27 May 2018


Happy Sunday lovely friend, how has your week been?

This week has been one of ups and downs for me, with a bit of a 'blip' mid week which, I must confess, knocked me way off my routine until yesterday really, but these things happen and we must dust ourselves off huh? Still, the sun is out today and it is a Bank Holiday weekend here in the U.K. which is pretty darn wonderful!

Before I go on... over on Leaf Lane Studio later today I will be popping some original little paintings up for sale; head on over to check them out! Once they are gone, they are gone but I will be making other originals at some point too, or you can commission me to do something for you! Get in touch on hello@leaflanestudio.com.

Let's jump into this weeks list!

:: My first entry into this weeks gratitude list has to be self-care. I hit a bit of a sh**ty mood day on Wednesday (actually it was a seriously bad mental health day) and it was all I could do to function. I actually practiced some self-care and slept, meditated and generally had a more peaceful day and, for me, doing those things without feeling guilty was quite something.

:: I feel so lucky that we live in an age where we have access to some really useful, motivational and free tools to help us develop either professionally or personally. This week I did another one of Janet Murray's free webinars, this time around the subject of gaining free media coverage for your business/blog. I have done a few of her webinars and always come away with something useful that I can implement or experiment with right away. I also love her podcast too, which is called the 'Soulful PR Podcast', it is rammed with interviews and tips and recently she has even popped all her episodes (of which there are over 200) into categories, so if you have something specific you need to work on, you can find some help without getting RSI from scrolling!

:: Yesterday we had some pretty awesome weather, well actually it wasn't awesome in the traditional sense, but in the humid, slightly thundery way, with the most amazing smell in the air. I absolutely love that kind of weather! It brings up thoughts of school holidays and hot summers nights and I love the nostalgia! 

:: I am at a time in my life right now where I am really making a conscious effort to exorcise old demons from my mind and I am doing this by letting old hurts surface and journaling them through until I either give them the space to disappear or I discover what I have been pushing aside for a long time and try and make sense of it or pull a life-lesson from it. Part of what continuously pops up for me is appearance related and this is something I have struggled with my whole life really. I mentioned this beautiful lady last week, but someone who is actually starting to 'get through' to me about all of the body issues I have been carrying is Mel Wells. I first heard of Mel when she was being interviewed on Lori Harder's podcast, and have since searched for her and listened to several other interviews she has done. I am going to try and get her two books asap, as I truly believe her message to be the healthiest one and one I need; I would highly recommend her to you if you are struggling around body positivity issues, she is amazing. (I also have my eye on her academy and retreats although financially they are a little way off for me yet... one day!).

:: I have managed to watch all of Call the Midwife on Netflix whilst I have been busy painting away the new pieces going up for sale today and I have to say that I loved it! You know when you finish watching something and you feel a bit lost! I really don't know where to turn now. That said, I am super happy that series two of The Handmaid's Tale is back on Channel 4; did you see it last week? It was such a dark first episode back but it is totally gripping, not one to watch if you need cheering up though! Any binge-worthy series recommendations are welcome!

:: It seems like, when I am on a bit of creative mission, as I have been this week, that my brain overwhelms me with other things I could be making. I have had so many ideas flood in, including two printable calendar ideas for my 2019 version (botanical and crystal... I may do both!). I feel super excited to do all these things, even if I can't afford to get other products physically printed or made right now, just to work on them is wonderful and I am so grateful.

:: I hate to mention the dreaded GDPR fiasco, but honestly, I am so glad that the date for that has come and gone. It is a shame that it made a dent in my Leaf Lane Studio newsletter as it took so long to build the small family of lovely people I had, but I really don't blame people for totally ignoring any GDPR emails that came in! I did mine early but I was very mindful of bugging people; that said, if you did sign back up I am so thankful, I really am and, if you missed my email and want to sign back up, then please just click right here!

:: Do you ever have conversations about food right before you go to bed and then wake up in the middle of the night starving and thinking of said food? This was exactly what happened last night when Joe and I discussed the fact that we hadn't had a bagel in ages; thanks to that conversation I woke up dreaming of buttery bagels with Marmite (yum!). Okay so, technically that isn't something I'm grateful for but I am simply dragging you all down with me! (I would be grateful for a bagel right now though!).

:: In case you missed my Instagram stories this week I must mention the bird story here, as I am ridiculously grateful that it all ended well. I'll give you a very brief round-up (or else I will waffle on!)... we went in the bathroom to find a baby bird asleep on the bath taps (yep!) and it must have been there for a while as I had been up and shut the curtains, meaning it couldn't have got in after that. I rescued it with a super-soft little face cloth and popped it in a box outside. It flew back to its nest and all was right again with the world (after I had cried for about an hour over it!).

:: Being in the garden has been such a treat this week. We have so many things opening up including three different roses, gladioli and some fuchsias too, plus there are countless wild flowers in the hedgerows and they are all so pretty. As I walked around the garden this morning, in the humid mist that was lingering about, I was totally overwhelmed with gratitude for living where I have wanted to live for so long.

That is all for another Weekly Gratitude guys! Thank you so much for your constant support; I would love it if you popped over to Leaf Lane Studio and had a little mooch about too (and told your friends!), building a business is so very wonderful but very hard too. Any support is welcomed with open arms! Have a great week to come and enjoy your bank holiday if you are in the U.K!


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