22 August 2018


^^ Oh just look at that angelic face ^^

I was chatting to someone recently about being an only child and they said they thought I 'didn't have the characteristics of one', but I honestly think that, for my generation anyway, many kids without siblings were bought up the same way as me, fiercely independent! That image of an only child snatching toys and sweets from other kids is probably less realistic than we think really, although I can't imagine what it is like these days, so I won't try and talk about that! 

After the conversation I had about how I 'handled' being alone a lot as a kid, I reflected a bit on some of the things I got up to when I was left to my own devices. Firstly, us 'only's' can be very creative with games, and it is surprising how many parts we can play during a very intense solo 'Game of Life' session! We can take on many characters and act them all like a pro, for instance, as a kid I used to love playing 'schools', mostly because I liked to write out a register and then pretend to call out the names, questioning where the kid was who didn't respond and promptly popping an 'X' in the box next to their name. I was both teacher and student and I was not lenient on myself! I even gave myself lines to do for being 'naughty in class' once! I mean, at 37 years old that fact seems equally tragic and kind of cute all at the same time; the image of me sitting there, writing out lines of 'I will not be rude to my teacher' over and over summons up quite the picture doesn't it! 

My parents remind me of how much of a tomboy I was on a regular basis, with the most common story being my love of the woodlice that ran around the garden/house. Now, if you are picturing me gathering them up in a little bucket, giving them names and having them as pets, you are very much mistaken; I did that with many things, but the poor old woodlice suffered a tragic end as they were stuffed in my mouth and eaten (even typing that makes me feel ill!). What a prime candidate I was for 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here!' when I was young; these days I rescue everything that moves because I hate harm coming to nature (perhaps it's karma!). My goodness, I was a gross child.

When I think back to some of the other things I used to do as a kid I have to laugh because I am sure I have used up my nine-lives on more than one occasion. I was such a tomboy and just loved getting outside and doing random things: I climbed trees (falling out many times), rode my bike like a nutter (and knocked a tooth or two out...oops), scooted along on skateboards (straight into a gate...oops again), lifted my wendy-house above my head and ran like a lunatic around the garden (right into the rose bush... can I keep saying 'oops'?), I did 'amazing' cartwheels in the lounge (and crashed my legs into the radiator guard, definitely denting it and definitely not saying it was because of a cartwheel!), I fell 'legs-akimbo' on a brick wall and ended up with severe grazing all up my inner thighs on both legs (ouch!), I ran into the lounge on a weekly basis, launched myself at my beanbag but missed it completely and knocked myself out, I once had a very bad fall of a bike that I was trying to do a trick on and ended up with bloody everywhere and a huge 'egg' on my head... all this doesn't cover it, but you get the gist, I wasn't careful! (Unfortunately I am still the same but with a few less skateboards!).

See, it isn't boring being an only child at all, we know no different anyway, so it really is kind of okay! There is only one downside, one which I hated so much, and that is this: you can't blame anyone else for anything. For example, when your dad brings home a giant bar of Cadbury Chocolate to be 'saved' for Christmas and you open it up and start to demolish it over way too short a time, get questioned about it and say 'it wasn't me'... chances are you will not be believed, just saying! Damn! These days I just blame my dad for eating things! (sorry dad... I needed those seven biscuits last time I visited and mum had to know where they went... okay, so I am joking about the biscuits... it was actually eight!).

Childhood is a funny old time isn't it; it shapes us in so many ways but it also is a miracle we come out the other side sometimes (especially when you clearly think you are some kind of movie stunt woman in my case!). I would love to hear some of your memories and silly things you have done; I am sure I have missed many 'events' from my childhood and I am also sure my mum will remind me, but in the mean time pop some of yours in the comments!

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  1. I can't believe you used to eat woodlice, so did I!! But we called them sourpigs or sowerpigs when I was little! I also used to eat daddy long legs. This post made me chuckle so much and reminded me of my own childhood.
    Sending lots of love your way
    Peta xx


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