20 May 2018


Oh my gosh, how is it already Sunday again? I feel like this post comes round so fast, although I did post two posts this week in aid of Mental Health Awareness Week, so if you are interested in reading those then you can find the first one here and the second right here! Let's jump into todays list!

:: I must mention the birds in every one of these posts but I love sitting and watching them in the garden. We have so many now and their babies are getting bigger and bigger. This week we have watched a couple of little ones being fed on the grass and also watched the dynamic of the chain of authority/bullying unfold. For instance, the magpies will chase off the jackdaws and really pester them for being in the vicinity of the garden yet if a seagull lands it seems the magpies back off and they can all exist in harmony together. It really is quite amusing to watch unfold.

:: My mum has been here since Wednesday and has just left today, so we have been doing a few bits and bobs together (basically I haven't been doing much work at all is what I am saying). We popped into Sainsbury's on Thursday and mum treated me to a couple of summer tops, which I can't believe are so nice for the price; I was beyond desperate for one or two new tops for warmer weather. The first one I got was a pretty, fine knitted blue loose top, which just feels nice and cool to wear with slim jeans or shorts (I have had it on my back since we got it home!) plus is has cute little ties on the arms for added details (it was £16) and the second one was something more fitted; this beautiful 'V' neck, and 'matching 'V' shape back, red/orange top. This one is super pretty and I love the colour, it was a bargain at just £10. Thanks mum xx

:: Sorry in advance if you are all totally fed up with hearing about the Royal Wedding, but I honestly loved every single second of it and it is a huge highlight of my week! It was so magical and I can only imagine how overwhelming it must have been for Meghan's mum and Meghan too I guess! We all know by now that I am a total romantic at heart so it goes without saying that I cried!

 ^^ What a beautiful couple; they look so in love and happy :-) ^^

:: Gizmo has to get a mention (doesn't she always?!). On Friday (I think it was Friday!), she and I crawled onto the bed for a nap and what a nap it was! She curled up close to me and when I woke up she was on her back, paws in the air but holding onto my hand with her front paw, it was so sweet! The photo at the top of today's post was one that I took when she fell asleep on me one evening this week, check out the relaxed little lip!

:: I have been feeling a little up and down about myself the last couple of weeks, mostly down to the fact that my ever-infuriating fibroid's have been giving me so much pain (sorry for too much info, but it's real life over here people!). I got diagnosed with them last year and am awaiting a procedure to, presumably, whip them off (technically put Lucy, nice!). Anyway, I have been on a mission to lose some body fat and I felt I was making some progress until a couple of weeks ago when a flare up began; it really knocked me back and it made me feel so bloated and unattractive that I felt like I had taken a step back. In reality nothing had changed, I hadn't gone off the rails on my eating and I had been training hard. Yesterday I took some measurements and they are all going the right direction, so I really do know it is just a side effect of the dreaded 'F' word, but it made me really aware of how my psyche can be affected. Along side that I am so grateful for the gym I train at; the vibe in there is the best of any gym I have been at, which have been many; without that place I think I would go bananas (and I truly hate bananas!)

 ^^ My 'church' and view from cardio! I love that place! ^^

:: I have to mention the gratitude for something that hasn't even happened yet, but will be in the next couple of hours, and that thing is my Sunday afternoon lay on the bed. I look forward to this every Sunday; I do a load of bits and pieces in the morning, this morning I mowed the lawn, pulled out a ton of weeds and cleared the gutters from one side of the cottage... morning tasks are usually followed by getting this blog post live and then having a bit of a bath or shower before putting on something super comfortable and reading on the bed for an hour or so. Call me an old lady but I look forward to that so much! The 5.30am starts during the week can take their toll and so I love that I can have an hour or two just relaxing and having nothing I have to do or anywhere I need to be and, let's be honest, it will inevitably involve a nap too!

:: Finally, and probably the best food I've had this week, is the Breyer's low calorie chocolate ice cream, which we got for a treat for me (I can have it in my marcos guilt free!). Have you tried it? It needs to be left to soften for about two hours really, but it is so worth it. I have tried a few of these ice creams but this one is my favourite by a long way; it doesn't have the powdery nature that some have - BIG recommend from me (even better if you can get it on offer and stock up!).

Thank you for stopping by the blog and for all your continued support too, it is always appreciated and never taken for granted I promise. Be sure to come and 'Like' my Facebook page and follow along on Instagram too!


  1. What a lovely post, seems like you had a great weekend. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, always appreciated! I hope you are having a lovely week so far x

  2. Another lovely post that warms my heart. I hope you're feeling a little better now Lucy. I love a Sunday afternoon lay on the bed too!!
    Peta x


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