8 July 2018


Happy Sunday once again! How are you doing? Hasn't it been a gorgeous weekend (so far!). Yesterday was so lovely and warm AND we won the football too (mini victory dance!). Have you been keeping up with the World Cup? In all honesty, I am a total fair-weather footy fan, only really tuning in when there are big games on, but it is lovely how smiley everyone gets when there is an upcoming match. I think we need the win to be honest, the UK is happier for it!

Talking about happier things, let's get into this weeks weekly gratitude!

:: If you saw Wednesday's blog post, then you will know we were in Lynmouth, Devon, with friends from Sunday to Tuesday, but I want reiterate my gratitude for them having us stay at their gorgeous bed and breakfast and also the amazing ice cream/cake/fish and chips I may or may not have eaten! Yum!

:: I made my first order for art prints via an online supplier (Awesome Merchandise) this week, getting some of my 'light-bulb' pictures printed up on high quality, recycled card (A5). I am pleased with how they turned out and will definitely order more things from them; if you want a print you need to get yours fast (click here) as I only have a few in stock!

:: I also completed another little art work this week, a commission piece based around the World Oceans Day painting I did recently (which is still available as a download/print at home piece here). The commission was for a little girl who loves all things ocean creature related and I painted some of her favourite things, I hope she likes it! If you want to chat about commissions just pop an email to hello@leaflanestudio.com (business email!).

^^ Commission piece! ^^

:: A huge highlight of my week was finally getting to chat face to face (well, over Face Time) with one of my favourite Insta buddies, Peta (from the blog pe-ta.com - you guys know her by now, I mention her basically every single week!). Last summer time we decided to have little afternoon message chats to spur each other on; I was about to launch Leaf Lane Studio and Peta was getting on with some blogging projects I, so this year we have ramped it up a notch and gone for actual talking! She is based in Spain, so it isn't like a cafe 'date' is possible; but it was wonderful to chat in real time and we had such a giggle too. It was needed as working on your own thing can be super isolating and you can get so lost in your own head that you can almost forget what it feels like to talk to other humans!

:: I mentioned in last weeks post that a fab lady had offered to send me Mel Wells' 'The Goddess Revolution' through, since she had finished reading it. Well, it was waiting on the doormat when we returned from Devon and I have started it already (yes, I am now reading three books!). I love it so much; it is broken down into very short, punchy mini-chapters and is very easy to read. I will aim to tell you guys more when I have completed it. 

:: As I am always waffling on about the birds in the garden I thought I would share this nugget of information with you; over the past couple of weeks there have been three baby magpies in the garden, being fed by their mum/dad and two of them look like little penguins! After a bit of research we discovered that the two feathery cuties have something called leucism, a condition where there can be partial loss of pigmentation, resulting in them being mostly white (I grabbed the image above from Google as I just can't get a good one of our two babies, they are way too energetic!). From a distance though they really look like teeny penguins!

:: As a celebration of all things British (because of the football win innit'!) we decided to cook a roast last night which, as it is something we never do, I am very grateful for, can't beat a Yorkshire pudding can you!

:: Whilst cooking a batch of healthy turkey curry this week, I blasted Bob Marley loud and danced around the kitchen like a loony; thank God no one was about to witness it, but it made me super happy so it's fine! Anyone else do the loud music and dancing about thing? It is so good for the mental health!

That ends this weeks fun, I am off to the garden to recharge my brain and read a book! Have a wonderful week everyone, see you on Wednesday!


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