1 July 2018


^^ A very beautiful Godrevy beach ^^

Happy weekend once again my loves! How are you? Have you been enjoying the weather this week?

I must confess that, for several days in a row, I worked outside for half and hour (ish) just to try and get some sun on my skin. I am not much of a sun worshiper, as I get far too fidgety, but I can appreciate half an hour in the sun whilst I sketch away (and pray a seagull doesn't deposit a 'present' on my head!). 

Before I get into today's post I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you guys for sending me so many lovely messages/comments about Wednesdays video that I posted. It was one of those videos that I totally hadn't intended to make, but it just sort of happened and I was quite happy with how it turned out overall. If you missed Wednesdays post just click right here.

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^^ The wild sweetpeas are out in force, aren't they gorgeous! ^^

Okay, let's get stuck in to this weeks gratitude/life list!

:: It has been super duper hot this week (although I think we had it a bit more bearable in Cornwall compared to the big smoke of London!) and I am feeling so grateful to be living in a stone walled cottage! On Thursday, one of our hottest days this week, I just sat in my little art room, window wide open, breeze coming in, and felt nice and cool and comfortable. In the winter it is freezing cold though, so there is not a smug attitude going on here I promise!

:: I received a little parcel in the post this week that I am seriously grateful for! My favourite BB cream has been discontinued and my mum managed to find one in Tescos of all places, which she donated to my cause (and poor tired face!). It fell through the door and was very happily received! It is always the way that I find something I love and it immediately gets discontinued! Thanks mum for saving my skin (literally).

:: This week I popped two new tabs onto my blog, you may have spotted them, one is 'Books' and the other is 'Podcasts'; after chatting to the lovely Peta (pe-ta.com) and deciding we should exchange Amazon wish lists to compare books we want to read, we have both put up our list of books on our blogs (find hers here). Don't you love seeing what other people are reading? I adore books and struggle to go into a book shop without scooping up an armful I wish I could buy! Thank heavens for the Amazon wish list or I would instantly forget what I had seen (how would Santa know which book to get!).

 ^^ I'm so happy to see the Agapanthas appearing again after such a harsh winter ^^

:: Last weekend, through to Monday of this week, we had two lovely visitors staying with us and, whilst they were off doing their own thing for their stay, it was lovely to sit and enjoy a meal together and catch up with life! They also introduced us to Poldark. Obviously we have heard of it, you can't possibly avoid the many Poldark themed souvenirs when you live in Cornwall, but it isn't a programme I had watched before, so we threw on Netflix and got stuck in. Needless to say we are hooked! 

:: On the subject of books; a very lovely lady who I chat to on Instagram got in touch this week and very kindly offered me her copy of 'The Godess Revolution' by Mel Wells, which is on my new 'Books' tab actually! How sweet is that? I couldn't be more grateful because I have wanted to read that book for a long, long time now. It is the kindest gesture to hand over a book in my opinion, I think it is so thoughtful to part with something because you know someone else will like it.

:: It is now July (what!) and this new month brings with it a new Bullet Journal! This is my third one now and I still love it! That is unheard of for me really as I usually get bored with planners, but this system just works for me. I honestly enjoy looking back at the journals to see what was going on and to read my short diary entries/gratitude lists etc; they are a keepsake and I love that, you really can't beat paper and pen!

^^ These beauties are Artichoke Thistles and they are huge, they must be over ten feet now! ^^

:: About four years ago now, I had an operation to fix a rather painful issue with my collarbone; it was really lumpy and growing extra bone, which was pressing on all the muscles/tendons/nerves (I think that is right!) in that area. It was a nasty and painful thing and the surgeon hadn't seen anything quite like it before (unless someone had experienced a trauma in that area of course). Well, unfortunately for me that injury seems to be on its way back, well it has been for a while but has really kicked in now. I finally bit the bullet and dragged myself back to the doctors to start the ball rolling for getting 'Lucy's strange collarbone II' sorted out. I have now had an x-ray (so grateful that the doctor got right on that!) and am awaiting the results now... poor old clavicle and neck (so sore!). I'll tell you what though peeps, I am not stopping my training, I shall just have to learn to 'take it easy' in that area until it sorts itself out. Fingers crossed for me.

:: Instagram is one of my favourite places to chat and, this week, I have loved some of the chats I have been having with you guys. Working for yourself can be a lonely place sometimes, so when I see a little message pop up it makes me smile from ear to ear.

That is all for this week guys! I am heading away until Tuesday, so may be a little quiet on social media but I will try and post when I can because where I am heading is super pretty! Have a wonderful week and I will see you back here on Wednesday!



  1. Oh what a lovely weekly gratitude post Lucy, your photos are beautiful. I must must must watch Poldark, I haven't seen it yet either but have heard amazing things. Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way.
    Peta & The Bears xx

    1. Thank you sweetie, I highly recommend Poldark! It is lovely to see Cornwall if nothing else!! :-) Lots of love to you and the fur babies!xx


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