17 June 2018


Guys, I have a confession to make; as I sit here, starting to type this post, I am in somewhat of a heavenly food cloud, we have just had a super delicious pizza from Marks and Spencers, and I have had all kinds of yummy food today (by the way I write most of this post on Saturday afternoons, just in case you thought I had already had pizza before breakfast or something). I'm having a treat filled weekend and then finding my back to a maintenance plan with my food and training, having embarked on twelve whole weeks of being 'good' (I hate the word good for that but I couldn't think of anything else!). It has felt nice to have some treats though, but I am feeling all the bloated feelings right now!

How has your week been? Did you catch Wednesdays blog post? I wrote a bit of a raw one about how my recent mental health state has been, so if that is up your street then have a little read! Thankfully I am feeling more human this weekend, which is great because I was in a bad place this time last week.

Before I go onto the gratitude list / things that have happened this week I just want to let you know that Wednesdays post will be the third installment in my Body Stories series and it really is a good read, so be sure you stop by. In the meantime if you missed part one (my story) and part two (Petas story) then please do check them out and leave a comment to say what you think. Finally: if you want to add your story to this whole series then email me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com because I am still looking for more lovely people to contribute (you can remain totally anonymous if you prefer, that is absolutely fine).

Okay, enough waffling Lucy, let's get into the reason we are here!

:: This week, in a desperate attempt to push myself into leaving the house (other than my usual visits to the gym) I embarked upon a few morning walks. I was initially motivated to walk the few metres up the road to look out to the bay due to the appearance of the new aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth, being moored there; she is a huge ship that's for sure. I have done a whole post about my morning walks which is coming up soon enough (with a video too!) so I won't say too much about them, other than they help clear my mind, put me into a state of mindfulness and connection with our planet that nothing else can achieve so quickly.

:: I picked up the proofs of my latest wedding stationery collection from my printers in Penzance this week and I am very happy with them! The Fern collection will be making its debut pretty soon; I am due to give the go ahead for the full print run to the printers on Monday and all I need to do from there is photos and descriptions for the website and I am good to go! If you are interested in knowing more about anything I do over at Leaf Lane Studio then please join the Leaf Lane Studio Love Notes and you will receive updates, freebies, discounts and be the first to hear of new things that are coming up!

:: On the subject of stuff I create I have popped a tab on this blog which links to the bits I sell over on Leaf Lane Studio because, well, why not! I am super busy trying to learn all the things about owning a business, which are many, whilst also trying to earn enough money to get new products out for you guys (such as the 'to-do' list pictured above!) and so any opportunity I have to shout about the things I am doing I will do that... I would say 'sorry', but this business thing is hard work (but I love it anyway!). That all said, you guys really are incredibly supportive so I can't thank you enough for that.

:: It dawned on me the other day just how long my Amazon wish-list of books is (it really is all books!). Peta and I were having a little message about the book she was reading and I had just been looking at my list of books stored on my favourite website (!) and so I saw that as a 'sign from the universe' (read 'excuse') to buy myself two from my list! I have started reading one, even though I am still finishing another book, but I am in the head space for the new one, so what the hell! I treated myself to 'Body Positive Power' by Megan Jayne Crabbe (known on Instagram as 'Bodyposipanda'), a book that I think is 100% a must read for all women. I also ordered 'You are Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life' by Jen Sincero. This book had been on my wish-list since it was released but I hadn't felt the need to order it yet, then I was looking at my list and re-read the synopsis and thought 'yeah...maybe'; the following day at the gym, whilst pedaling away on the xtrainer and listening to Kate Taylor's 'Practical Magic' podcast, I heard an interview where they couldn't stop discussing the amazing book they had read and, yes, it was Jen Sincero's book... ordered! I will type some mini-reviews when I have read both!

:: This next thing I am typing in before it has even happened, that's how grateful I am for it happening! Tonight Joe and I are going out for dinner to one of our favourite places; the last time we went out for dinner was my birthday in February, so it will be nice and I am so looking forward to indulging a little.

:: We have a 'new set' of baby sparrows in the nests along the front of the house and they wake super early 'beeping' away at the top of their lungs. It is so lovely watching them grow up and be fed by their parents and hop about in the garden.

That's about all for this week I think; I am hoping and praying that this rain we have stops soon as I had plans to cut the grass this weekend (picture an over-grown field and you'll be close to what we have going on outside right now). In the meantime I will just stay inside and shelter from the drizzle, whilst Gizmo chills in her little cat-house in the garden, watching the birds but being too lazy to move (thankfully). I hope you all have an amazing rest of weekend (or week if you aren't reading this on Sunday!).

Make sure you come back on Wednesday to read another 'Body Story' by another fantastic lady who kindly jumped on board the 'guest post' series, which I am so grateful for. Don't forget to email me if you would be happy to help out other women who would benefit from reading your story, just contact me on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com - I would love you to be a part of it.


  1. A new set of sparrows and dinner out seems like a pretty lovely set of things! Wishing you the most beautiful of weeks Xx

  2. Oh what a lovely lovely lovely post Lucy, those sparrows sound wonderful, I have my own set here who are quite happily churping away today! Sending lots of love your way.
    Peta xx


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