3 June 2018


June, you little monkey, you really crept up on me. I can't believe we are on the sixth month of the year already, how can it be so? As the man on Pirate FM said this week (gotta love local radio!), once the summer holidays are over it'll be all Halloween and fireworks and then the Christmas stuff will be arriving in the shops (it made me laugh to think about how early things get thrust into our lives these days... on Boxing day it's all about the Easter eggs for heavens sake!). Anyway, rant over, it is summer and I am loving the warmth that seems to have arrived. We had one seriously humid day this week and I absolutely loved it! I think I enjoy those sort of days now I am working at home and can get dressed in any random outfit that is comfortable, verses having to actually look professional! There is always a magic in the air on days where it's humid and you can 'feel' the heaviness; call me insane, but I love it!

Thank you to those of you that got in touch with me about my new 'Body Stories' series, I have had some lovely feedback on the first one and can't wait for you guys to read the next one, which will be up on Wednesday next week. I am really looking for a few more stories, so if you are willing (you can remain anonymous if you prefer, I am fine with that) just get in touch on fromlucywithlove@outlook.com. I honestly think that sharing our story helps others feel less alone and more confident, so get in contact with me girlies (or guys of course, you are more than welcome too!).

On with today's list!

:: This week I dedicated such a huge part of my time to painting. I have been feeling beyond exhausted in my mind and body and so, when I feel like that, I really enjoy losing myself in something creative. I have been working on a new, bespoke, offering for Leaf Lane Studio and will be putting it on my website next week (fingers crossed).

^^ Personalised water-colour paintings for any occasion you wish, soon available on Leaf Lane Studio ^^

:: Yesterday I made some proper progress in the garden (that is twice this week I have 'attacked' the garden!). Our garden is a proper cottage garden, with mature trees and plants but also many wildflowers and other things that seem to grow up overnight. I love the garden and always try to keep it looking as nice as possible but it really is a full time job! We have some beautiful red, yellow and pink roses coming out, gladioli's, thistles on their way, wild sweet peas and many other pretty blooms about to burst open; I feel so lucky to be surrounded by nature every day.

:: This morning Joe and I took a walk around the gardens of one of my all time favourite local National Trust places, Godolphin House. You guys will have heard me chatter on about that place before no doubt, but I just think it is so magical. Today's visit had me overwhelmed because of how many gorgeous flowers, ferns and birds were about; it is a must see if you are ever over this way. If you go there for when it opens (usually 10am I believe) then you are more than likely to be alone in the grounds, with just the sounds of the birds and resident bees for company. I could spend hours there, sketching, thinking, writing... just 'being', it is somewhere that I connect with happiness and calm.

^^ The beautiful 'Kings Garden' at Godolphin House ^^

:: I have now officially sold all the one-off gouache paintings I did recently (see them here and get in touch if you want to commission me, I will gladly paint something for you!). Thank you so much if you bought one, that money is going to be put towards my new wedding collection and a Christmas collection of cards too I think!

:: This week, whilst in Morrisons buying something totally random, I picked up some of their own brand dark chocolate and mint rice cakes to try for a treat. They were so yummy that I gobbled the whole lot (before you think there were like twenty in a packet... there were six!). In my defense, I had just had a very intense lower body work out, done 10 intervals on the stepmill AND 25 minutes of steady state cardio too; in my book that equals 'I can eat all the rice cakes'!

:: We have been watching the Harry Potter series recently (again), they are just so great for escapism or distraction when you are super tired and hungry (me 99% of the day!). I love having an 'HP' on in the background whilst I am writing in my Bullet Journal or sketching some ideas out! What is your 'go-to' film?

:: One of the podcasts I listen to on a fairly regular basis is Creative Peptalk, by Andy J Pizza. The podcast is great if you are a creative and need a little bit of encouragement but, yesterday, Andy put the cutest ever picture on his Instagram, so I thought I would share it with you below, how sweet is that? I kind of want it as a postcard or print on my desk, I just love it!

That's all for this weeks Gratitude List guys and girls, I hope you have a wonderful rest of day and I will be back on Wednesday with the second blog post in my Body Stories series, this time it is Peta's story (and it is a real good'un!).


  1. oh oh ohhhh I love thaat IG image by Andy!! Tose wild flowers at Godolphin House are so precious and the chocolate and mint rice cakes sound like my kind of snack! What a lovely happy list to read on a Sunday. Sending lots of love your way.
    Peta xx

    1. I knew you'd love Andy's pic as much as I did, how cute is it?! Have a wonderful birthday lovely xxx


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