12 August 2018


This week has been a very 'all over the place' week for me, both physically and mentally speaking; do you guys ever get days/weeks where you just can't focus on anything 'big' on your to-do list for more than five minutes? When I get times like that I have to switch things up a bit and go over to doing something creative instead, that usually does the trick!

Before I get into this weeks list I just want to say a huge thank you to those of you that either commented or sent me a message about Wednesdays post (catch up with it here). You guys are always so wonderful and it is lovely to chat about things we are all feeling and help each other, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let's dive straight in to the good stuff!

:: The week started off amazingly well. I had a food mentoring session with one of my favourite humans, Peta (I can't possibly write a weekly gratitude without mentioning Peta can I!). I am definitely going to do a full post on just these sessions but I wanted to mention it today because, after just one session I feel different in my head. Peta is a genuine, kind and very caring human being and not only that, but she is super knowledgeable about food (and she has four, beautiful cats too). If you guys are totally done with 'diets' and want to find some inner peace around how you think about food, as well as many other magical things, please head over to Peta's page and have a look at how you can work with her because it is worth investing in yourself (stop paying diet companies and work on YOU, I promise it's so much better... it really is soul work guys). Peta also has some really fab free resources too, such as her 'New to free-from eating' and 'Un-boring salad' guides; if you want regular inspiration you will need to be signed up to her newsletter ('Letters from Peta') too as she provides constant value there as well as some really thought-provoking writing. #fangirl

:: The sunsets have been epic over this way all week; there have been huge clouds around too, making everything much more dramatic. Sunrise and sunset are my favourite time of the day for sure; unless I happen to be letting Gizmo out at 3am on a clear night, because those stars... wow!

:: After discussing food and my crazy mind with Peta on Monday, it seemed only right to celebrate that by going for cake with a lovely friend on Tuesday morning (oops!). I enjoyed every, single bite of it though and it was lovely to have a chin-wag too!

:: I finally put another one of my crazy amount of creative ideas into action this week and created an example of something I am now offering through Leaf Lane Studio, which are these cute botanical-illustrated initials. They will officially be on the site next week but you can still order from me in the mean time and here is how: just drop an email to hello@leaflanestudio.com telling me which letter you would like and I will get back to you confirming your order and provide you with an invoice. Prices are as follows: A6 (pictured) £10, A5 - £15 and A4 - £20. They are all painted to order so won't be dispatched immediately, but I will let you know when you contact me how long it will be! All standard orders will be created in the same shade as the letter below, which is a very deep 'midnight' blue/black and will have white illustrations. If you require something more bespoke please get in touch with me. I have already had several orders so please get your name on the list asap! I think these would make super little gifts! Don't forget I also offer other personalised paintings via Leaf Lane Studio too, all created to order and beautifully wrapped and I am open to commissions so just email for a chat!

:: Last night I cooked up a batch of the most yummy sweet potato and spinach 'burgers' ever (recipe recommended to me by... *drum-roll*.. Peta!). They couldn't have been any easier to put together: microwave a couple of large sweet potatoes (or several small ones!) until soft, scrape out the potato into a bowl and mash with a fork. Pour boiling water over a bag of spinach (approx 160g), I should probably point out that you need to put the spinach in a colander then pour the water over it, don't be a wally and literally pour it over the bag (this is why I don't do recipes!). Once the spinach wilts, run the cold tap over it to cool it down and then squeeze the water out and chop finely, pop in with the potato. Add one whisked egg, seasoning and some breadcrumbs (enough so that when you mix it all together with your hands it holds some shape, I found that about 60g was good, but it depends on the amount of potato you used). Use your hands to form balls from the mixture (these can be frozen). If you want to cook straight away you can use coconut oil or oil of your choice in a pan, flatten the ball with your hand and cook for a few minutes on each side, just to heat through. Simple and so tasty. I have some in the freezer and can't wait to dig into them! I also cooked up Peta's own recipe of Chocolate Oat Cookies (delicious!) and froze a batch of her Microwave Oat Brownies too!

:: Little Gizmo was the cutest this week. She has been following me around like a little dog and was absolutely adamant she was going to sit out on the road whilst I chopped back a tree that had shot over the fence and was getting in the way of people wanting to park their cars. She kept hopping over the gate and scurrying around to where I was working which, in essence wasn't the end of the world, but it was the time of day where all the beach-goers were leaving and driving like maniacs up our road and I really didn't want anything bad to happen (I tricked her by putting biscuits in the lounge and shutting the door so she was safe in the end). She has also been loving the fact that the wind dislodged many palm tree leaves this week, meaning they were available for her favourite game... hunt the leaf! She loves chasing it around and pouncing on it! Better that than a mouse I think! PS: Check out that 'resting bitch face' in the picture below! She hates having the camera pointed at her!

:: I am still totally obsessed with Sara Faber's studio-vlogs. I have mentioned Sara before but it has been a while so... why not mention her again! She is a Berlin based illustrator/artist and her vlogs are just so aesthetically pleasing! I would love to live in a big, open apartment/house like that, with plants everywhere about and have the creativity to put together some of the work and gorgeous meals she does! I highly recommend you check her vlogs out, they are just so lovely!

That is all I have got for you this week guys, I hope you have a wonderful day and I will be back on Wednesday with another blog post! Please do get in touch if you would like me to create one of my 'initial' paintings for you, they would make lovely (dare I say) Christmas/birthday/anniversary/ wedding/'just because' presents and so be sure to place your orders early to ensure you have them in time for the occasion! x



  1. Oh I love this. Can't wait to check out Peta's website after work and I LOVE your letters <3

    xx Siân


    1. Thank you so much Sian, you are so sweet! I LOVE your blog so much btw... so lovely! Hope you have had a fab day! xx

  2. Oh Lucy you are just the very best of the best!! Thank you so much for the mentions. I love your weekly gratitude posts, they always pop a smile on my face. That sunset is gorgeous and I hope Gizmo is still enjoying playing with the leaves!
    Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
    Peta xx


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