15 July 2018


^^ A beautiful view back to our village from the beach early yesterday morning ^^

Welcome to another weekly gratitude post! I confess that this week I have been super busy and not really had time for a lot of other things aside from Leaf Lane Studio work and getting the house sorted for a visit from mum and dad, so I may have to cut this one a little shorter than normal!

Lets get stuck in shall we?

:: After reading Mel Wells' 'The Goddess Revolution' I have started to think more about the type of food my body is actually craving, rather than just eating for the sake of eating and, with it being summer, I have been trying to think about things that are light to eat but also tasty and interesting and, although I love salads, I am a bit rubbish at putting them together and really lack creativity in that department too. Enter Peta and her latest free resource, The Un-boring Salad Guide (click through to get yours); this lovely human is such an inspiration to me and this lovely little guide really resonated with me. Aside from the traditional green leaves we throw in a salad Peta includes a couple of handy lists of things you can batch prepare and keep in your fridge to add into your salad bowl (along with the leaves!). Please do check it out and follow her on Insta too, as she shares so much goodness on her stories as well. There are good things in the future for our Peta let me tell you!

:: Speaking of Mel Wells, I caved and ordered her second book, which got released on 10th July, 'Hungry for More', and I really cannot wait to get started on it. I have two more books to read first though and then I am diving right on in. If you are thinking about reading something to help you with self-love/image, please read The Goddess Revolution, it is something that is so easy to read and will help you, I promise. (Also, please read my blog post and consider sharing your body story with me for a huge project I am doing... I will love you forever and ever!).

:: I have been working on a simple, yet very colourful, August spread in my Bullet Journal. I haven't had the time to create the more detailed spread I did in April but I will try and do something a bit more interesting as Autumn approaches. I went for a bright yellow theme and the colour therapy associated with yellow seems to be doing the trick on my brain as whenever I open my journal and see a flash of yellow I feel happy immediately!

:: In a desperate attempt to brighten up my slightly dulling highlights I treated myself to a little tube of the John Frieda Sheer Blonde, Brilliantly Brighter shampoo, and it seems to be doing the trick! It really moisturises too, which feels lovely, and I really notice a difference, albeit subtle, after I use it. Just thought I would mention it!

:: You may remember reading Tabitha's body story here a couple of weeks back; she has a lovely blog called The North Left and invited me to write a post for her too, so I decided to write about managing mental health whilst running a business. As usual I picked a subject that allows me to be totally open and honest with you guys and with her readers too; if it resonates then please do leave a comment or send me a message on InstagramI would love you to read it (just click right here!). Thank you Tabitha, for allowing me to write for you too!

^^ This little bear has basically become a garden cat since the temperature warmed up, she only comes in to eat and then disappears into a cooler area to sleep! ^^

:: This week I happened to try a salted caramel Magnum and it was scrumptious. That's all I have to say about that!

:: Yesterday morning, before the beach hit full sun-bather capacity, we strolled on down for an early walk, to get some fresh, salty air and feel the breeze against our skin. It was already beginning to get busy, but we walked to the very end, where the rock-pools are and hunted for some sea-life! I managed to spot a crab and a star fish, so I came away a happy camper! Isn't nature wonderful?

:: Have any of you guys seen the film 'Annihilation' on Netflix? We watched it this morning and it was pretty insane. I am not a film person as such but I like anything slightly strange and out there, this was definitely that! It had one of those endings where you thought...'WHAT?!!!', go check it out!

Let me know in the comments if you watch Annihilation and what you make of the ending, who is real and who isn't! What was it all about?! I will be back on Wednesday with a post but in the mean time I would love you to come and say 'hi' over on Instagram! Have a wonderful week ahead lovelies xx


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  1. Oh Lucy!!! You are every kind of wonderful you wonderful human being you! Thank you for the mentio, I'm so happy that you found the salad guide useful. I love your August bullet journal spread and I'm definitely going to check out that film!!
    Sending ever so much love and many many many cat cuddles your way,
    Peta xx


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