12 September 2018


Driving home from an exciting trip to Boots and Marks and Spencers (!) a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a sign on the side of the road that read 'Plant Festival' and immediately told Joe we were going and wrote it in my diary, because I love plants, even though a) I can't actually afford to buy them and b) because we rent there is no point in buying lots of beautiful plants to put in the garden right now and also, the cottage garden is gorgeous anyway; but who doesn't love looking at nature! When I realised it was also at a sculpture garden, Tremenheere in Penzance, I was even more excited because nature and art together equal a happy Lucy!

When we arrived at the plant festival it was heaving; there were so many people wandering about, with amazing plants tucked in their bags for life and under their arms (you had to keep a watch on the spindly ones or you would certainly lose an eye!); we had a little scoot about the stalls, where I spent ages looking at all the beautiful succulents on offer, and then we decided we would head into the sculpture park itself; it was such a gorgeous day we couldn't miss the chance.

Rather than me trying to describe all the details I will let my (many) photos tell the story and just add a few thoughts along the way, but I will say this before we get into the pictures: if you are in the Penzance area, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens are well worth the visit, they are so beautiful; you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, with the sound of nature as your soundtrack, hundreds of variations of trees and plants plus works of art of all sizes and types standing majestically in their space, or discreetly tucked within the landscape as if they have been there for many years and you are seeing them unveiled for the first time; the 'Turrell Sky Space' piece is a must see and was easily our favourite piece (more on that below) and, if sculpture isn't your thing, the views from the top will be!

^^ Aren't succulents amazing? They have so many in their shop that it would be impossible to make a decision! ^^

^^ When sculptures weather, like this one, I think they compliment the landscape perfectly ^^

^^ You may know this, but I have 'a thing' for leaves! Look how gorgeous these are ^^
^^ There are a few 'look-outs' as you climb the path up to the top; the views the whole way are stunning too ^^

^^ Big old banana plant leaves are one of my favourites against a blue sky ^^

James Turrell's 'Skyspace' was my absolute favourite thing at Tremenheere; the pictures we took just doesn't do it justice, and my lack of ability to describe it to you sent me over to Tremenheere's website, to look for how they explain the artists vision:

A temple-like "Skyspace" has been created at the prominent site at the high point in the valley, entered from the base of the hill through an underground corridor. One is led along a rising passageway to an interior space, an elliptical chamber whose ceiling frames the sky. Discrete background illumination will under light the ceiling of the space and provides a telling contrast with the sky. The shifting balance between the interior and exterior light will provide a contemplative and hypnotic transition.

Once you are within the space it is silent and, for me, created a spiritual feeling of peace. Looking up you watch the clouds pass overhead and can get totally lost in that moment; is that not mindfulness at it's very best? There is a seating area built into the space which runs all the way around and I just couldn't resist laying down to watch the clouds. They have a few dusk-viewing opportunities but I could only think about being there at 2-3am, on a clear night, star-gazing... can you imagine!

^^ Look at that view over to St Michaels Mount ^^

We had such a lovely couple of hours at Tremenheere and will definitely be going back; it's one of those places that I want to see in every season (and also, their food looks great too, but we didn't stop for anything because it was plant-festival-crazy!). Honestly guys, I would highly recommend you checking it out if you are in Cornwall, it has worked its way straight into my top five places to visit, and we are fortunate that it is only ten minutes from home too!


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  1. How lovely! I wish there was a plant festival near me! ;)


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