4 July 2018


^^ East Lyn House and surrounding area ^^

If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember that my bestie, Helena, and her husband Rich, recently moved to Devon and took over a beautiful bed and breakfast in Lynmouth (see this post from October for a little video too). With Helena and I well overdue a girly catch up, Joe and I took a couple of days off and drove along the beautiful Atlantic Highway from Cornwall to North Devon, to visit our favourite bed and breakfast owners! To be fair, they are the only bed and breakfast owners we know, so they win the category by default, but still, they are lovely!

This was only the second time we have been to visit them and it was nice to be able to go when the sun was shining too. If you have ever been to Lynmouth, then you will know that it feels like you are in a totally different country; you approach it down a very steep hill that winds down to the sea front and river where everything is enveloped by the canopy of trees that surround the village; the architecture is so similar to Switzerland that you could easily fool yourself that you aren't in the UK at all, it is simply magical there.

Helena and Rich's B and B, East Lyn House, is right on the river and is so pretty; they spent their off season decorating and updating the property since they took over from the previous owners over a year ago, and it looks so fresh and welcoming inside. Since we last visited they have also started selling cream teas too... never a bad thing huh?!

As we were only there on a flying visit, we spent our first afternoon and evening catching up, eating a yummy dinner and, much to Helena's dismay, playing a 'beginners' game of Dungeons and Dragons. I've never played it before as I didn't understand it and I have to say that now I have played it, I still don't understand it, but we had a laugh and that is all that matters really! There were a couple of glasses of wine involved, which added to our lack of seriousness (sorry Rich!) but that was all part of the experience!

Our only full day there was Monday, and we woke up to a gorgeously sunny day. We ate breakfast on the terrace and then took a walk to the cliff side railway, which is a quick route to Lynton, the town next to Lynmouth. Fun fact about the railway is that it is the steepest, water-powered railway in the world; at 500ft up from the base of the cliff it is quite the view I tell you!

The town of Lynton is so sweet and very pretty; we had a mooch around the little second hand book shop there before heading to the coast path for a walk around to The Valley of Rocks (I highly recommend a visit!). I have never seen a coast path quite like this one (pictured below) as it was so straight for a long time and right next to the cliff side with such a big drop but, due to the fact it was so straight and so quiet, it felt like it was just you and the ocean which was very beautiful and serene. The were some resident goats dotted about too, who were munching on the plants, staring out to sea, probably oblivious to how lucky they are to have such a view!

^^ The stunning coast path to The Valley of Rocks ^^

Obviously, having walked so far (!) we all needed a sugar boost, so we shared some homemade chocolate cake at the cafe and carried on walking, completing our circle back into Lynton. Glancing down the roads in the town there were so many beautiful front gardens, with big, bright plants and flowers everywhere; it feels like such a special place.

With the sun scorching down and, for some, hay-fever making itself known we head back onto the cliff train, down the steep hill back to Lynmouth, collecting an ice cream en route (mint choc chip and honeycomb for me, so yummy) and returned to the terrace at East Lyn House, and to Helena's sweet little dog, Wilf, who had been patiently waiting our return!

^^ Helena and little Wilf! ^^

^^ Lynmouth harbour ^^

We had such a wonderful time and are already planning to head back for a 'proper' amount of time to explore some more of Exmoor National Park and the amazing places surrounding it. Obviously I recommend you check out East Lyn House, because Helena is my best pal, however, it really is perfectly situated for everything and so welcoming, warm and pretty; Wilf will welcome you with open paws, Rich cooks a brill breakfast and Helena will be her usual lovely self whilst serving your breakfast! 

Thank you so much to Helena and Rich for having us again, it is always so lovely to spend time together in such an amazing place xx



  1. Oh Lucy, it looks like you had such a beautiful time. Your photos are lovely and you've made me desperately want to visit this gorgeous B&B now and meet Helena!
    Sending lots of love your way,
    Peta xx

    1. When you get a chance you should definitely go honey, it is so gorgeous and right up your street I'm sure; nature literally envelopes you around there, so pretty! xx


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