26 August 2018


It's the last Sunday of the month of August, can you believe it? This month has been the busiest month I have had since I started Leaf Lane Studio almost one whole year ago; it has been filled with lovely orders for paintings and wedding stationery and I have really enjoyed getting properly stuck in to it, long may it continue! 

Before I get all over emotional at having a business that is one year old on Saturday, let's just get started on this weeks gratitude list!

:: Yesterday we had a turn around in the weather; it has been all Cornish mizzle this week and it felt like we had been living in a cloud. It was kind of humid and damp and uncomfortable, but yesterday we had the sun come out to play again and I made the most of it! I had a few odds and ends of work to do for a lovely bride, but after that I got well and truly stuck into the gardening. I had somewhat neglected it due to the fact that life got busy, but it was so nice to just lose myself in nature for a while. I find it so relaxing and it gives me time to reflect and mull over things in my head, something I don't always get to do if I am busy in the week. Gizmo followed me around being all kinds of 'helpful' (i.e. getting in the way at any given opportunity!) but I do love the fact that she is always keeping check on what is going on and sniffing about where I have been cutting back to 'check' everything meets her approval! She is such a cute little bear.

:: A week or so ago Peta messaged me with a picture of a t-shirt she thought I would like from Tesco's clothing collection, and she was quite right, I loved it and 'needed' it immediately of course. I actually was in the market for a couple of casual t-shirts, as most of mine have somehow managed to get holes in, so I was happy to check out a new one that just so happens to go very well with this very blog post. Anyone with a beady eye will see it in the background of the picture above, that's if you don't damage your eyes looking at the bright pink jumper I have on (which 'fell' into my basket in Tesco's!). I don't own anything pink at all, but I saw this jumper and fell in love with it. It is super over-sized and so soft (plus it was mega affordable). I wanted to treat myself because I am kind of proud of some things I have been doing and, all in, these two things came to under £25, so it didn't break the bank. I kept the jumper hung up on the outside of the wardrobe for just over a day because just looking at the colour made me so happy! Just in case you fancy checking it out, it also comes in grey and a bright mustard yellow too! :-)

:: I realise I am late to the party, but I watched the Christopher Robin full trailer this week and basically cried for the entire duration of it. I don't know what it is about Winnie the Pooh and friends, they make me sob like a baby! I really want to go and see the movie, but I daren't go to the cinema to watch it because, quite frankly, I will just embarrass myself! Have you seen it yet? What did you think?

:: We have noticed that Gizmo's 'Autumn routine' is starting to appear again and she has spent a few nights this week asleep on the foot of the bed (snoring her little head off!). She changes her routine with the seasons and it is so sweet to have her around inside again because most of the summer she has been out and about or asleep under a bush in the garden, only coming out at meal times! My only wish is that she didn't take up quite so much room on the bed because she really stretches herself out and I end up balled up and uncomfortable... the things we do to keep our pets happy!

:: Yesterday, post gardening, Joe wandered down to one of our local cafes and came home with some Victoria sponge for a treat; it is my absolute favourite cake and I really enjoyed it. I have been working really hard (during my food mentoring sessions with Peta) to see all food as just 'food' and not 'good or 'bad', trying to reduce the guilt and binge eating that can often occur with that kind of thing. I am really making progress but I know it will take a long time to undo patterns that have been around for years. On that note, I listened to a podcast episode from Kate Taylor's 'Practical Magic Podcast', called 'Intuitive Living / Connected Body', which I would highly recommend if, like me, you are looking to get past old fears and habits and truly realign with what it is your body needs once again. I also highly recommend you contact Peta too, as she is absolutely amazing to work with on this kind of thing.

:: One of my favourite illustrators on Instagram is Emma Block; she is so talented and I love everything she does. Last week her first book came out and I got a copy delivered the day after. I think you can never stop learning when it comes to anything in life and I always enjoy seeing how other artists work and how they structure a painting. This book is so pretty and incredible useful too. If you are a beginner and are not sure where to start, this book has 40 watercolour lessons in it that are so nice to follow along with. If you don't follow Emma already, you certainly should!

That is it for this week guys, sorry it is a short one, it's honestly just been me painting a pallet, painting pictures, wrapping pictures etc etc, and not much else at all! It should be easing off a little soon so I am hoping to have more time to get out and about again real soon!

I hope you enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday (if you are in the U.K) and have a wonderful week ahead! PS: Don't forget, if you or any one you know, are getting married, my Leaf Lane Studio August offers are still running! Head to Leaf Lane Studio to see what you can get!

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  1. Oh Lucy what a lovely gratitude list!! I really really really want to see Christopher Robin now!! Thank you so much for the mention my lovely!!! Your pink jumper looks AMAZING on you!
    Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta xx


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