10 June 2018


^^ A hazy Sennen Cove this morning ^^

When I sit on Sunday evenings, watching The Handmaids Tale, I always think 'damn, I have to wait a whole week to see what happens now', but the week shoots by and here we are again! I must confess that I don't have a whole heap of things to share this week as I have had a pretty terrible week (more on that on Wednesdays post perhaps) so I will keep it short today, but I do have a new vlog for you, so maybe that will make up for it! It is a very chatty one, but I will try and do more regular, shorter ones again soon as I have actually missed doing them.

Into this weeks list...

:: As you will already know, if you follow along on my Instagram, I received a lovely parcel through the post from Katie Moody on Wednesday. I had ordered a notepad from her new range and some little cat stickers because, well you know... cats! I love getting parcels from small businesses as they are always so thoughtfully put together and personal, which is something I hope that my customers think too when they get something from Leaf Lane Studio!  

:: This week has not been a great week for me, mental health wise, so on Wednesday I did what I do best and cleaned like a woman possessed. For some reason this really helps me to clear a lot of the sh*t out of my mind and acts like a refresh button. I followed the cleaning frenzy with lunch and then an hours sleep. It really is about knowing what works for you personally at times like that and my suggestion is that, however crazy your 'thing' seems, do it! Me channeling my inner Monica Geller is just what happens to work for me in some way or another, and I am grateful for that!

:: Friday was World Oceans Day, and I created a little painting for it (see below!). It was nice to just sit and paint something a little different and it is off to its new home in Devon tomorrow!

:: Super big thanks must go to Peta for her wonderful contribution to my body series blog posts, if you didn't see her post it is a must read, so click right here and go have a look! There are more lovely ladies writing for this series, so stay tuned for more this summer!

:: In the middle of my strange week, I was sitting at my art desk, contemplating my existence (!) and feeling all sorts of body-image related emotions, when a song came on that really cheered me up. Having looked into what song it was I now realise that I have, once again, jumped on the bandwagon as it was leaving! The song was 'This is me' and is from the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman and I bloody love it! I may have to have a little dance about to that song as part of my morning routine if I am ever going to conquer my body issues! Do you have any uplifting songs that get you instantly motivated? Let me know!

:: This morning, after a very bad day yesterday, Joe dragged my backside out the cottage for a walk on Sennen beach; it was very much needed and so beautiful. I love feeling the sand under my feet and the waves lapping over them, it is always so calming and restoring. We got up and over to Sennen about 9am, before the craziness of the day kicked in (which just isn't something I can handle right now!). Sometimes it takes a big old effort to get out and about after 'one of those days' (weeks actually), but I am so very grateful I went!

That is all for my little list today but if you want to listen to more of what I got up to, then scroll right to the bottom of this post, past the beautiful Sennen pictures, to see this weeks vlog! I would love it if you could subscribe to my YouTube Channel too, it is growing slowly so the more the merrier!


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  1. Sending so much love and cat cuddles your way Lucy. I hope you have a better week this week.
    Peta xx


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