31 July 2018


^^ I love sweetpea's so much, don't you? / Super cosy jumper from Celtic & Co (gorgeous Cornish brand) ^^

I am a huge day-dreamer. I lay in bed at night and imagine how I want things to be; business / blog opportunities, home environment, health, you name it; I think it's human nature that we allow ourselves to get swept up in a dream about how we want our lives to look isn't it? That is certainly how my brain works 99% of the time (definitely a piscean trait too!). As I have got older, my day-dreams are no longer about flashy cars I want to own and more about how I want to feel inside my skin, inside my life. Do I picture possessions? Yes, I do, but they are about feelings, not about status; you will find me dreaming about a new mug I saw in some random shop or some super cosy socks more than a designer handbag; in all honesty, I have never wanted one!

Before we moved to Cornwall in February 2017, I had spent years building up the life I dreamed of in my head; the house by the sea, how I would spend my mornings working out, then mindfully getting ready for the day ahead. I hoped (and hoped) to be in a position where I was the boss, that I could be the one calling the shots and I imagined how that would look and feel for me in so many different ways. I imagined being surrounded by space, a pretty cottage garden, maybe even a view to die for. I thought about Joe, Gizmo and I enjoying summer mornings outside, reading, sipping tea (not Gizmo obviously!) and peacefully spending time together. I wished for big, open skies that would show me all the stars on a clear night and maybe even a glimpse of the milky-way too.

When I started working with a coach (you all remember Gemma right, I may have mentioned her once or twice!), exploring my business dreams, I started using Pinterest to store away little thoughts about what I wanted life to feel like. Here are some of those snippets from my mind from back then...

^^ Images linked from top left: camper van print / desk / tattoo / shells / ripped jeans / flowers / 'sea & tea' / window-seat ^^

It really was all about the cosy, slower-paced life; I wanted a life that I was fully in control of, rather than one I felt was controlled purely by other people or how I thought I was 'meant' to be living my life. That little mood board of mine was a glimpse into my future, a look into the woman I wanted to be, tattoos included (sorry mum!). Little did I know that by dreaming, saving the images and journaling about it (constantly) that I would actually manifest the majority of what I had longed for.

Clearly it wasn't that simple, it is a work in progress, but you have to believe you can do it or you will never take the chances when they arise. Once the process of our move started I set myself some intentions and stuck to them as best I could: I made time in the mornings to practice self care, which for me looks like a training session or a walk, a nice shower and maybe some oracle cards and/or journaling. I set myself my business launch goal and worked towards that date with all my might. Joe and I made sure that we were stepping outside every single lunch time (we still do) to get some fresh air and drink a cup of tea. There are so many others but I won't bore you with them all.

Crafting the life you want to live really is about listening to who you really are, hearing your souls call in the midst of the craziness of the world we live in. It isn't easy, but when you start to tune it to you then the path becomes lit and intuition allows you to follow it. We are told that good things come to those who wait but I believe that there is no need to wait at all, we should replace the word 'wait' with the words 'get intentional'!

What can you do to set some intentions then? Start by writing. I swear by the 'perfect day' exercise that Gemma got me to do; sit and journal your perfect day, no matter what it is or how far fetched it seems and then see if you can break it down into some achievable goals. If the big picture of life is 'all good' for you then maybe just vow to set some intentions around your every day routine.

For some accountability here are some of the things I am working on right now...

:: My biggest thing right now is eating with intention. I will write more detail on that soon because it is quite entwined into my mental health, but this is quite a major step for me. I have vowed to step back from weighing myself and have decided that, for my own sanity, I need to re-think how I go about the food side of things.

:: Collaboration is a huge one for me, both with this space and Leaf Lane Studio too. When we moved here I wanted to work with local businesses and share them with my readers; this has become even more of a priority since I now run a small business and know how important it is to spread the word! It was actually a beautiful company, Celtic & Co, based in Cornwall, who kindly gifted me the gorgeous jumper I am wearing in my photos (I swear I will never take it off, it is the most luxurious piece of clothing I have ever owned!). You guys should check out their website because their pieces are truly wonderful and very (very) high quality.

:: Self-care is another huge thing for me at the moment; I guess this and the eating mindfully thing go hand in hand but for me, self-care looks like this: taking more naps when I need them (especially when my mental health is faltering), having a warm bath and listening to a podcast that lifts my soul, reading a book and turning off all distractions whilst I do or using a guided meditation to relax (I often fall asleep during them but I figure that is okay too!). What is self-care for you?

:: My last 'big thing' for the list is that I am setting intentions around organisation. I am most certainly not unorganised, but now that I work for myself and everything is 'on me', I am trying to ensure that I don't leave myself open to overwhelm, which can be easily done, particularly when you are working on many things at once (building a business, trying to reach out to collaborate with others on the blog and side projects, like my Body Stories e-book). I am trying to set specific days to work on certain things so that nothing gets left behind, but that is still a work in progress!

The big point I am making here is really that life can be so much more if you set your intentions for the day/week/month/year ahead; you become a lot more aware of what you are achieving and how you work as an individual too. It may take some time to get to know what process works best for you, but believe me, even starting with a little private Pinterest board of things you would like to manifest into your life can start to move you into a more positive mindset. Most of all it has to come from your soul, you have to come at your intentions with passion and enthusiasm to see some real steps forward.

Let me know what you think and what intentions you are going to set!

Thank you so much to Celtic & Co, who reached out to me to collaborate, I absolutely love working with local brands and/or small businesses so a huge thank you to them for gifting me the most amazing jumper ever! Please do check them out if you are looking to treat yourself or someone special, they do so many wonderful pieces. Some of my favourites are their: fine knit merino crew-neck (the one I'm wearing is 'navy gradient) / slouchy roll-neck / cosy slippers and this adorable little boot key-ring!


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  1. Lucy I adore this post with all my heart and being, so beautifully written. As you know, I'm so so so for setting intentions and dreaming of our future life.
    Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
    Peta xx


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