5 June 2018


^^ Maker - Wendy Wilbraham's gorgeous work/studio ^^

In a vlog I will be popping up on my YouTube channel soon, I mention how I don't like to advertise other peoples things unless they are something that is totally in alignment with what I love; something that I have a genuine passion for. That is why I am putting up an extra post this week just to help two lovely ladies in Cornwall get their project out there to more people (and it truly is a lovely project!).

'Make: Cornwall' is the brainchild Anya Rice, a photographer and stylist, and Katherine Sorrell, a freelance writer who has also written 22 books (I bow down to you Katherine!). These two lovely ladies, both living in Cornwall, dreamed about putting together a book about all things hand made by passionate and talented creatives living in this beautiful, magical county.

Cornwall has such a hugely diverse range of makers and artists and their vision is to raise enough, via Crowd Funder, to enable their book to become a reality and, I have to say, it would 100% be something I would jump at the chance of buying if I saw it in a book shop!

You can see more about the project by clicking right here, but here is a little quote from their Crowd Funder page, along with some gorgeous images too...

'Make:Cornwall offers a secret peek into our makers' work spaces (whether a converted barn, garden shed or modern, town-centre studio), their tools and techniques and their making processes, with glorious photos of their finished products and lists of where to see and buy, as well as beautiful portraits of the makers themselves and the landscapes that surround them.'

As a very new creative business myself, I am so happy to share this with you guys as, supporting small businesses is so important and vital in order to keep the uniqueness of hand made goods thriving. In a world where there is so much copying and 'quick art' by huge corporate chains it is totally necessary for projects like this to thrust creatives back into the forefront of our minds.

To support the book just head to their page and donate a little bit of money, everything will help this project towards its goal; they also have some pretty fantastic pledge packages, which give you a copy of the book and items created by the talented makes involved too. If, like me, all things handmade light you up and fill you with happiness please just take a look at what they have put together, the photographs are so beautiful and inspiring and, if you know of anyone who may wish to support 'Make: Cornwall' then please tell them all about it!

^^ Maker - Wendy Wilbraham ^^

^^ Maker - Amy Isles Freeman ^^

^^ Maker - Alice Selwood ^^

^^ Maker - 'Pica Pica Design Co' ^^

^^ Maker - 'Lancaster & Cornish' ^^

^^ Maker - 'Paper Birch' ^^

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