30 September 2018


Um, apparently today is the last day in September... does anyone know how this has happened? This whole thing of time flying by is getting a little out of hand; I was on the phone to my lovely bestie, Helena, yesterday afternoon, and she informed me that it is something like 13 weeks until Christmas (which also means that 'Heart Xmas' radio station will be on soon, so hooray to that!). It has been a 'beautiful weather week' this week too, super bright, with a hint of autumn in the air too. I was at my parents house decorating for them for the first half of the week and it was definitely colder that way.

Onto this weeks gratitude list:

:: I have to mention the magpie first; for those of you that saw my Instagram this week you will know that I took several pictures of a magpie sat on my lap/head/arm and shoulder. The story there is that he (we think it's a he) turned up about three/four weeks ago in mum and dads garden and hopped straight onto my dads arm. He is a little worse for wear as he is being picked on by two other magpies, but is otherwise in good health. Mum and dad have been keeping their eyes on him and looking after him on a daily basis but he already seemed used to humans, so heaven knows what his background is. He is so cute though and will just sit on your lap happily and let you stroke his beak and chest (he took a special liking to my shiny grey hairs though... damn it, and started trying to pull them out, which may not be a bad thing?!). Any interaction with animals makes my day, I love them so much. The day after I came home mum and dad also rescued six baby hedgehogs and, after talking to the rescue centre and waiting for several hours in-case their mum showed up, they were taken over to somewhere that could look after them until they are old enough, and strong enough, to be released again. It was all about the animals over there this week!

:: You may know that Gemma Sands invited me to record a podcast episode on her 'Free to Flourish Radio' show recently, well, this week it went live and you can give it a listen right here (or search on iTunes). It was my first attempt at a podcast so I was so nervous, but I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity. You will certainly want to subscribe to the podcast though, because I happen to know that the next guest is a good 'un! Thank you Gemma for having me on your show!

:: This morning I finally got to meet my on-line buddy Kimberley! We started chatting a while ago and, as she lives in Cornwall, not too far from us, we decided to grab a morning coffee/cake (or waffles in my case) over at Godrevy! It was so lovely to sit and chat; it felt like I had known her for year, which is lovely (also kind of felt like a first date too!). It is the wonderful side of the internet that creates friendship and unites us with our 'tribe' in a world that moves so fast that we really just miss encounters with other people most of the time.

:: Yesterday I woke up feeling all kinds of sore and uncomfortable and really didn't want to get up at all; the reason for this is because of an injection I had to have a month before an operation that I am having at the end of October. Basically there are a few side-effects and, whilst they could be a lot worse, a couple caught up with me and made me feel a little worse for wear. I decided that I needed to get myself moving and took my yoga mat outside in the September sun, to do one of Adriene's videos called 'Detox Yoga', and it was every kind of lovely. I also took outside my new Celestite crystal and my journal and sat in meditation for ten minutes after yoga and then journaled for a short while to round up my little morning practice. I am getting a lot of the same things come up in meditation, dreams and in oracle card readings too at the moment, and I am trying to dig into it... my poor old brain is always at a million miles an hour though, which I'm rather hoping will change the more I practice silent meditation. Any tips for quietening the mind?

:: Kind of on the topic of meditation/spirituality; I bought the audio-book of Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Eat, Pray, Love' for the journey up to mum and dads. I have had the book and just couldn't get into it all those years ago (I wasn't anywhere near ready for it!) and, having given it away, I thought I would just bite the bullet and get it on audio as it would be a lovely bit of company for the five hour car journey. I have seen the film, but the book was so much better; I loved it. I found it so thought provoking and could resonate with so many things. Also, I really love Elizabeth Gilbert's voice, so the fact that she narrated it too was a bonus.

:: For some unknown reason I am being drawn to cut out meat a bit more from my diet; not completely, but just to bring in a few more veggie-type meals here and there. I have a lot of things that I am just getting the urge to do at the moment and this is one of them (intuition seems to be on high-alert right now!). So, I have been being very un-Lucy and somewhat free-styling some different food choices; one lunch time I made some mixed bean and sweet potato burgers, which we had with 'firey' beetroot (Morrisons!) and some salad and, in the oven as I type is a vegetarian lasagne! I am enjoying a meat-light diet right now and I feel like it is what my body wants, so I am going with it!

Thank you so much for reading this little post; I really enjoy writing these weekly round-ups and keeping notes throughout the week about the little things that I am grateful for. Make sure you come and say 'hello' over on Instagram... I am there the most!


27 September 2018


I've wanted to do a post about my tattoos for a while, but just haven't got around to it, but finally... here it is!

It's funny really because, all throughout my life I can honestly say that I'd never had the urge to get a tattoo; that isn't to say that I haven't admired them on others, but I've just never even thought of getting one. It was only mid-way through 2016 that I started to consider one and I wish I could come up with a really noteworthy reason for my decision but I'm afraid the reason is all kinds of cliche!

I was going through the early stages of 'finding my feet' spiritually speaking, allowing the way I truly was inside come out and not continue to hide the kind of person I was from people; I wanted to mark the occasion in a way that I would always remember, so I chose to get three 'glyphs' on my left ribs (where they wouldn't be visible to anyone but me really). The meaning of the glyphs are 'Challenge', 'Transform' and 'Transcend', which was perfect for what I felt like at the time and, to be quite honest, still feel like now (aren't we always evolving?). For me, this tattoo, as simple as it is, represents me finding my alignment mentally, physically and spiritually and it is a constant reminder of growth.

As this was my very first tattoo experience, I had no idea of what to expect and felt so nervous (even though what I was getting wasn't going to take very long at all!). The tattoo artist was so lovely and put me right at ease and, even though she mentioned that the ribs are a sensitive place, especially for a first timer like me, it was actually fine! I felt as high as a kite that I had actually got this done but honestly thought that would be the end of my tattoo experiences.

It is also worth mentioning that my mum basically had a heart attack when I told her about having it done (I told her afterward, not before!) but, to be fair, I did tease her a little by telling her I had a huge dragon on my entire side-body, just to ease the blow when she actually saw it! (*insert huge grinning emoji here*!!).

Fast forward to this year, around February time, when I all I could think about was getting something new. I'd been planning some ideas and searching for an artist who worked in super-fine detail/lines for a while, eventually finding the perfect girl for the job, Remy, at a studio called Atlier Four, in Truro. This time I had not one, but two ideas; I'd always wanted a little crescent moon on my forearm, just something super simple (and the only visible one I had planned). The moon is a representation of feminism, spirituality, creativity, growth and dreaming big, so I was planning on getting this as an add-on to the larger piece I wanted (more on my moon later!).

The main piece I wanted was wildflowers, this time on my other ribs and much bigger than my first little gesture! Remy designed such a beautiful piece, and I couldn't be happier with it; the details are so intricate and fine, which is exactly what I had in mind. Pain wise: there were certain areas that were much more sensitive, but overall it was good! It took about two hours (including the moon tattoo, which didn't hurt one single bit!). The reason for the wild flowers, for me, were to represent my on-going struggle with mental health. Wild flowers are strong, even when they look weak, and they continue to survive even in the wildest of environments; they cling to life when the weather tries to knock them down and they always bloom anyway. I think they are the perfect metaphor for the cyclical nature of my mental health battle and I love this so much.

Moving on to the present day and I have in mind to have one little thing added to my moon tattoo, which is something botanical (but small) just underneath it. I want it to represent being grounded but looking to the sky, and I am currently pinning and sketching lots of ideas out so that, someday, I can get that added. I also fancy something below my glyphs too, but I'm not sure what yet.

As someone who wasn't a fan of getting tattoos I can say that I am converted! Either that or I am having a mid-life crisis... oh well! Do you have any body art? Let me know in the comments!


23 September 2018


^^ My gorgeous new mug from my friend Kat - it's from Tesco for those of you that are wondering! ^^

I feel like I need to let you know that I am typing this blog post up in pure luxury: permit me to set the scene... the house work has been done (to Monica standards of clean), cardio (cycling) has been done, shower and hair wash have been had and lunch has been eaten and, right now, I'm sat in bed with a hot water bottle with the Himalayan Salt lamp and fairy lights switched on for comfort (see, luxury typing environment!). The weather here is bloody terrible today; it hasn't stopped raining all day and even Gizmo has given up and come inside for a long sleep, so to sum up, we are all hibernating!

This week has passed by in somewhat of a blur of work (wedding bits and bobs and box sticking!), doctors appointments and trying to fit in everything I need to get sorted out before  I travel to my mum and dads for a couple of days (I'm painting their conservatory!). I will be in the car when this post goes up, as I am typing this on Saturday afternoon, so I will be near Exeter services by now I'm sure, where I will sit like Billy-No-Mates in the car, eating my pre-prepared lunch, before heading off again on the final leg of the journey to where they live. All in all it will take about five or so hours; I always enjoy a little road trip and have got my podcasts ready and even dug out an old iPod that I haven't turned on for years; I gave it a charge and will be listening to old playlists on the way!

This week hasn't been overly exciting in terms of variety, but here are my highlights:

:: On Wednesday I received a parcel through the post from the lovely Peta, who has sent me some gorgeous 'Bath Tea Bags' that smell divine! The package also came with a lovely note and some cute postcards as well as a pack of motivational/inspiration cards to pick from if you need a little lift during the day. It was such a surprise and I am ever so grateful! Thank you so much lovely lady.

::Whilst we are on the subject of gifts; I met my friend Kat on Friday for a catch up and she handed me a little pressie too (I have been super lucky this week!). I opened up to find a cute mug with my initial on it and I adore it; I cannot ever have enough mugs and this one is a 'proper' mug (it fits a mother load of tea in it!). Thank you Kat and also for the card too <3

:: I handed over the final bits of wedding work to the couple I have been working with recently. I hand-lettered several things for their wedding day, which is happening as I type this post up, and it was lovely to know that they were super happy with it all. I will hopefully be able to share some images soon as I am really pleased with how things turned out.

:: This will sound really pathetic, but I had a blood test this week and for the very first time in years, I managed to sit upright! I am a bit of a fainter with giving blood (apparently holding your breath doesn't work too well!) and the whole process is not helped by the fact that I usually get stabbed several times in both arms before the nurse gives up and takes it from my hand. The lovely nurse I had got it first time from my hand and I felt like the bravest soldier for remaining seated! Gold star for me please! (I know, pathetic right?!).

:: Due to the fact that all my work has involved sitting doing fairly repetative tasks this week, I decided that the greatest programme to watch would be Friends, so I got stuck right in to it again. I adore that show so much; it brings so much comfort and happy vibes, plus as I know it backwards I don't even have to look up to see what's happening!

:: The gorgeous crystal (Celestite) that I mentioned in last weeks post has been used within an inch of its life this week; I have used it to meditate with and really enjoyed how it feels to hold whilst I sit peacefully with it. I am so happy with it and really want to look into getting some more larger crystals over time as I feel they are much more beneficial to me. I also saw a really lovely clear quartz crystal with a little succulent plant on the top whilst looking on Pinterest and it was so cute!

:: If you saw my IG stories this week then you will know that the song I have had stuck in my head all week has been one called 'Baby Shark'. Haven't heard of it? You lucky, lucky human! If you want to get it stuck in your head for the rest of your living, breathing days head over here to watch it on YouTube! We discovered it last week whilst looking in the charts on iTunes, and pondered the reason for this childrens song being so high in the charts, before coming to the conclusion that it is actually far catchier than any of the rest of the charts (well, the vast majority is all auto-tuned rubbish isn't it?!). I have also realised I have no idea who any of these 'artists' are in the charts anymore and also, since I am having a rant, since when have songs been by *name band or artist here* and then have about five or six 'featuring' artists too? Just saying! (What happened to just 'Oasis' or 'Blur' or 'Take That'!). #oldlady

I'm going to have to leave it there for today! Hopefully life will get a little more interesting again soon and I will be back to longer lists for you guys! Also I am hoping to film my October Bullet Journal set up if I get a chance too. Have a great week! x


16 September 2018


It seems like we are well on our way to being in autumn here now which, if I'm honest, I was dreading for the first time ever in my life! I really enjoyed the heat this summer and, both mentally and physically, I felt more alive; but now that I feel that slight chill arriving in the air, and see the leaves starting to thin and turn brown, I have that nostalgic feeling bubbling up inside of me again. It arrives as a feeling of adventures yet unknown and cosy evenings planning out dreams and future plans; the smell of the wood smoke in the air just magnify it more and once again I am ready for the new season (dark mornings aside... can't I keep bright ones all year?).

This week has been busy and I have felt all the emotions (again!); tired one minute, bouncing about like Tigger the next, but it has been a good one nonetheless, so let me jump right on in!

:: Now that the village isn't so over-crowded we have been on a few evening walks, with last nights being the best so far, as it was just as the sun was setting (and post-roast dinner!). There were just enough clouds in the sky to create the perfect backdrop and it was a stunning view to say the least. I never get bored of the views here or of any of the walks we take around the village; it is beautiful here. Whilst walking last night, we saw several gorgeous dogs too; I always love having a little chat with dogs on their walk! One group of people were walking seven dogs, including two adorable dalmatians. Several of the dogs were lagging behind, bumbling along like they would rather be anywhere else but on a walk; it seemed like the one at the very back was the eldest and he looked very put out when he finally caught up only to be turned around and walked back the way he came from! The look on his little face was '...but I could've just waited at the car!'.

:: I finally managed to do some more batch cooking this week to top up our freezer with some lovely meals for the week ahead. I cooked a delicious black bean chilli, which was so tasty! I also threw together some 'energy balls' too, based on about threee separate recipes I had seen online (look at me getting all adventurous!). They taste so yummy though and involved exactly no time in the oven (even better!).

:: I finished the book I mentioned in last weeks post too, 'My not so perfect life' by Sophie Kinsella. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved that I could totally escape into fiction again! The messgae of the book is in the title, but it serves as a reminder that, regardless of what people show you on their social media feeds, that actually anything could be happening in real life! We all know this already but it is nice to have a little nudge every now and again. On that subject though, I recently did a bit of a cull of all the IG accounts that make me feel bad about myself and have felt a million times better ever since!

:: I found myself watching a couple of new things this week whilst painting some things for a client; one of which was something I have heard several people recommend, 'Bodyguard' (on BBC one). It's a six episode series on every Sunday evening (don't quote me on that!), so far four episodes have been on and I caught up with all of them back to back this week. I barely worked at all during the first one as I was glued to it! I kept hearing about the programme and imagined it to be some series around the Whitney Houston film and just couldn't wrap my head around it, but I was very off the mark with it because it is bloody fantastic (and certainly nothing like that film!). I also watched 'Bridget Jones' Baby' and laughed the whole way through. I am, once again, late to the party, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

:: Today we head off to The Healing Light Festival, a spiritual type fair thing (great description Lucy, really great!) which is something I saw advertised recently and immediately wanted to go! I know these things aren't everyones cup of tea, but they really are mine; I feel 'at home' mooching about tables full of oracle cards and crystals and could spend a fortune (if I had it!). I gave myself a budget and had in mind to get a large clear-quartz crystal, which is not what I left with at all! After being drawn to a beautiful light-blue crystal I just couldn't stop picking it up and wanting to look at it (apparently you are meant to go with the ones you are drawn to), I finally made the purchase as a bit of a treat. The crystal is Celestite and is truly stunning; we also got a Himalayen salt lamp too, which is gorgeous! Yes, I am a hippy... there, I said it!

:: On Thursday I woke up just a couple hours after going to bed with a horrible pain in my achilles tendon, something which I have had ever since I tore the ligament in my angle this year (it really hurts, especially at night). I got all fidgety and just couldn't go back to sleep so I got up and joined Gizmo downstairs on the sofa. As soon as I sat down with my cup of tea she dozily moved from the cushion to my lap and snuggled in. There we stayed until 6am, all cuddled up and warm together, watching the biggest load of crap on television I have ever seen! Although I got out of bed at just gone 1.30am and had not had any sleep, I really enjoyed having some time just sitting in silence (having muted the crap tv shows!) with the little bear; there is something about that time of the day which I adore (I just wish it didn't make me feel so hungover the next day!).

I hope you have had a wonderful week; sending you lots of love and good vibes for the week ahead too! Come back on Wednesday for another post! xx


12 September 2018


Driving home from an exciting trip to Boots and Marks and Spencers (!) a couple of weeks ago, I spotted a sign on the side of the road that read 'Plant Festival' and immediately told Joe we were going and wrote it in my diary, because I love plants, even though a) I can't actually afford to buy them and b) because we rent there is no point in buying lots of beautiful plants to put in the garden right now and also, the cottage garden is gorgeous anyway; but who doesn't love looking at nature! When I realised it was also at a sculpture garden, Tremenheere in Penzance, I was even more excited because nature and art together equal a happy Lucy!

When we arrived at the plant festival it was heaving; there were so many people wandering about, with amazing plants tucked in their bags for life and under their arms (you had to keep a watch on the spindly ones or you would certainly lose an eye!); we had a little scoot about the stalls, where I spent ages looking at all the beautiful succulents on offer, and then we decided we would head into the sculpture park itself; it was such a gorgeous day we couldn't miss the chance.

Rather than me trying to describe all the details I will let my (many) photos tell the story and just add a few thoughts along the way, but I will say this before we get into the pictures: if you are in the Penzance area, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens are well worth the visit, they are so beautiful; you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, with the sound of nature as your soundtrack, hundreds of variations of trees and plants plus works of art of all sizes and types standing majestically in their space, or discreetly tucked within the landscape as if they have been there for many years and you are seeing them unveiled for the first time; the 'Turrell Sky Space' piece is a must see and was easily our favourite piece (more on that below) and, if sculpture isn't your thing, the views from the top will be!

^^ Aren't succulents amazing? They have so many in their shop that it would be impossible to make a decision! ^^

^^ When sculptures weather, like this one, I think they compliment the landscape perfectly ^^

^^ You may know this, but I have 'a thing' for leaves! Look how gorgeous these are ^^
^^ There are a few 'look-outs' as you climb the path up to the top; the views the whole way are stunning too ^^

^^ Big old banana plant leaves are one of my favourites against a blue sky ^^

James Turrell's 'Skyspace' was my absolute favourite thing at Tremenheere; the pictures we took just doesn't do it justice, and my lack of ability to describe it to you sent me over to Tremenheere's website, to look for how they explain the artists vision:

A temple-like "Skyspace" has been created at the prominent site at the high point in the valley, entered from the base of the hill through an underground corridor. One is led along a rising passageway to an interior space, an elliptical chamber whose ceiling frames the sky. Discrete background illumination will under light the ceiling of the space and provides a telling contrast with the sky. The shifting balance between the interior and exterior light will provide a contemplative and hypnotic transition.

Once you are within the space it is silent and, for me, created a spiritual feeling of peace. Looking up you watch the clouds pass overhead and can get totally lost in that moment; is that not mindfulness at it's very best? There is a seating area built into the space which runs all the way around and I just couldn't resist laying down to watch the clouds. They have a few dusk-viewing opportunities but I could only think about being there at 2-3am, on a clear night, star-gazing... can you imagine!

^^ Look at that view over to St Michaels Mount ^^

We had such a lovely couple of hours at Tremenheere and will definitely be going back; it's one of those places that I want to see in every season (and also, their food looks great too, but we didn't stop for anything because it was plant-festival-crazy!). Honestly guys, I would highly recommend you checking it out if you are in Cornwall, it has worked its way straight into my top five places to visit, and we are fortunate that it is only ten minutes from home too!


9 September 2018


Hey there my loves! How is your weekend going? Despite planning for horrendous weather here yesterday, it was actually really nice and today, well today has been warm and pretty blooming gorgeous! I am going to do a whole blog post on what we got up to this morning because it was so good! The best thing about today was that it wasn't planned to happen, so it was a pleasant surprise and really enjoyable, so stay tuned for that!

I am going to head right on in to today's 'Weekly Gratitude' list, because it has been a pretty busy week, so let's do this!

:: On Thursday I was incredibly lucky to be interviewed for the beautiful Gemma Sand's podcast 'Free to Flourish Radio'! The episode will be out soon and I will be letting you know all over social media I'm sure (once I've vetted it to make sure I don't sound like a moron... probably will!). I was incredibly nervous about it, even though Gemma and I have spoken so many times; but she made me feel super relaxed and I think that, after the first five minutes I found my flow! We had quite the comical end to the podcast though; after Gemma stopped recording she told me that her little greenhouse had blown across the garden and her poor little peppers were inside it, whilst she was telling me this I was watching Gizmo prancing about in the garden after some poor thing that was trying to get away from her. After a couple of seconds this poor creature got batted up into the air, and it was only when it reached full height and stretched out fully, that I realised it was a snake. I don't think I have ever hung up faster from a call in my life. All ended well, snake and cat are still in one piece (I'm not sure how Gemma's peppers are doing!). Make sure you all head to Free to Flourish Radio and subscribe so you here my waffle when it comes out!

:: This week I started a new little gym routine I wrote for myself and, so far, I am really into it! I wanted to up my workload a little by popping in some super-set exercises to really burn out the muscles I am working on that day and I am loving the higher heart rate throughout (am I mad? Yep, probably!). I highly recommend changing things up every now and then to keep you interested and to keep your body guessing a bit; challenging yourself is always a good thing (as long as you are doing it safely of course!).

:: Whilst on the subject of exercise; this week I have done two yoga sessions, with the beautiful Adriene of course, because there is no one else I want to yoga with I'm afraid (plus her dog is super cute and I love that he sleeps along side her!). I realised how much tension I am holding in my body and doing even one or two shorter sessions per week will help no end.

:: It has been a busy week for Leaf Lane Studio again (woo-hoo) and I have sent out some wedding stationery samples and am also hand-painting an A1 seating plan for a bride-to-be too. I also dragged out my old artist easel from under the bed, gave it a dust down and am in the middle of painting it white (literally as we speak... I came in for a break to type this!). I am so grateful that I have some things that I can up-cycle for the business and I intend to use the easel to showcase samples of table plans that come with my collections at wedding fairs next year.

:: If you have followed along with the sad story of Rachael Bland (Radio 5 Live presenter and blogger from 'Big C, Little Me') and her battle with cancer, which sadly ended this week, you may already have listened to her podcast 'You, Me and the Big C: Putting the Can in Cancer', which features two other inspirational woman, Deborah James and Lauren Mahon, as fellow presenters. Sadly I only started listening to this podcast right at the end of Rachaels fight against cancer, but I have since listened to so many episodes because it is really, really good. Yes, the girls are discussing difficult subject matters, such as death, pain and how friends handle being around a cancer sufferer, but my God, it is funny, inspirational and educational too. I can't put into words how pleased I am to have found it and how wonderful these ladies are. When the news broke that Rachael had died (if you have listened to the podcast episode about death you will know she would never want to hear 'passed away') I felt so very overwhelmed for a woman I had never met. If you are looking for something to really touch your heart and soul and truly make you want to hug your loved ones closer and be grateful for every single second you have on our planet, head on over and listen to the podcast right now, I promise you won't be disappointed.

:: The signs of autumn approaching have really started kicking in this week; there are leaves crunching under-foot now and that familiar smell of wood smoke in the air which I adore. Autumn reminds me of the cyclical nature of life, of everything really, and that is why I love it so much. It reminds us all that we can start over; shed our old selves and start a fresh.

:: After getting a stack of books to borrow for a while from Peta, when we saw one another last week, I have started a fiction book! This is exciting for me because I haven't read something to really escape into for a long time. The book I am reading right now is Sophie Kinsella's 'My Not So Perfect Life' and, so far, I'm really enjoying it! The opening description of everyone rushing to work on the London underground, with no care for anyone else but themselves, reminded me so much of the times I have visited London and just wanted to cry! I remember going to a wedding industry event with my best friend, Helena, and standing waiting to get on a very packed tube; I remember her saying to me 'we just need to get on' and I thought 'how? where?' as everyone was packed in the train like sardines! That memory came flooding back as I read the start of the book and it was like I was there all over again! Thankfully I think this story ends up in the Cotswold's, so there is hope for the poor character yet!

:: On my way home from the gym this week I heard a song on good old Pirate FM that I fell in love with on first listen and have been playing it all week because I just find it really lifts my spirits! The song is 'Hunger' by Florence and the Machine', check it out!

:: As the weather changes and gets a bit chillier, we have noticed that many of our birds have gone off to pastures new, but we are so happy to still have our 'Penguin' (rare white magpie!). There were two of them and I really don't want to think too much about where the other one is, but I am ever so happy that one of them has hung around and comes into the garden daily for a bite of the food and a sip of the water! He is ever so cute, but seemingly impossible to get a photograph of!

:: Last on my list of things this week is the fact that I finally got around to pulling every bit of clothing I own out of my wardrobe, hoovering, dusting and sorting like a woman possessed and vaccum-bagging my summer clothes away! I invested in a very un-sexy hanging shelving thingy (Argos special!) which Velcro's onto the rail in the cupboard, and allows me to be a lot more together and less 'chuck-everything-in-a-drawer-until-it-cannot-open'! I was ruthless in my clearing out of things too, as I don't believe in hanging onto something 'just in case' because, let's face it, nine times out of ten the occasion never arrives and the item you were saving never gets an outing! It felt good to clear everything out, but took me bloody ages!

There you have it my lovelies, my week, minus what we did this morning, but I have included a picture of some succulents below from today because they look so cute! I will try and get my photos from today up for Wednesday if I can! Have a wonderful week and please do come and say hello in the comments!

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