30 September 2018


Um, apparently today is the last day in September... does anyone know how this has happened? This whole thing of time flying by is getting a little out of hand; I was on the phone to my lovely bestie, Helena, yesterday afternoon, and she informed me that it is something like 13 weeks until Christmas (which also means that 'Heart Xmas' radio station will be on soon, so hooray to that!). It has been a 'beautiful weather week' this week too, super bright, with a hint of autumn in the air too. I was at my parents house decorating for them for the first half of the week and it was definitely colder that way.

Onto this weeks gratitude list:

:: I have to mention the magpie first; for those of you that saw my Instagram this week you will know that I took several pictures of a magpie sat on my lap/head/arm and shoulder. The story there is that he (we think it's a he) turned up about three/four weeks ago in mum and dads garden and hopped straight onto my dads arm. He is a little worse for wear as he is being picked on by two other magpies, but is otherwise in good health. Mum and dad have been keeping their eyes on him and looking after him on a daily basis but he already seemed used to humans, so heaven knows what his background is. He is so cute though and will just sit on your lap happily and let you stroke his beak and chest (he took a special liking to my shiny grey hairs though... damn it, and started trying to pull them out, which may not be a bad thing?!). Any interaction with animals makes my day, I love them so much. The day after I came home mum and dad also rescued six baby hedgehogs and, after talking to the rescue centre and waiting for several hours in-case their mum showed up, they were taken over to somewhere that could look after them until they are old enough, and strong enough, to be released again. It was all about the animals over there this week!

:: You may know that Gemma Sands invited me to record a podcast episode on her 'Free to Flourish Radio' show recently, well, this week it went live and you can give it a listen right here (or search on iTunes). It was my first attempt at a podcast so I was so nervous, but I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity. You will certainly want to subscribe to the podcast though, because I happen to know that the next guest is a good 'un! Thank you Gemma for having me on your show!

:: This morning I finally got to meet my on-line buddy Kimberley! We started chatting a while ago and, as she lives in Cornwall, not too far from us, we decided to grab a morning coffee/cake (or waffles in my case) over at Godrevy! It was so lovely to sit and chat; it felt like I had known her for year, which is lovely (also kind of felt like a first date too!). It is the wonderful side of the internet that creates friendship and unites us with our 'tribe' in a world that moves so fast that we really just miss encounters with other people most of the time.

:: Yesterday I woke up feeling all kinds of sore and uncomfortable and really didn't want to get up at all; the reason for this is because of an injection I had to have a month before an operation that I am having at the end of October. Basically there are a few side-effects and, whilst they could be a lot worse, a couple caught up with me and made me feel a little worse for wear. I decided that I needed to get myself moving and took my yoga mat outside in the September sun, to do one of Adriene's videos called 'Detox Yoga', and it was every kind of lovely. I also took outside my new Celestite crystal and my journal and sat in meditation for ten minutes after yoga and then journaled for a short while to round up my little morning practice. I am getting a lot of the same things come up in meditation, dreams and in oracle card readings too at the moment, and I am trying to dig into it... my poor old brain is always at a million miles an hour though, which I'm rather hoping will change the more I practice silent meditation. Any tips for quietening the mind?

:: Kind of on the topic of meditation/spirituality; I bought the audio-book of Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Eat, Pray, Love' for the journey up to mum and dads. I have had the book and just couldn't get into it all those years ago (I wasn't anywhere near ready for it!) and, having given it away, I thought I would just bite the bullet and get it on audio as it would be a lovely bit of company for the five hour car journey. I have seen the film, but the book was so much better; I loved it. I found it so thought provoking and could resonate with so many things. Also, I really love Elizabeth Gilbert's voice, so the fact that she narrated it too was a bonus.

:: For some unknown reason I am being drawn to cut out meat a bit more from my diet; not completely, but just to bring in a few more veggie-type meals here and there. I have a lot of things that I am just getting the urge to do at the moment and this is one of them (intuition seems to be on high-alert right now!). So, I have been being very un-Lucy and somewhat free-styling some different food choices; one lunch time I made some mixed bean and sweet potato burgers, which we had with 'firey' beetroot (Morrisons!) and some salad and, in the oven as I type is a vegetarian lasagne! I am enjoying a meat-light diet right now and I feel like it is what my body wants, so I am going with it!

Thank you so much for reading this little post; I really enjoy writing these weekly round-ups and keeping notes throughout the week about the little things that I am grateful for. Make sure you come and say 'hello' over on Instagram... I am there the most!



  1. Awww the magpie sounds so lovely!!! What a cutie. Happy October x

    1. He really is adorable, bless him! Happy October to you too lovely xx


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