16 August 2018


^^ Taking a quick five minute break in the sun, because it had been raining all morning! ^^

I have been having a super busy week this week so yesterday, when I suddenly remembered that it was 'blog post-posting day' and I hadn't actually written anything at all, not one word, I got myself into a fluster. What do flusters equal? For me, getting flustered equals nothing creative can come out of my brain whatsoever. So, as I sit down to write said blog post, one day behind my usual schedule, I realise that I am still in a void of nothingness when it comes to content! Anyone who blogs, or just is a bit creative in general goes through this; the highs and lows of creativity, where one minute you cannot write/draw/paint fast enough for all the ideas to flow out, and the next you are staring out the window counting the birds go by, hoping that you will be struck by a moment of genius!

Thankfully for me, it is only ideas for written content that has jetted off on a holiday, not anything more, so I can at least paint without the restrictive brain, and monkey clapping symbols in my mind. I think that when we suddenly realise we aren't being our usual selves, creatively or otherwise, it is easy to beat ourselves over the head and get annoyed, frustrated and generally self-deprecating, but I also think it is important to remember that what we are managing to do is bloody fantastic actually.

Whilst chatting on the phone to my bestie Helena (a.k.a 'Lobby') last night, who owns a gorgeous bed and breakfast in Lynmouth (Devon) with her lovely husband Rich, we spoke about how being your own boss can be somewhat overwhelming at times. As wonderful as it is to have flexibility and so many other perks too, when you list all the things you are 'in charge' of getting done it can seem like one hell of a lot. For instance, with my business, Leaf Lane Studio, I have the social media accounts to keep active and make sure I share every bit of content across all platforms as well as remembering (which I often don't) to put my products on Pinterest too, then there is the interaction with wedding industry brands and magazines/blogs (sending samples and media packs) and trying to make sure I stay visible, there is the actual art work involved in creating a product line or wedding stationery collection from start to finish (I did a blog post on how I do this over on Leaf Lane Studio's blog if you are interested), there are hours upon hours spent designing the actual individual pieces of a collection and mock-printing them to check the over all aesthetics, then there is the printing itself and getting everything pulled together. After that there is photography and editing of the product photos, pulling together content for the website and designing brochures and marketing for all of that too. Whilst all this is happening there are commissions and brides getting in touch and many other little things that need to be seen to. For From Lucy with Love there is the social media, responding to comments, content creation/photography, planning ahead (not for this post clearly!) and reaching out to companies or bloggers for collaborations. There is website updates and amendments, responding to emails from lovely readers like you and much more too. Add into the mix general life 'stuff', such as the exercise regime, running a house and cooking and we have a party right? (Or a very exhausted Lucy who is in her PJ's as early as possible snoozing on the sofa... or wide awake and dreaming of peanut M&M's!).

What is my point? Well my point is that we are all doing a million and one things in our lives and, if something slips for a day or two (or a week or - gasp - a month!) it is okay. I am learning this more and more as I realise that, as one thing is running smoothly, generally speaking another is slightly lagging behind. I think as a rule we give ourselves such a hard time and we need to just stop doing that. We can often fall into the trap of comparison and, the truth is we just have zero idea of the context of someone elses life. With my list of things above as an example... yes, I am busy, but I am also learning one hell of a lot because it is my first year of business and I am scared and excited and loving every single second; I chose this path and it is my journey. We each have our own path in life and I honestly think we can look at anyone around us and think 'wow, you're awesome' and think totally opposite of ourselves, which has to change doesn't it?

So, I started this post as a little 'I'm a bit mentally full right now and can't write a post for you' and have ended up mind-dumping all of that, but I hope it is somewhat interesting and makes you feel a bit better on the days when you are feeling all the emotions and not really knowing what to do with it all.

Basically, what I am saying is: remember you are doing all the things you are meant to be doing right now, you are enough exactly how you are in this time and space and you are a human being who will feel weak and fearful but you are here and doing it anyway and, I think that is pretty bloody amazing, don't you?


  1. It really is pretty bloody amazing and you are pretty bloody amazing for writing this post! Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta xx

    1. Thank you, as always my lovely. YOU are bloody amazing xxx


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