19 August 2018


Merry Sunday all! ('Merry Sunday' (?!) not sure where that came from but hey-ho!). How are you doing? Have you had a good weekend? Mine has been a working weekend (seriously, over 12 hour days this end, which I am not proud of because my self-care has gone out the window and I feel exhausted).

The last week has been kind of mental, but in all the good ways, as Leaf Lane Studio has been really busy (if I had the energy for a little happy dance right now, believe me I would be doing one!). On Monday I met up with a beautiful bride-to-be and collected some bits and bobs that I am brush lettering for her wedding day next month. It was lovely to meet her and have a little chat and, since Monday I have been in my element, sanding a palette and painting it white, ready for the lettering. I seriously love projects like that, I like a bit of DIY! I have also had a few orders for the little 'initial paintings' I am offering too, although I still haven't got them onto the website this last week due to a lack of time (partly my own fault for taking on some additional work from my printers too, doh!). I will be getting them in the shop though, but you can just pop me an email if you want to order yours on hello@leaflanestudio.com. Prices are as follows: A6 £10, A5 £15 and A4 £20 (I will do bespoke sizes too, but just get in touch for a chat about what you would like!).

I am going to get right on into this list of mine before I start getting heavy eyelids, because I have a lot more work to do before this day is through (I will be painting some pebbles in front of Star Wars right after I hit 'post' on this!).

:: The first thing I wanted to mention this week is an beautiful email I got from a lovely lady. I really love it when people resonate with something I have put out there into the big wide world and get in touch. Sarah, thank you so much for your email... I promise I will answer it very soon!

:: I always pop Netflix or a podcast on when I paint, or both in the case of this week because I have had so many hours to entertain myself at my art desk! I finally listened to all the people that have been telling me to watch Queer Eye on Netflix and, having watched about ten minutes of episode one, I fell in love with the guys in a big way! Oh my goodness, I balled my eyes out to several episodes, which forced me to stop painting before I messed up someones work. Those guys to some wonderful transformations don't they? I messaged Peta (who was the first person to recommend the series) and basically asked her how I can get myself on the show! 

:: Whilst I am in 'recommending' mode, let's talk about a podcast I am seriously late to the party on shall we? I have not only binge-watched Queer Eye this week, but I have also binge-listened to 'The Fringe of It', a truly wonderful podcast by Liv Purvis, from the blog/YouTube channel 'What Olivia Did' and Charlotte Jacklin from Betty Magazine. Why do I love this podcast? Well, I totally relate to so many of the things these guys say, mainly Charlotte, because we are closer in age, and I specifically have a chuckle when Liv is talking about really trendy things and Charlotte just cannot get her head around them or has just never heard of it, that is me all over! They have a topic every week, but they also just chat, and I love it so much! If, like me, you have never listened, please give it a shot, it is brilliant!

:: I had my second food mentoring session with that cat-mum I always mention (cough, cough, Peta, cough cough!) and guys, seriously, it is helping me so much. I will completely open up to you at some point about my main issues around food but for now, let me just say that I am learning so much about the psychology surrounding the things I do and habits I have got, but I am also learning that everything is available in abundance if I want it, which has eased my binge-eating way back. Some of the things Peta says to me are so simple, yet have had such huge effect on my ability to handle things. I cannot recommend working with this wonderful human being enough; the way I see it is that we very quickly pay for a fad or a short term fix, but this is our mental and physical well-being, so if you have questions make sure you reach out to her (she is one of the nicest people ever) and have a chat because, take it from me, it is worth it.

:: Speaking of beautiful human beings, I finally got a lovely catch up with my bestie this week and it felt so lovely to just natter away and talk about everything that has been going on. Girly chat is wonderful at clearing out the mind isn't it! 

:: Thank you to the people who shared my Body Stories bits and pieces on Instagram this week; I am trying so very hard to get around to talking about it on Insta stories every single day, but with life suddenly becoming a little busy, I do forget. Any help you guys can give me to get the information out to the world is very much appreciated. Click right here to read the full Body Stories-story!

:: I had a lovely book-delivery this week and I can't wait to read what arrived (even though I have a whole queue ahead of it yet!). I have wanted to get my paws on Matt Haig's 'Notes on a Nervous Planet' for a little while, but just couldn't justify the spend, but I saw it pop up on Amazon on offer (it was just £4.99) so I had to get it! Have you read it yet? I've just had a look and it is still on offer, so click right here to go and get your copy!

:: The one thing I did do this week (before my 'to-do' list went wild) is draw out my September Bullet Journal spread. It really isn't anything to write home about, as I didn't have the time to really go for it, but I am happy with what I did. I carried over something I started in August which I enjoyed doing, which is a huge gratitude mind-dump! Basically it is as simple as it sounds: I wrote 'August Gratitude' in the middle of a double spread and added something/s to it every single day. I love having that to refer to for these lists, but also it is nice to remember some of the little things too. I also changed up a couple of things for September and the way I lay them out. Maybe I can do a little Insta Stories video to quickly show what I have done; if you want me to do that pop a comment below!

I think I will leave it there for this week. I am so tired right now and am pretty sure I will have missed something vital off this list but you'll have to forgive me for my melting brain! Have a wonderful week guys and I will see you on Wednesday!

PS: Don't forget, if you want a little 'initial' painted, email me on hello@leaflanestudio.com asap as they are all painted to order and I have a little list going already. They will make wonderful little stocking fillers/gifts for loved ones (they look so cute on a notice board in the office too!). I would love to paint you one, so get in touch soon... Christmas is not far away you know!! Eek!


  1. Oh you absolutely wonderful human being you!! These lists put such a massive smile on my list. I'm so happy you finally watched Queer Eye! EEEEEE!!!! I personally would LOVE to see your September bullet journal, I adore the idea of doing a double spread to jot something down on each day.

    Thank you for the mention my lovely, it means the absolute world to me.
    Sending ever so much love your way,
    Peta xx

    1. Queer Eye is AWESOME!! I properly cry in a large amount of the episodes! I watched the one yesterday where the guy proposes to his girlfriend and I proper lost my sh*t!!! I was sat at the kitchen table sticking boxes and blubbing!! You are more than welcome for the mention honey bunny... need to get you on here talking about your mentoring ASAP!

      Lots of love and cat cuddles

      #catmumtrepreneur xx


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