6 May 2018


Welcome back to another weekly gratitude post / list of stuff that has been happening this week / other rambles I may have on my mind! How are you this week? Has it been a good, productive one? Mine has been bloomin’ strange to be honest; my mind has chosen to drift in and out of being logical and that has effected everything I have tried to get done! My mood has been somewhat low but, thanks to Joe, some wonderful readers and followers on Instagram and the sun making an appearance (woo-hoo!), my mental health did decide to take a better turn. 

P.S: If you’re a blogger (or just fancy writing a little something) and would like to get involved in a series I have coming up soon please read the final paragraph of this post for all the details!

Let’s dig into this week and all of it’s happenings shall we? 

:: Some of you may know that our little bear wasn’t very well this week; she had been super lethargic and sleepy, which wasn’t particularly unusual at all, it was only when this mood had continued for longer than usual that I started to get concerned and, by Monday morning, I was in full on cat-mum meltdown! The short story is that she had a temperature and, after a couple of bank-balance reducing jabs and a short course of strange liquid for her food, she was soon back to charging about like a lunatic! The slightly comical part of this story was just how crazy my brain went at the thought of anything being wrong with our little Giz; I have to laugh now because, well, you must sometimes just see the funny side but, as I sat in the vets with the bear, feeling super tearful and sure that at any minute she would be turning her toes up (!), I decided to distract myself with a random leaflet. Of course, there were several to choose from, so I reached out an arm and grabbed one; ‘Which one was it?’ I hear you say, well, the one about a local pet cemetery of course! Popping that back in the leaflet pile sharpish I turned my attention to the notice next to the vets door, which read ‘...when this candle is lit it means that someone is saying goodbye to a beloved friend in this room’ (or words to that effect). As I tried not to burst out crying at the sight of the huge candle (thankfully not lit at the time) the phone rang at the practice and the receptionist calmly and very sweetly told an owner that ‘yes, Rocky’s ashes are back for collection’. By this point I am slightly freaking out at the ‘signs’ that my little fur ball is clearly soon to be off to pet heaven (#dramaqueen) and I try to steady my emotions and be ‘all brave for her’, then came the final installment of the trip, a veterinary nurse telling her colleagues that she came home the previous evening to find that her cat had brought home a steak. She was utterly devastated as it not only appeared to be a steak someone had clearly been defrosting for their dinner, but also, as she pointed out to the girls she was telling the story to, she is a vegan, so it most certainly wasn’t hers! I had to laugh when I heard that and it jolted me back to reality too! I was very grateful for the steak stealing cat story!

^^ In one of her favourite spots... waiting for a wren to fall into her mouth ^^

:: Yesterday I spent a great deal of the day in the garden, pottering about trying to tidy it up. I'm realy enjoying gardening, even though I probably know nowhere near enough to be let loose on such a gorgeous garden. I try my best and find it so relaxing too; plus it must burn off some calories right?!

:: On Tuesday morning, as I collected my make up bag from the window ledge and delved in there to ‘sort my face out’ for the day, I noticed that there was a small collection of thin twigs and what looked like hay in there. This happened a lot last spring too and it is because we have a couple of sets of birds (‘sets’!) nesting above the window and, when we leave the window open we often find things have fallen from the nest and blown in through the window. It always makes me smile as you can see where the bird has pinched it together in their beaks and just dropped some of it; it is the cutest thing and I adore that it ends up sat on my make up bag too! I love ‘our’ bird families so much!

:: As I tore around the house cleaning like a mad woman on Wednesday afternoon, I listened to the most wonderful podcast episode, which just so happened to coincide with many rubbish thoughts I was having that day (thanks to my hormones!). The episode was from Lori Harder’s show ‘Earn Your Happy’, a show I mention here regularly as it is so awesome! Lori was chatting to the absolutely amazing Mel Wells about healing our relationships with food and our bodies and, guys, this show is a must listen. I am now following Mel all over the internet and have popped her books on my Amazon wish-list! I won’t try and delve into what Mel is all about, just head over to the episode and see what you think for yourself; I bet you won’t be disappointed.

^^ These little 'Thrifts' are coming out everywhere now and I adore them ^^

:: The internet is such a wonderful place sometimes and, after my little reorganisation of people I follow and videos I watch (see Wednesdays post for details), I am pretty much guaranteed to only see things that ‘light me up’ when I go into any of my social media now. On Thursday I had totally blocked the day out for my weekly ‘creative time’, something I try to do each week so I can experiment with new ideas and draw and paint until my heart is content! The previous week I had sketched out three garlands which I had in mind to watercolour on Thursday, so the day came and I sat at my desk painting away for an hour and a half and it was a bloody nightmare. If you are a creative type and you hit ‘the block’ you will know what I mean, you just want to scream! I couldn’t mix the right colours, I couldn’t paint the way I normally do; nothing was working. I ripped up the garland and sulked all day! Later on I sat scrolling through Instagram and saw three other posts from other creatives basically saying they were experiencing the same thing as me, and so I reached out to them and had a chat. It always helps to talk about things with other people and the fact that we can do it online with total strangers, get such positivity back and feel connected and like you are sharing an experience is just so lovely. I am so thankful to all the people I chatted to that day, as they really (really) helped me. Thanks guys!

:: I’ve been trying to find the time to get back into reading books again recently; I always used to read so much and love it for escapism. Recently, since working on launching the business, I have just sort of lost that ‘me time’ and really want to make the effort to read for spiritual and emotional growth but also just to lose myself in a good story again. With summer coming up I want to have something on the go to take out in the garden with me; enter the lovely email I got this week… I have recently been emailing and chatting to a wonderful girly, who lives in Cornwall too, and we have been having weekly chats and, this week, when she emailed me, she mentioned that she is starting a little book club (what amazing timing!). The group will read self-development books / inspirational books etc and will have informal get togethers to chat about the book being read that month. It made me super happy to get involved and super excited to get reading again. 

^^ Pink against blue sky... heavenly ^^

:: I am so in love with how everything nature is looking right now. As I type this I can see brand new leaves uncurling and smell freshly cut grass; there are bluebells along the country roads and wild flowers popping up everywhere too. Honestly, the beauty of nature really cannot be beaten.

:: Finally for this week... I am so grateful to Fragrance Direct for existing, not for perfume, but for reduced-priced cosmetics! I am beyond skint but a lot of my make up has seen better days and, whilst looking in Boots on Friday, I remembered Fragrance Direct! I used to get a lot of Essie nail polishes from them as they always had them super cheap, so I checked it out and have ordered everything I needed for such a small amount of money! I will do a little Instagram story or something when it arrives next week! I miss being able to buy a load of make up from Boots though; on top of stationery, it is kind of my 'thing', I love it! Fingers crossed what I ordered will be all good!

If you are a blogger or someone willing to share your story read on…
As you already know, I like to write very openly about my thoughts surrounding mental health, body image and body confidence. Next month I would love to have a series of posts up on From Lucy with Love, written by other ladies like you, all about your body story, whatever that entails. It can be a struggle you have had and how you have turned it around, a list of things you do to keep positive in your mind and body or your mental health story (or anything in between!). If this is something you would like to get involved in please let me know, just email fromlucywithlove@outlook.com. The reason I am choosing the summer to get these posts out is because I know that many women feel like they don’t want to show their bodies off as the temperature rises and I am on a mission to boost their confidence and make them feel less alone. I am not looking for perfect, imperfection is real life (not to mention so much more beautiful), so what I would love is some real, honest stories or ideas for improving self-image and positivity! Get in touch if you are interested and let me know what your idea is!

Thank you for reading as always and I will see you on Wednesday! xx



  1. Oh Lucy what a wonderful post you've popped a big old grin on my face. I adore those little birds you have with their little twigs! I'm so pleased that Gizmo is back to her usual self!! The book club sounds so fun and exciting, I can't wait to hear about what you read! I'm off to check out that blog post now after a manic day of cleaning Monica style!
    Sending ever so much love your way,
    Love from,
    Peta & The Bears xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I am SO pleased to have Gizmo back to her usual self too, even if it means keeping a big old eye on her now that the baby birds are about. Have a wonderful time with Fraser visiting sweetie, at least he will stop you over-doing it!! (I hope!). xxx

  2. This is such a lovely post! I just love reading your blogs, they never fail to make me smile. Keep up the great writing!

    Junaid Iqbal Memon


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