9 May 2018


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Up until a few years back I thought of myself as an extrovert; someone who always loved socialising in large groups, hanging out at busy bars or even a club or two (way back in the day!). Since moving to Cornwall and starting up my business, I have really noticed that I am, in-fact, quite the introvert these days! I still love having a giggle of course and if I am very comfortable in a group of people I will often seem super confident and extrovert (mostly because I love acting out stories and making people laugh), but when it comes to life in general lots of things have shifted and, I mean really shifted! 

Maybe it's old(er) age, maybe I like routine (rather like Gizmo!), maybe I have been spending too much time alone, now that I work from home and that is why I prefer peace and quiet, but I honestly much prefer a silent house to a busy shop or pub; the thought of either of those things gives me anxiety! But it isn't anxiety that takes over in reality, it is the need for understanding and not quite feeling like I am 'in the right place' when I go out. Don't get me wrong, there are places that I love to hang out, I confess that I adore any little Cornish coffee shop, especially if they have homemade cakes the gym (of course) is one of my favourite places (outside of home!). I feel like I fit in, like I belong there, because the other people are there all trying to work on their own goals and that is something I can get on board with! 

My biggest switch over the last few years is moving away from caring too much about materialistic things. I like treating myself as much as the next person, but I have also learnt a lot about what I need verses what I want and that has given me a fresh perspective on life. The last few years have been hugely about self and spiritual development and learning to 'unpack' the fears I have been carrying about with me all this time. I read somewhere that when you are in this particular stage in life, the stage of facing things that have happened and working through the lessons, you often withdraw in order to cope and have strength and that things will ultimately return to a more balanced existence when you have the mental capacity and emotional strength for it. I really believe that is true and, when you realise it, it becomes so powerful.

Growing older certainly has a lot to do with changes in character though doesn't it; the more we grow into who we are, the less we follow the pack. Some people definitely still do this their entire lives but if you can stand out, move in your own direction and just 'do it anyway' surely that is for the greater good!

The downsides to being an introvert are really few; as long as you are okay with your own company which, thankfully, I am! I often wonder whether I should share a little bit more of what I get up to day to day when I am on my own working, but then I think 'would they really want to see that?' and I don't put it out there... I mean, do you need to see me reminiscing with Jason Donovan's back catalogue on Spotify whilst I edit paintings on Photoshop (I mean, if you do fancy some slightly amusing Insta-stories during the week, comment below because I can't tell you the amount of things I don't end up posting!). 

Would you say you are an introvert or an extrovert? If you have switched from one to the other let me know because I am genuinely interested in how we see ourselves and whether we are trying to hang on to being one way when, in actual fact, we are something else! Comment below!


  1. Oh oh ohhhh!! Only a few years ago I'd have considered myself a huge extrovert and now I'm such a homebird. I find being around people eally exhausting and crave alone time. I really enjoy being by myself and like pottering around. I'll happily spend the whole weekend home with the cats and not leave the flat once! Is that terrible?!
    Peta x

    1. That is not terrible at all my love, I am the same... the safety and comfort of home is the best (and that is where the hubby and fur baby is!)xx

  2. I am, without doubt, 100% introverted! I love to socialise, but it has to be on my terms, when I feel like bringing out the slightly extroverted side!


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