5 September 2018


^^ This mug is from 'Cute Mugs and Things'... and sums up life very accurately right now! ^^

I feel the need to be real with you right now guys, really real, because life is a bit all over the place, not in a bad way, far from it in-fact, because I am a happy little bunny right now, but in the spirit of the interwebs containing everyone's 'best bits' I thought I would let you into the real world of Lucy as it is right now; here are some things that have been happening lately...

:: for the last couple of weeks I have been looking like I have got dressed in the dark; think rolled up jeans, huge fluffy socks which, nine times out of ten are unevenly distributed up my legs so that one side is pushed down, leaving a bit of ankle on display, and the other is mostly pulled up and more than likely over my trousers. It is a sexy look and probably explains why I don't do any 'outfit(s) of the day' on my Instagram like the cool kids do (also, I don't qualify as a 'kid' anymore!).

:: I have neglected anything in life which involves me looking human or sounding human, so that includes Instagram stories, vlogging or generally appearing in public places unless absolutely necessary.

:: My hair is either a frizzy mess because I haven't had time to condition it, or is fashioned into something resembling Princess Leah buns to keep it out my busy face all day; probably not the best look for someone racing toward 40 years old, but needs must!

:: Despite promising myself I would cook some different meals over the last two weeks, we have eaten practically the same things over and over because I just cannot find the energy to cook anything which involves any more thinking!

:: I have had zero time to meditate and journal of late, which will be changing very soon, but I feel so bad about it and miss it as part of my routine so much.

The truth is that I am going through a massive learning curve within my life right now, specifically within my business, Leaf Lane Studio, which is now one year old and has just taken an influx of orders (hence I am a happy bunny!). The point of me telling you all this stuff is to remind you that we are all human and it is okay to fall of the wagon of your 'usual routine' once in a while. As a business owner I am learning (very fast) that I need to be constantly in a state of flow with my business and I am working so hard to not give myself a hard time when I don't do the things I know I 'should be doing' to help my business grow and develop. I have neglected some important areas over the last few weeks, including posts on this blog (well, I missed last Wednesday!) but it is all about balance and I will learn how to manage more and more as time goes on.

I feel grateful to have been busy recently as I have worked so hard to get to this point in my life and, whilst I definitively have a long way to go yet, I know that each of these stages is a new chapter in 'Lucy's Book of Learning to be a Business Owner', and it is really exciting. So, if this all means that I open the door to the postman looking like something out of a creepy horror film some days then so be it (the poor postman!); I am also falling asleep at random moments when I should probably be drafting content for posts or planning social media, seriously, I could nap for the Olympics if the need arises!

All of this comes back to the fact that we all need to accept that we cannot do 'all the things all the time' doesn't it? We may think we are super human, but we really aren't and our bodies will always remind us when we have gone a step too far by giving us a reason to relax for a while (like mine did yesterday, resulting in me spending most of the day in bed with a migraine). All of this said though, I am loving every single job I am working on for my beautiful brides-to-be right now and am full of gratitude that they chose to work with me. I am, however, so very glad they don't get to see me whilst I am covered in paint and look like a crazy person though because it could ruin the illusion! (Oops, may have done that through this very post huh?!).



  1. Hehe I love this mug! Congratulations with your business - it must feel so good to see all of your hard work paying off x

    Siân x


    1. Thank you Sian, it is really nice to have the business finally starting to build some momentum! I hope all is well with you lovely xx

  2. Lucy you are achieving such incredible things in your business, I am so bloomin' proud of you. I hope you find time for you this week as your incredible business ideas come from that beautiful would within which needs lots of love and care. Sending ever so much love your way.
    Peta xx


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