2 September 2018


Before I start telling you about all the things the last seven days have had to offer, I must say a huge sorry for a lack of post on Wednesday. I have had a funny old health week this week and just couldn't get my thoughts in order to post something that would be worth looking at! I feel a bit more together now (as together as my constantly buzzing little mind could be anyway!), so hopefully I will be able to get my content sorted out for you this Wednesday!

Onward we go into a weekly gratitude post!

This week really has been a good one, despite the dodgy health (hormones... meh!). Joe has been off this week and, apart from a couple of little adventures, he has been pretty much left to his own devices whilst I work on wedding bits and pieces for various brides to be. However, it hasn't all been work, work, work as you will see...

:: On Tuesday we took a drive over to Poldhu Cove for a walk and a hot chocolate in the little beach cafe. They do Reece's hot chocolates, which I am all about... peanut butter is always a winner for me! The coast path is so beautiful over that way and, whilst it is a half an hour drive or so to get there, it is always worth it. When you reach the top of the cliff it is completely silent, apart from the occasionally sea bird squawking. Nothing compares to standing in front of the ocean with total silence; it is beautiful and allows for a moment of reflection which I really enjoy.

:: This week I had the absolute pleasure of (finally) meeting one of my friends from the interwebs! Although I mention this wonderful soul every single week (if not twice a week), we have never actually met in real life (IRL as the kids say!)... can you guess who I am talking about? Why, it's Peta of course! Yay! I can confirm she is a real human being and everything, and just as lovely 'IRL' (!) as she is online. Peta is over in Cornwall visiting her lovely boyfriend and family and we finally managed to coordinate a meet up. It felt a little like a first date scenario as we have been talking for a while and video chatting too, but never made it to a face-to-face meeting. I had the same amount of nerves when I met up with my gorgeous bestie, Helena, for the first time because we met online and are now firm friends for life! Joe and I met up with Peta and Fraser at the Screech Owl Sanctuary, right in the middle for both of us and somewhere we all wanted to visit. It was amazing to meet up and spend a few hours wandering about the sanctuary, looking at the owls, alpacas, donkeys, raccoons and meerkats (I'm definitely missing some animals there but you get the jist!). The internet really is such a great place for meeting like-minded souls and, despite Frasers concern about 'stranger danger', I didn't offer any dodgy sweets and was on my best behaviour! We also did quite the impressive book exchange in the car park of the sanctuary which, upon reflection, may have looked like a mobile library, but hey, it is a bloody good idea I think! It was a fab day out and really made my week!

:: Yesterday was my one year anniversary as a business owner! Leaf Lane Studio has been up and running for twelve whole months and I am still alive (that is an achievement!). All joking aside, I cannot believe how fast the year has flown by and how much I have learned in the time since launching (let alone all the months before the launch). Those of you that were around last year may remember that on launch day our internet died a sad death and I had to try and launch leaflanestudio.com from my phone! It seems like only yesterday that I was in full blown panic mode and wondering how I was going to guide my mum through launching my website from her computer, five hours away! I will be popping up a post over on the Leaf Lane Studio blog page about what I have learnt in a year of business this week, so stay tuned over there if you are interested in that! I have so much planned for the business for the next year so if you want to know more and stay updated with all things stationery pop yourself on my mailing list (click here to do that right now!).

:: Speaking of the business being one year old; I received some gorgeous Bloom and Wild flowers from Joe to celebrate this week! They are super pretty and come so snugly wrapped up in their box that you think they will stay all flat forever, but give them and hour in water and they look stunning! He also treated me to a proper lamp for my art desk upstairs because I only had a tiny little Ikea one before which didn't cut it for working on paintings at night or on gloomy days. The new one is from Homebase and does a much better job! We also had a yummy M & S dine in too, it has been a lovely little celebration!

:: I have been trying to make my little work space upstairs look a bit nicer, whilst still being mindful that it is a spare bedroom, so whilst we were in Homebase I grabbed a couple of plants, because plants always make rooms look fresh and bright don't they. One was a pretty little fern, that featured as the main one in my new Fern wedding collection for Leaf Lane Studio; when I saw it I had to have it! The other was more of a sturdy, large leaf plant; it is really cute and has leaves that curl up at night time and open during the day! I do love plants so much and, given the chance would definitely buy more!

:: On Friday evening, we had a visit from my friend Claire, who I worked with before we moved, and her gorgeous dog Huxley! Somehow it has been a whole year since I have seen them, but that just shows how much time flies. We took Huxley for a little stroll along the coast path and through the village before they headed away again. It's so lovely to catch up with people you haven't seen for a while, although I did feel mighty antisocial because I was on day two of a migraine and felt like I was just coasting through the day! Sorry Claire, next time I will be more with it I promise!

That is about everything for this week! Before I go I wanted to share with you the oracle card I pulled today from my Archangel Michael set by Doreen Virtue. I sit and meditate for a short while at the start of each month to try and pull a card for that month, so here was what I got for September...

'Decide to be happy now'

The angels have heard you and are answering your prayers. Instead of making your happiness contingent upon future events, you can decide to be happy now. One way to do so is to focus on everything and everyone for whom you are grateful. What are your blessings and strengths? By allowing yourself to experience joy and pleasure now, you become empowered. Take control of your life, and prevent outside influences from determining how you feel.



  1. Oh Lucy what a beautiful card to pull for September. I had the best time meeting up with you and Joe, it was so much fun and I definitely had first date nerves too! Our book exchange made me giggle and I just caught sight of the little wooden owls we got in the gift shop which made me smile and think of our lovely day. A huge huge huge congratulations on your first business anniversary, here's to many many many more. Sending lots of love your way
    Peta xx

    1. Aw thanks honey! You have wooden owls to remember the day, Joe has a destroyed shoe and the owl place has lots of black bits all over their gift shop to ponder as to why they appeared suddenly! I cannot wait to get stuck into the books! I have a load to read now and that makes me happy! Lots of love as always xxx


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