18 July 2018


I have really got back into reading again; I used to be such a bookworm and I have missed losing myself in something that acts as food for the soul or escapism into another world altogether (*Harry Potter, I'm looking at you kid!). I found that I just couldn't find time for reading and, when I finally did find the time, I couldn't let my mind relax into the book as it was always racing 100 miles and hour and I would get through a chapter and not recall a thing I had read. As soon as I realised that fact I knew I had to re-train my rushing brain into slowing down enough to actually absorb some information again.

The book that I started reading at first was 'We: The Uplifting Manual for Women Seeking Happiness' (although that isn't the book I want to talk about the most here today). 'We' was a really good read, despite it sounding like something you might of seen on Bridget Jones' coffee table; I would really recommend it to anyone who feels like they need to reconnect with themselves on a deeper, spiritual level and learn how to cope with situations they struggle with. The book has journaling exercises within it and, I must admit I initially thought 'nah, I don't need to do them' but doing them actually really helped me. 

Whilst I was reading that book I realised where my biggest weaknesses are within my mind and my mental health, I already knew it was a huge issue actually, but during the time of reading 'We' I was also doing a really full on eating and exercise programme and I felt my mental health rapidly deteriorating. I felt like, mentally speaking, I had totally lost the plot with how I saw my body and food too; after years and years of dieting, weighing food at every meal, binge eating, restricting again, and repeating that cycle in a variety of ways I felt exhausted and utterly lost. Feeling it spiraling out of control (fast) felt scary and I soon realised that something had to change.

Enter the game-changing book, 'The Goddess Revolution' by Mel Wells.

I have had this book on my wish-list for a long time but I guess I just wasn't in the 'right place' (mentally) to read it, and then one of the girls I chat to on Instagram said she had read it and would send me her copy (thank you Lucy, you are an angel, you have no idea what a difference it has made), and here I am now, starting to make the positive changes I need and already starting (albeit slowly) to feel a bit brighter and less down about food and my body (let's face it, years and years of conditioning doesn't just turn off, but it is nice to feel something flickering!).

I am rubbish at book reviews, but I will try and list a few key points that I took from the book. 

:: Mels big message in the book is how we have to reprogramme our minds around food. All the years of dieting and restricting has caused such a disconnect that we no longer know what it is our body wants. We don't know when we are really hungry (rather than bored, happy, sad etc) and we don't know what our body actually wants to eat, we are not listening to it anymore.

:: One of the things that hit home for me was that life would be so much easier if we didn't see certain foods as 'bad' foods which, if you're anything like me, means you tend to want them more. Instead Mel talks about just tuning in to your body and allowing it to direct you. By seeing nothing as off-limits we have less tendency to crave it and binge on it as soon as we 'allow' ourselves to have it again.

:: Mel offers zero diet advice in the book, which is so refreshing, just encouragement for your own body and its journey. She really makes you think about what your body does each day, the things it goes through and how we mistreat it. One of the biggest things that really struck a chord for me was Mel making you compare your relationship with your body to that of an actual intimate relationship with another person. How would that relationship look? Controlling? Obsessive? Abusive? Emotionally out of control? That was a big eye-opener for me... what would you say your relationship with your body is like? (be honest here).

I really cannot do the book justice, because it is so damn good; get yourself a copy and pass it on to a friend who you think would like it. It is written as if you are having a conversation with Mel over a cuppa, and I devoured mine in just a few days, so I promise it won't take too long but it is so worth it. I plan to re-read it but I have Mels second book, 'Hungry for More' lined up and ready to go!

If you do read it please let me know what you thought of it; I swear that I have never felt so positive on the back of reading any other book aimed to help women feel better about themselves, for me, this is the one!

PS: Please, please consider my project on Body Stories too, I really need your help and want to take this further and try to help young people and other adults too, just read this post and contact me to get involved!

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