2 May 2018


This post was going to be called 'The reason I've unfollowed so many people on-line of late' (bit of a long title huh?). To be honest though, it wasn't the title that was the issue for me, it was the fact that I realised why I had been clicking 'unsubscribe' and 'unfollow' like a lunatic, and it is that which I want to talk about briefly here today.

I was listening to the wonderful Jess Lively recently, when my 'why' light-bulb clicked on; Jess was talking about what being in alignment means for her and how our alignment shifts and changes all the time and that, really, what aligns us one moment may push us out of alignment in another. She uses the example of how, some mornings, she wakes up super early, leaps straight into working, with a piece of chocolate and a coffee by her side and other mornings she may sit journaling in a coffee shop about all the things she is grateful for in that moment and not starting on anything work-related until way into her day. That is interesting to me as I guess what she is saying is that we will always get the 'right things' done when we are in a state of flow.

Coming back to my initial point; I clicked on my YouTube app last week and started scrolling through my subscriptions and trying to weed out the ones I had no interest in and find something that nourished my mind or soul, something that inspired or motivated me. It took a while, and as I was scrolling, I realised that I didn't have to have the stuff I didn't care about sat in my list of videos at all! I realised that many of the things I had followed previously just no longer seemed in alignment with who I am and what I wanted to absorb now. So, I went on a cull (I'm not done yet... I subscribe to many channels!).

In no way does it mean that I think the content these individuals are creating is no good, it simply doesn't make me feel uplifted anymore, in other words, I have moved on, and that is okay. I realised that the content I used to really love watching (and making sometimes) is just something I have outgrown now and, when I spend a few minutes scrolling through Instagram or searching for a video to watch whilst I am relaxing in the bath (precious minutes of bliss!) I want to be smiling or learning or nourishing my poor, tired little brain-box with information that will make me feel like I have taken something away of value to my heart and/or soul. 

Social media is both a wonderful and a tricky little beast all rolled into one, but it is certainly our own choice what we have in front of us on a daily basis. Life is too short to scroll through images that make us feel bad about ourselves, like the path we are on will never be 'what everyone else is doing' or that feed us paid adverts that don't come from someones soul and that, for me, is not what I am looking for. I want inspiration, people living their lives, their imperfect lives which are wonderful, filled with real experiences, sharing real things that make us all feel connected and pull us together as humans. I want to see pictures of our beautiful planet and the wonderful things that people do for one another, I want to read about people encouraging growth in others and praising others achievements, that is what life is about, not about pushing out content that is highly edited to conform to a certain look, highly paid for or highly unethical! 

Call me old and boring if you want (thankfully I can't hear you anyway... not because I'm old, just because I'm not in the same room) but, with all the madness in the world, kindness online is the way forward and, since typing this post up, the lovely Peta (from www.pe-ta.com) has written a blog post titled 'Dear 34 Souls I Follow Online' which is basically everything I am saying here about finding your tribe of people and sticking together, so please check it out because that girly rocks at being a wonderful human!

To sum up, keep editing what you are absorbing online because it can have an impact on your psyche, whether you realise it or not. The simple thing to do is to immediately acknowledge your reaction when you're scrolling through whatever app it is; does what you are seeing fill you with inspiration, positive thoughts and excitement, or does it make you question yourself in a negative way and feel like the life you're living isn't up to scratch? If it is the latter you know what to do!


  1. Thank you for the mention my love and what a brilliant post. I couldn't agree more with you, as I'm sure you can imagine. A continual edit of who we follow, what we follow and what we consume throughout our day to day is so bloody important!
    Sending lots of love your way as always,
    Peta & The Bears xx

    1. It's funny how you suddenly realise how much you have changed and what you are looking at doesn't reflect who you are anymore isn't it? Then you realise that it makes you uncomfortable or unhappy and have a clear out and all is right again! Have a fab weekend... almost Fraser visiting time! Lots of love sweet xxx

  2. Fab, really liked this post, thank you. I so agree, I feel like I've shifted so much recently. I'm craving inspiration and positivity. I realised I watch and consume so many heavy things, so many dark things and it just doesn't suit me so well anymore. Having a social media cull is super super important, I feel I am well overdue. x

    1. Thank you so very much Jo, that is so kind. I think we both had the same realisation, suddenly becoming aware of what we consume and how it makes us feel! I long for all things happy, inspiring and motivational now (ideally all together!!). Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment!! Love Lucy xx


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