13 May 2018


^^ I adore these beautiful flowers, they are so fragile, like tissue paper, but they hang on in there through every weather ^^

Welcome to another gratitude list! I do love writing these, which is just as well because they come around super fast! This week I have been doing a lot of painting and making one hell of a mess in the process (it seems impossible to be creative tidily!). I have also been training harder than ever and feeling all the achy muscles and tiredness as a result (I had a wonderful power nap yesterday afternoon which was so needed... and another today too, although it less of a 'power nap' and more of a full on sleeping experience!). What have you been up to this week?

Next week will be another busy one too, my mum arrives for a few days and it's also the royal wedding... I am so looking forward to that, I do love a good old bit of British pomp and ceremony! Hands up if you will be watching! Right then, on to this weeks list...

:: I mentioned on last weeks gratitude list that I have joined a little book club, well, this week my book arrived and I got started on it on Friday and cannot put it down! The book is called 'We' and is by Gillian Anderson and Jennifer Nadel; it's a book for women who want to bring more positivity and happiness into their lives, which sounds all sorts of cliche, but it is actually so good. It isn't often that a book calms me, but this one is managing it; it has this way of making you feel that all the strangeness in your life has been for a reason and that it is easy to work through things that are keeping you somewhat 'stuck'. It couldn't have come along at a better time really as I am feeling that I am ready to take my self discovery journey to a new level and this book helps you to open up to all the truth you may have been burying or avoiding and work through the good and the bad to enable you to really know who you are. At the beginning the book talks about certain little things that will really help you dig into the nine principles in the rest of the book and I was pleased to realise that I actually do 90% of the things, so yay to that head start! I can't wait to keep reading it.

:: This week, on my way home from the gym, I stopped at Morrisons for a few bits and bobs and, whilst I was there, I bought four bedding plants for the garden; nothing fancy but just something to add a bit of interest and colour to the two flower beds that fell victim to the winter time and are now nothing but soil and stones! They look so much better now (and will look even better when they grow a bit!). I don't claim to know a thing about gardening but I do enjoy it and could spend a fortune on plants! Update... since I wrote this yesterday a rather greedy little slug has eaten one of my plants :-(

:: On Thursday I finally got to the hairdressers for a trim and some new highlights to replace my natural ones (the grey type that is!). It is such a treat to go and relax for  a few hours and I do love a good head massage!

^^ This is one of the little A5 pieces that will go up for sale soon on Leaf Lane Studio ^^

:: This week I have been working on a watercolour piece for a lovely friend and, whilst doing that, I have been creating little one-off paintings using uplifting quotes as the centre focus and painting botanicals around them. They are A5 and a mixture of watercolour and gouache and will be available on Leaf Lane Studio soon. If you guys like them then I plan to keep making them and selling them in little weekend sales etc...P.S: they will all be affordable and will make cool little gifts too. Don't miss out, make sure you are following Leaf Lane Studio on Instagram.

:: It's become somewhat of a tradition to watch Eurovision these days and, even though I find it hugely cringe-worthy, I cannot help but enjoy it! I got myself a tub of chocolate ice-cream to enjoy whilst it was on (that low calorie, low carb stuff which is probably full of things we shouldn't put in our bodies, but that I will eat anyway because, when I am watching my macros, it feels like a treat!). Did you watch the Eurovision? I think our girl did well and made the right choice to not perform for a second time. Unfortunately, all the political nonsense will prevent us from getting anywhere, regardless of how good we are!

:: Last weekend I downloaded a new album for my gym iPod; along with my usual Metallica, Rage Against the Machine and Nivana, I now have some 1990's trance hits too and I love it! When the songs come on they remind me of my clubbing days and make me all nostalgic!

:: I mentioned last week (I think) that we have the little birds nesting in the roof of the house again and this week we have been hearing the babies more and more; they are getting louder and louder every day that passes. I named them the 'little beepers' as they are so tiny that their chirping just sounds like high pitched little beeps! Every time one of the parents flies back in with more food they all launch into full beeping mode and fall instantly silent when mum and dad go out again! It really is the cutest thing!

:: Our little fur baby has been loving the great outdoors, even more so now that the garden has shot up and turned into a jungle (things grow big in Cornwall). I adore watching her rolling about on the patio in the sun in the morning or late afternoon; during the midday sun she scurries about from shade to shade as I think she gets too hot on her little feet! She is the cutest and really makes me so content. She has been super clingy too and follows me around everywhere (not that I am complaining!).

That is all for this weeks list but be sure to come back on Wednesday for a new post! Have a wonderful week ahead guys xx


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