25 July 2018


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I've been wanting to write a little post about female friendships for a long time, but haven't been too sure where to begin; they have been notoriously tricky for me, in my adult life anyway. That isn't to say that I haven't had successful friendships, that is not it at all, but I guess what I am saying here is that, as I have got older, I have found 'my tribe' and I bloody love those girls (don't tell them how much!). 

What the most amusing thing about the lovely ladies in question is that I actually haven't met them, apart from one, my lobster Helena (Friends fans reading this... you get it!), and she and I met through my blog. My lobby is like my sister; when we first started messaging each other, on the back of a blog post I wrote, we realised we had more and more in common and that our lives had, somewhat spookily, run in parallel to one another. Our first meeting was at a pub for dome yummy food, and I was so bloomin' nervous, I felt like I was on a first date! Now Helena and her husband Rich have moved to Devon (checkout out their beautiful bed and breakfast in Lynmouth), so she is further away than ever, but her friendship means the world to me (wherever she is); despite all the things she may be dealing with, and the poor little chicken has been through a lot, she is always there and always supports my ventures and encourages me when I am having a blip!

What I adore about my current small group of pals is that we all just 'get' each other, but it's more than that, it's about being proud of one another and supporting the other one through everything. Take yesterday as an example, the  wonderful soul that is Peta, is busy working away on a new project (actually it isn't new to her as she has been working on it for a while, but it will be a new offering to you guys!). Yesterday we were messaging each other about a few bits and bobs, including her new venture and she trusted me to look over a web-page she is designing for it (I will do a whole post on it soon, as it is bloody fantastic). When I had finished reading it I couldn't stop smiling... I had a happy tear too; I was bursting with pride for what she is doing and the person she is and I just stopped and thought to myself 'this is what friendship is about', it is about support, love, kindness, pride and all the things that come with watching your buddy grow and develop their dreams. It's not about envy, jealousy or trying to say things to knock them back; that isn't friendship at all. As an added extra to my conversation with Peta yesterday, I can also confirm that friendship is also about discussing whether or not you should throw away all your current plans to be a female wrestler! 

When we have been to stay with Helena (and Rich) at the B & B, I watch her with her customers or frantically running about doing all the things she needs to do, and I just look at her and think 'I love you girly, look at you go!'. Feeling proud of your friends is such a wonderful thing and feeling that they are proud back is so good too!

Another soul I adore is the beautiful Gemma; who started as my coach and is now a wonderful friend too, the poor girl cannot get rid of me. Again, we have never met, but she has done so much for me and I will never be able to thank her enough. She is one of those special people who just make everything in the world feel good, just like those ladies mentioned above. Chatting to Gemma is always something I look forward to doing, although I am not certain she needs to hear more of my strange stories (there is always something!).

I have other lovely ladies I am friends with too and I am certainly equally as proud of them and grateful for their friendships in 'real life' or on message apps/email (one of those on-line friendships will soon be real life, as we are overdue our 'cake date', yep... that is a real thing!). 

At the grand old age of 37 I feel like I have finally managed to look around me and realise that all my friendships feel equal; that is something that certainly hasn't been a thing until recently I think. Maybe it is also the fact that I am finally creating the life I have always wanted and learning so much  more about who I am and simply not giving myself away to things that drain me; that has been such an important lesson. True friendships should fill you with light and joy and feel like support in good and bad times and, if you find your tribe, for goodness sake, love 'em hard!


  1. Oh gosh Lucy, this made me cry happy tears!! You are one in a million and I love you dearly. Thank you so much for all that you do, your support, love and kindness. Thank you for being such an inspiring being, you have no idea how much you motivate others and bring joy, love and sparkly goodness right through the screen!!
    Sending all the love your way and alllll the cat cuddles too!
    Peta xx

    1. Right back at you honey! You are the best and so bloody wonderful xx

  2. Oh this post made me cry! I ALWAYS need your stories and I love our chats so much. Love you lady xxxx

    1. Oh never fear, I will always have stories (the strangest crap always happens to me!). Lots of love xxx


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