23 September 2018


^^ My gorgeous new mug from my friend Kat - it's from Tesco for those of you that are wondering! ^^

I feel like I need to let you know that I am typing this blog post up in pure luxury: permit me to set the scene... the house work has been done (to Monica standards of clean), cardio (cycling) has been done, shower and hair wash have been had and lunch has been eaten and, right now, I'm sat in bed with a hot water bottle with the Himalayan Salt lamp and fairy lights switched on for comfort (see, luxury typing environment!). The weather here is bloody terrible today; it hasn't stopped raining all day and even Gizmo has given up and come inside for a long sleep, so to sum up, we are all hibernating!

This week has passed by in somewhat of a blur of work (wedding bits and bobs and box sticking!), doctors appointments and trying to fit in everything I need to get sorted out before  I travel to my mum and dads for a couple of days (I'm painting their conservatory!). I will be in the car when this post goes up, as I am typing this on Saturday afternoon, so I will be near Exeter services by now I'm sure, where I will sit like Billy-No-Mates in the car, eating my pre-prepared lunch, before heading off again on the final leg of the journey to where they live. All in all it will take about five or so hours; I always enjoy a little road trip and have got my podcasts ready and even dug out an old iPod that I haven't turned on for years; I gave it a charge and will be listening to old playlists on the way!

This week hasn't been overly exciting in terms of variety, but here are my highlights:

:: On Wednesday I received a parcel through the post from the lovely Peta, who has sent me some gorgeous 'Bath Tea Bags' that smell divine! The package also came with a lovely note and some cute postcards as well as a pack of motivational/inspiration cards to pick from if you need a little lift during the day. It was such a surprise and I am ever so grateful! Thank you so much lovely lady.

::Whilst we are on the subject of gifts; I met my friend Kat on Friday for a catch up and she handed me a little pressie too (I have been super lucky this week!). I opened up to find a cute mug with my initial on it and I adore it; I cannot ever have enough mugs and this one is a 'proper' mug (it fits a mother load of tea in it!). Thank you Kat and also for the card too <3

:: I handed over the final bits of wedding work to the couple I have been working with recently. I hand-lettered several things for their wedding day, which is happening as I type this post up, and it was lovely to know that they were super happy with it all. I will hopefully be able to share some images soon as I am really pleased with how things turned out.

:: This will sound really pathetic, but I had a blood test this week and for the very first time in years, I managed to sit upright! I am a bit of a fainter with giving blood (apparently holding your breath doesn't work too well!) and the whole process is not helped by the fact that I usually get stabbed several times in both arms before the nurse gives up and takes it from my hand. The lovely nurse I had got it first time from my hand and I felt like the bravest soldier for remaining seated! Gold star for me please! (I know, pathetic right?!).

:: Due to the fact that all my work has involved sitting doing fairly repetative tasks this week, I decided that the greatest programme to watch would be Friends, so I got stuck right in to it again. I adore that show so much; it brings so much comfort and happy vibes, plus as I know it backwards I don't even have to look up to see what's happening!

:: The gorgeous crystal (Celestite) that I mentioned in last weeks post has been used within an inch of its life this week; I have used it to meditate with and really enjoyed how it feels to hold whilst I sit peacefully with it. I am so happy with it and really want to look into getting some more larger crystals over time as I feel they are much more beneficial to me. I also saw a really lovely clear quartz crystal with a little succulent plant on the top whilst looking on Pinterest and it was so cute!

:: If you saw my IG stories this week then you will know that the song I have had stuck in my head all week has been one called 'Baby Shark'. Haven't heard of it? You lucky, lucky human! If you want to get it stuck in your head for the rest of your living, breathing days head over here to watch it on YouTube! We discovered it last week whilst looking in the charts on iTunes, and pondered the reason for this childrens song being so high in the charts, before coming to the conclusion that it is actually far catchier than any of the rest of the charts (well, the vast majority is all auto-tuned rubbish isn't it?!). I have also realised I have no idea who any of these 'artists' are in the charts anymore and also, since I am having a rant, since when have songs been by *name band or artist here* and then have about five or six 'featuring' artists too? Just saying! (What happened to just 'Oasis' or 'Blur' or 'Take That'!). #oldlady

I'm going to have to leave it there for today! Hopefully life will get a little more interesting again soon and I will be back to longer lists for you guys! Also I am hoping to film my October Bullet Journal set up if I get a chance too. Have a great week! x


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