29 July 2018


^^ Doesn't Mousehole look pretty! ^^

Wow, what a week! It's been a busy old seven days since I last did a gratitude list and I am happy to say that, mostly, it has been a truly wonderful week. I did some more work in Penzance this week for the printers, and really enjoyed parking up in the sunshine and walking along the narrow streets into town; well, I didn't enjoy being stared at by a random elderly man whilst I parked the car along his road on Friday, but other than that it was okay! I don't think he trusted that I wouldn't just drive into his car or something, but hey, a girl has to park and this girl can park without crashing!

Onto this weeks little list of gratitude, yummy food and other rambles...

:: We definitely haven't had the hottest weather in the U.K this week, I think we have been about ten degrees lower in Cornwall than you poor melting lot a little further 'oop country, but that doesn't mean I wasn't grateful when the rain appeared on Friday night. I like a little rain for a few reasons a) it clears up the humidity b) it smells amazing c) it sounds wonderful when you are all wrapped up in bed, and d) (probably the most 'old lady' reason) it's good for the garden isn't it! That said though, I am not ready for the sun to go at all, so a little rain only here and there please!

:: Yesterday we popped into Mousehole for a wander; we had been in Penzance very early in the morning to run a few errands, so it seemed to make perfect sense to nip around the coast a little further to this pretty place. It is so busy everywhere right now, as you can imagine, but it was lovely to have a walk about. We stopped at the cafe right on the harbour side, '2 Fore Street', which we had always thought looked nice but never been in to. We had tea and shared a slice of their freshly made chocolate cake which was, hands down, the best chocolate cake I have ever had (sorry mum!). It had melted milk chocolate on the top and a white chocolate/vanilla buttercream icing on the inside and was delicious! I don't think I said one word the whole time we ate... other than 'why are we sharing this' - i.e. why can't I have my own massive slice!

:: I spent some time sat up in the spare bedroom, otherwise known as 'my art room' this week, slowly wrapping up samples of my new Fern wedding stationery collection, ready to go off to the magazines who I usually send to. It officially launches tomorrow, and there will be some really fab offers to go with it, so make sure you are following my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram account for all the juicy details!

:: These days I rarely treat myself to anything new, but I was in desperate need of another short sleeved top for the heat (!) and I have really wanted to get myself a little rucksack too; I have one I take to the gym, but wanted something less sporty and more... sleek and pretty for when I am working in town and need to carry a few bits. My bad back/shoulders/collar bone issues (shoot me now!) mean that I struggle carrying something on one shoulder, so a backpack is more comfortable and generally practical! I had a 20% Newlook voucher so decided to treat myself! I ended up getting this top, which looks sweet with my high-waisted shorts and jeans, and a bag similar to this one (mine isn't on the website for some reason!) and I am so pleased with them (yep, nice and summery black!).

:: This week I have been listening to Mel Wells 'Goddess Vibes' playlist on Spotify and finding it really uplifting! Peta mentioned it to me, so of course I was straight over there to listen as Mel Wells is one of my all time favourite humans right now!

:: Going outside to drink tea at any time of the day is always a great thing but this week, the smell of the sea has been really making its way over to our garden and, as soon as I get a little whiff of it I get filled with nostalgia; it's just 'one of those' smells isn't it! It seems to lift my spirit every single time.

:: We've been living in the cottage for about a year and a half now and, whilst we have most of the place as we want it (as far as we can considering we rent it anyway), there are still a few odds and ends I would like to sort out. We are making it our mission to tie up a few loose ends and this week we finally sorted out something that has been bugging me for a while! It isn't a big deal at all, but I had absolutely no where to store my make up and brushes, so they were kind of all over the bedroom which really annoys me because they gather dust, get in the way and generally look pretty messy. So, last night, poor old Joe was dragged off to the shop down the road whilst I tried to find something to sort out the mess! We left with a set of two cute wooden boxes and a little mason jar for my brushes to live in and now, with everything washed and tidied away, our room looks a little better and I am a happy bunny! It's the small things that make a difference sometimes isn't it! Mission two: more plants!

:: I sent out my second letter to my subscribers this week; this week it was all about what I am trying to accept in my life. I want to make the content of these emails about things I am currently dealing with or thinking about and really start a conversation between me and you guys that is more in-depth and meaningful, so please make sure you click here and subscribe to the letters if you haven't already (check your junk box if you think you haven't heard from me as some providers file it there right away!).

Thank you for stopping by this week, I hope you are having a wonderful day... leave me a comment below and tell me what the best part of the past week has been for you. See you next week!


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