24 June 2018


Hello there friends! I hope you have all had a wonderful week. At the start of the week it was like winter had returned here in Cornwall; the mist set in and it was chilly enough to pull out a thick jumper again! However, Thursday decided to pick itself back up again and, as you can see by the photographs I took this weekend, the sun appeared and brought back the magic!

Before I jump on into todays gratitude list I wanted to let you know that I now have a newsletter for the blog! You can click right here to add yourself to the list or click on the new icon I have created, which you can find on the right side of the page. For signing up you will get a free printable (see below!) that I created especially for you and it will arrive in your inbox shortly after you sign up (if you have your emails with outlook or hotmail please check your junk box as it tends to slide into there for some reason only known by the computer gods!). I have big plans for a few things blog related, so I wanted to start to build an mailing list for From Lucy with Love so that I can tell all my subscribers things first, provide you with exclusive content and just hop into your inbox and have a chat sometimes! I would love it if you signed up!

Okay, let's get going with today's list shall we?

:: This week I noticed that the all round fabulous (and bloomin' hysterical) Michelle, from the blog Life Outside London, popped up a post about the benefits of yoga and, as well as being really interesting to read it made me almost spit my tea over my keyboard as I caught up with it. I bloody love Michelle, she cracks me up and is so talented at this writing game! I am trying to get more yoga into my week and, all inspired by Michelle and her rather amazingly toned yoga-bod (let alone her impressive headstands all over Instagram) I attempted a 40 minute yoga video this week (my abs still hurt). I haven't attempted a headstand yet as I am worried my entire body may just concertina in on itself, but maybe someday! (?)

:: This week we had the most bird-action ever in our garden, seriously, it was like Heathrow airport out there with all the comings and goings. The local magpie family have had babies and brought them into the garden; I have never seen baby magpies before but they were super sweet and mostly fluffy, white feathers, with black just coming through. The starlings were causing all kinds of havoc, pecking away at the feeders and bullying all the little birds away from the food, whilst the dozy pigeons watched it all unfold. Endless entertainment!

:: I recently created a new printable piece of art for Leaf Lane Studio and I have been blown away with the nice messages and comments from you guys about it! This (^^) little botanical fantasy world started life as a doodle in my Bullet Journal and I just wanted to try and make it into something! I worked on it on Photoshop for a while and am actually pretty happy with it! You can get it in my shop and print it at home (for just £2) OR you can hang on in there for another week or so and order and A5 professionally printed version, which I ordered yesterday. I only ordered 10 copies, just to see if it sells but I will be able to order more soon if you guys like it. Fun fact about this piece of work is that, within the picture, right at the bottom right next to the house, is a little lamp, the lamp has a bulb in it, which is the whole picture again... a world within a world (within a world).

:: Coastal walks are always something to be grateful for, no matter the time of year, but yesterday we went for a walk at Godrevy, with friends who are staying at the moment and, although it was super busy, it was also absolutely gorgeous. The colours were stunning and there were so many blue butterflies around; I have never seen them before but they were everywhere, although I failed to take a picture of one as they are speedy little things! The water was bright blue and so clear in places and there were a few seals enjoying a cool down in the water too. It remains one of my most favourite places to walk, although I do love it in the off-season when it is really quiet and a little rugged!

:: On Friday I listened to an episode of Kate Taylor's 'Practical Magic' podcast, where she was interviewing Lola Hoad, founder of 'One Girl Band', a creative space for female entrepreneurs and also a podcast too (a really good one actually!). I have listened to Lola tell her story before on her own podcast, but it was so inspirational to hear her tell it again and restored my faith in building a successful business. The podcast episode focused around the subject of community over competition, something I am so passionate in getting behind, so it really was a fantastic listen. 

:: I have had a real week of ideas this week and have had to frantically jot them down as they popped into my tired old brain. Mostly my ideas are for products I want to get made, so I have to create designs and hold them on my computer until the funds come in, but some are things I can be getting on with anyway, so I feel all the excitement feels right now!

:: I have now had one whole week of rest from training in the gym and, whilst I know that my body really needed to chill out, I have really missed it and can't wait to get back in there on Monday. Exercise really does keep me sane on so many levels and I think that, physically and mentally speaking, I feel worse for not doing it!

I think that is all to report for this week (unless you want a list of all the nice food I've had as a treat this week?!). Please check out Wednesdays post, kindly written by Tabitha from The North Left blog as part of my Body Stories series. If you missed out so far then you can find Peta's story here and mine right here! I am looking for more people who may wish to share a story with the community too, so please get in touch with me if you would like to contribute! Just email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com :-)


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  1. What a beautiful post Lucy, your words and photographs have put the biggest smile on my face and filled me with all the fuzzy wonderful feels. I can't wait to receive your newsletter. Sending lots of love your way.
    Peta xx


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