interested and to keep your body guessing a bit; challenging yourself is always a good thing (as long as you are doing it safely of course!).

:: Whilst on the subject of exercise; this week I have done two yoga sessions, with the beautiful Adriene of course, because there is no one else I want to yoga with I'm afraid (plus her dog is super cute and I love that he sleeps along side her!). I realised how much tension I am holding in my body and doing even one or two shorter sessions per week will help no end.

:: It has been a busy week for Leaf Lane Studio again (woo-hoo) and I have sent out some wedding stationery samples and am also hand-painting an A1 seating plan for a bride-to-be too. I also dragged out my old artist easel from under the bed, gave it a dust down and am in the middle of painting it white (literally as we speak... I came in for a break to type this!). I am so grateful that I have some things that I can up-cycle for the business and I intend to use the easel to showcase samples of table plans that come with my collections at wedding fairs next year.

:: If you have followed along with the sad story of Rachael Bland (Radio 5 Live presenter and blogger from 'Big C, Little Me') and her battle with cancer, which sadly ended this week, you may already have listened to her podcast 'You, Me and the Big C: Putting the Can in Cancer', which features two other inspirational woman, Deborah James and Lauren Mahon, as fellow presenters. Sadly I only started listening to this podcast right at the end of Rachaels fight against cancer, but I have since listened to so many episodes because it is really, really good. Yes, the girls are discussing difficult subject matters, such as death, pain and how friends handle being around a cancer sufferer, but my God, it is funny, inspirational and educational too. I can't put into words how pleased I am to have found it and how wonderful these ladies are. When the news broke that Rachael had died (if you have listened to the podcast episode about death you will know she would never want to hear 'passed away') I felt so very overwhelmed for a woman I had never met. If you are looking for something to really touch your heart and soul and truly make you want to hug your loved ones closer and be grateful for every single second you have on our planet, head on over and listen to the podcast right now, I promise you won't be disappointed.

:: The signs of autumn approaching have really started kicking in this week; there are leaves crunching under-foot now and that familiar smell of wood smoke in the air which I adore. Autumn reminds me of the cyclical nature of life, of everything really, and that is why I love it so much. It reminds us all that we can start over; shed our old selves and start a fresh.

:: After getting a stack of books to borrow for a while from Peta, when we saw one another last week, I have started a fiction book! This is exciting for me because I haven't read something to really escape into for a long time. The book I am reading right now is Sophie Kinsella's 'My Not So Perfect Life' and, so far, I'm really enjoying it! The opening description of everyone rushing to work on the London underground, with no care for anyone else but themselves, reminded me so much of the times I have visited London and just wanted to cry! I remember going to a wedding industry event with my best friend, Helena, and standing waiting to get on a very packed tube; I remember her saying to me 'we just need to get on' and I thought 'how? where?' as everyone was packed in the train like sardines! That memory came flooding back as I read the start of the book and it was like I was there all over again! Thankfully I think this story ends up in the Cotswold's, so there is hope for the poor character yet!

:: On my way home from the gym this week I heard a song on good old Pirate FM that I fell in love with on first listen and have been playing it all week because I just find it really lifts my spirits! The song is 'Hunger' by Florence and the Machine', check it out!

:: As the weather changes and gets a bit chillier, we have noticed that many of our birds have gone off to pastures new, but we are so happy to still have our 'Penguin' (rare white magpie!). There were two of them and I really don't want to think too much about where the other one is, but I am ever so happy that one of them has hung around and comes into the garden daily for a bite of the food and a sip of the water! He is ever so cute, but seemingly impossible to get a photograph of!

:: Last on my list of things this week is the fact that I finally got around to pulling every bit of clothing I own out of my wardrobe, hoovering, dusting and sorting like a woman possessed and vaccum-bagging my summer clothes away! I invested in a very un-sexy hanging shelving thingy (Argos special!) which Velcro's onto the rail in the cupboard, and allows me to be a lot more together and less 'chuck-everything-in-a-drawer-until-it-cannot-open'! I was ruthless in my clearing out of things too, as I don't believe in hanging onto something 'just in case' because, let's face it, nine times out of ten the occasion never arrives and the item you were saving never gets an outing! It felt good to clear everything out, but took me bloody ages!

There you have it my lovelies, my week, minus what we did this morning, but I have included a picture of some succulents below from today because they look so cute! I will try and get my photos from today up for Wednesday if I can! Have a wonderful week and please do come and say hello in the comments!


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  1. what a lovely gratitude post Lucy!! Eeee you will love that book I'm sure!! Yay to a wardrobe sort out - they're the best! Sending lots of love your way xxxx


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