5 August 2018


Hello my loves... Happy Sunday!

This post is much later going up then usual because I have spent 95% of today sat on a chair outside, reading my book! Sorry about that, but it was a much needed chill-out day today! The book I am currently devouring at a very fast pace is 'Chase the Rainbow' by Poorna Bell, and it is one of those books that is very sad and very beautiful in equal measures. I must have read about 160 pages today. I highly recommend it if you like a non-fiction read that really hits the heart strings.

Anyway, how has your week been? Mine has been fairly full on, leading to me sleeping on and off most of yesterday (I have been very anti-social this weekend!) but it was such a lovely relaxing weekend. Sometimes I just like being at home, away from the madness of the summer crowds and find a sense of calm in my own space you know?

Here are the things that have made this week a good one...

:: The skies this week have been so pretty! The picture at the top is one I took from my spot in the garden earlier today, as was the one above actually! I could lay back and watch the sky for hours, especially at night time :-)

:: On Friday I got to have a little Face Time chat with one of my faves, Peta! We officially titled it our 'Cat Mum-trepreneur' meeting (or words to that effect!) and had planned to chat about what we are up to business/blog wise, but actually ended up talking about the most random subjects including: why it is that we need to have just one leg out of bed to regulate our temperatures at night / various things to do with cats (obviously!) / the many topics we could talk about if we were to start a podcast, which we totally should and quite a few random things that I probably shouldn't mention for fear of the repercussions! I did have to apologise to her post-chat for waffling on and not talking about what we had set intentions towards, but I don't get to talk to too many humans!

:: I listened to a two-part podcast this week which made me cry in the first ten minutes. It was recommended by...erm, Peta (we message a lot on Instagram recommending various things to one another most weeks!). The podcast was 'From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl' and the episode was 'The Inner Critic'. It kind of speaks for its self but it was basically the hosts yoga-teacher-training class all sat around together discussing what their inner critic tells them (i.e. all the shitty things we say to ourselves) and then what the voice of their 'inner best friend' says to them. I would highly recommend it if you fancy feeling like part of a huge tribe of women who just need to show themselves a little more love!

:: This little bear has been all sorts of cute this week. She fell asleep in my arms like a baby one evening, busy snoring away, her little paws running after something in her dreams. I love her to bits, I really do.

:: After a while of pondering whether I should do the whole 'Body Stories' project or not (if you have no idea what I am waffling on about click right here and all shall become clear) I decided that I would go for it with all my might, so I created a page to guide people through the idea and started to message and email people who may be able to get the word out. I am hoping with all my might that it will gain some traction as I really think this little e-book of mine, containing your beautiful stories, could help so many human beans! Please check out my saved Instagram Stories, 'Body Stories' section, to grab some screen shots that you can share with your follows; just tag me in so they head my way!

:: It was Joes birthday this week, so yesterday I cooked him his favourite dinner, a roast chicken, with the works! I do like a good old roast dinner I must confess, it was definitely not a hardship to eat it!

:: Hands up if you have been watching 'Stath Lets Flats' on Channel Four? I know this programme won't be to everyones taste, but it certainly makes me die laughing; I honestly cannot stop watching it. The whole concept, for those who haven't seen it, is a family run letting agents (I'm sure you worked out the lettings part!) and Stath, who is the son of the owner, is basically useless, but you cannot help but adore him (and his sister too!). It is just so funny, please do check it out (and give it a moment before you judge it because the characters are so cute!). I'm praying for a second series!

:: Yesterday I actually took some time to sort out my gym playlist on my iPod; I have got so bored of it and keep meaning to sort it out. I deleted a load of tracks, threw some new ones on there and added a couple of older songs that I haven't had on there in a while. I know tomorrows workout will be all the better for it! I highly recommend it if you are feeling a little bit demotivated!

:: I am super chuffed to have had a little mention on two wedding magazine IG stories this week; You and Your Wedding and Wed Magazine! I sent out some media packs of my Fern collection and they kindly popped a picture up! PS: I have some really good offers all through August, so head to Leaf Lane Studio to check them out! (They include 50% off my wedding stationery sample packs!).

That is all for this week; I will be back on Wednesday with another post! Wednesday is also International Cat Day apparently... you're welcome!



  1. Well done on being mentioned in those magazine my love, all of your hard work and beautiful talent is paying off!! I adore your friendship bracelets in the photo above and I hope Joe had a lovely birthday. I must check out that tv series on channel 4, it sounds like one I'd love!
    Sending ever so much love your way,
    Peta xx

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful support always xx Those little bracelets are super special to us, aren't they cute! xxx


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