22 July 2018


That's it, it's officially summer time now that the schools have broken up (er, anyone care to mention where 2018 is disappearing too?!). Cornwall has suddenly got a whole lot busier and I will return to the routine of only going out early in the morning or late at night until September, unless I have to of course! I did venture out this week as I worked for a few hours in Penzance and, as I drove the ten minute drive home (in 25 minutes!) I realised that I need to learn to fly a helicopter or something (me, a drama queen? Shh!). It's honestly not that I am totally antisocial, but I struggle with severe anxiety in crowds and just find myself getting wound up inside, that is why I become a hermit for eight weeks in the summer!

Enough about my strangeness, let's get into the weekly gratitude/general life happenings shall we?

:: On Thursday I had been working in the printers for a few hours and, as I was walking back to my car I got some slightly blurry pictures from Joe of a visitor in our garden. As I looked through them, trying to work out what it was whilst I walked up a huge hill, juggling phone/water/keys etc, I came to the conclusion that our visitor was a ferret. On the way home from Penzance, I had mentally moved the poor, homeless ferret into the house, introduced it to Gizmo and bought it one of those harness leads you can get. I had thought of a few names too and made a mental note to Google 'what ferrets eat / where ferrets sleep' when I got home. My dreams were smashed to pieces upon arriving home and being informed it was a stoat. Apparently they are little sods too (as are ferrets according to the Jedi master that is my mother), so that was that, no brother or sister for Gizmo! As you will see from the slightly dodgy photos, the magpies were not impressed, although I thought the pose it was performing to assert its authority was mighty impressive!

:: After weeks of looking like a disheveled mess I managed to gather up enough funds to book a hair cut (#newbusinesslife!) and as I sat in the chair, having my scalp massaged and smelling all the gorgeous smells that come from a hairdressers visit, I imagined being able to have my hair cut regularly and maybe even a massage too; I'm adding that in to my manifestation routine! It is so nice to just sit and have a treat though, it felt very luxurious!

:: Yesterday I felt a bit... 'meh' about the day after plans to walk in the sunshine got ruined by the mother of all downpours, so I set to work doing the thing I do best, cleaning in the style of Monica from Friends. Sometimes I feel a little lost creatively and need to cleanse my environment! I had a move about in my art space upstairs and felt a little spark of new inspiration ignite as I dusted, tidied and hoovered. Cleaning is like therapy!

:: I finally managed to get myself enough time (and the right light) to take all the product photos for my Leaf Lane Studio wedding stationery collection, 'Fern'. I am so happy with how the pictures turned out and am excited to get it launched next week, so make sure you stay tuned to the website for that!

:: This week I experimented with a recipe (unheard of for me!) and created a version of shepherds pie that was surely the ultimate definition of health (!). I swapped the mince beef for turkey mince, chucked in a hell of a lot of veg (onions, carrots, tomatoes, courgette, broccoli) and popped a little sweet potato and swede mash on top with cauliflower. I felt all kinds of Jamie Oliver! I really love cooking but I am not one for going too off-piste, usually due to lack of brain cell function by dinner time! It was rather yummy though, which is just as well because I made enough to last about three days!

:: Sunday's just wouldn't be complete without a morning stroll on the beach before the herds of holiday makers appear. I really enjoy the peace and quiet of an early walk, it is wonderful and this morning was so still and calm, just silent little waves lapping in, perfect.

That is it for this week; please please please get in touch with me about a body story if you would like to share one, I have popped a little box on the right hand side of the blog (underneath my mailing list icon) so that people can read through the previous posts. I really need your help with this project and, whilst I am trying to get it advertised in much bigger places, it relies on you lovelies to help share your story. Please don't forget that I am not doing this for any financial gain; once complete the stories will be available for free, that is the whole point for me. It is important that people can access these beautiful tales and draw strength and inspiration from them, completely free. Please share as much about this as you can, I need your help to make this happen. If you want to be anonymous that is fine, if you don't I am happy to share websites/social handles so people can find you on-line too.

Lots of love, as always xx


  1. I am EXACTLY The same in Summer, either early mornings or late evenings, I just can't deal with crowds of people or traffic!! I really wish it was Freddie the Ferret that came to visit!! A love weekly gratitude again Lucy, you will my heart with joy every Sunday. Sending lots of love your way.
    Peta & The Bears xx

    1. I wish it was Freddie the Ferret too :-( He came into the garden when I was having a cuddle with Giz on Saturday, she lept from my arms and sprinted towards him (we've named him Reg, cause he looks cheeky!). He is actually quite cute!! You should also Google 'baby stoats' - your heart will melt!!!xxx Lots of love as always xxx

  2. Not strange at all! I get overwhelmed in crowds after a while, it's the introvert in me, there's just too much going on!

    Lovely leaf lane photos too, m'love! xxx

    1. I don't even think it's crowds for me now... I see a group of about five people and i'm like 'it's PACKED, I'm leaving!!' :-S
      Hope you are all good honey, have a lovely week xxx


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