11 July 2018


This post is a call for your help my love. 

A call for your help to help others; women, men and young people (anyone and everyone).

You see, I have a bit of a plan and I can't do it on my own, so I really need you.

When I was at school I was bullied constantly for being fat, ugly, spotty, wearing glasses... you name it! I am not the first to have been through the mill with all this but it is something that still affects me today, even at 37 years old. I still think about the day that a particular girl walked past me in the corridor and put her hand on my head, slamming it against the wall and saying 'you are so fat and ugly' and continued walking on with her friends laughing at me. I still remember someone jabbing their finger in my stomach and saying 'wow, handfuls of fat there' and walking off laughing. I still remember being told I shouldn't 'be out the house' because I'm too ugly and so, here I am now, with an idea to try and help people figure out that the way they are is okay actually. That we are who we are at each and every stage of our lives and it is okay. That we are all beautiful, unique human beings, capable of anything we set our minds to and we are all connected within our universe, connected to nature and 'all that is' and we need to be kinder to one another and ourselves.

So, as you know, I have been working with other amazing bloggers to put up some stories about our bodies and how we have felt about them in our lives and how we feel now. I kicked off the series with my story (or one part of it because I could write a book quite honestly!), then it was the turn of the angel that is Peta (read hers here). Peta's story made me cry big old tears, because I needed to read what she wrote, I needed to be reminded that my body has got me through a lot and is with me for life and Peta opened up that door for me. Next up it was the beautiful Tabitha (read her post here) and this  lovely lady wrote so honestly about her relationship with her body that I felt it all with her, and she inspired me so much with her story.

The power of stories is huge, really, really huge, and I truly believe that, telling our stories in the way these girls did will help so many people, so.... this is my idea...

I want to spend some time pulling stories together, collecting beautiful words from beautiful people; women AND men, bloggers and non-bloggers (!), anyone who is willing to share a story with a happy ending (or an ending that is still developing but is opening you up to new, more positive experiences and relationships with yourself). I honestly don't mind if you remain anonymous, if you want to change names or not send an image, I just need stories. 

What I want to create is a free downloadable resource that can be easily accessed by anyone who wants/needs it; something approachable, relatable, helpful and honest (but positive and inspirational too). 

My intention is to make it available here, but also try and get it to schools too (yep, big goals). I won't bore you with all my ideas now but I just wanted to be open about this project and share thoughts with you, because I can't do it without you and your stories! You don't have to a 'good' writer, just get some words typed up, it could be a longer story or something short and punchy! As long as you are saying what is in your heart then it's fine by me!

Read the existing stories here for inspiration if you like or drop me an email for a chat on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com - I would love to hear from you!

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