11 March 2018


Well, this has been an interesting week...grab a cuppa!

*before I start this post, I have a new vlog out which is at the bottom of this post! It's not a very 'talky' vlog, but the next ones will be, so if you prefer my waffling over simply music you will not be disappointed next time I hope!

This week started off so promising, with a trip out to a National Trust property and the Eden Project too, then everything came to a grinding halt. Let's start with the good stuff from the beginning of the week shall we?

:: On Monday, as the weather was positively spring-like, Joe and I decided to take a walk in Trengwainton Garden, a National Trust property only ten minutes away in Penzance. I have been before but Joe hadn't so we thought it would be nice to get out and have a nice walk. This time of year there aren't many flowers about (a trip is planned for mid-April to see all the spring flowers though!) but the views at the top of the path are wonderful and, with some snow still on the ground in shady areas, it looked very pretty (see my vlog, linked at the bottom for more on Trengwainton!).

:: On the subject of Trengwainton... they have a really cute second hand book shop in a cottage on the site and I found a 1981 edition of a tiny illustrated book of berries. We didn't have the right change but the kind gentleman in the shop let us have it for what we had so thank you to him! I really love it and find those books so helpful for art work referencing.

:: There also was a brief stop at the tearoom for a scone :-)

^^ Trengwainton House - not open to the public but very grand to look at from outside nonetheless ^^

:: On Tuesday it was the turn of the Eden Project and it rarely disappoints; it is always beautiful there. The weather was gorgeous once again and we had a lovely wander about. It was one of the busiest times I have ever been there, which was slightly strange as it wasn't a school holiday or anything, but it is always so magical there and you can find peace once you step out of the domes. Some of the morning we spent at Eden will be in my very next vlog too!

:: I have had a couple of very luxurious afternoon naps this week (as I have been kind of 'on holiday' so it's fine!). I always get so dozy at two in the afternoon so took myself off for a rest and it was wonderfully relaxing; I just wish I could do it every single day! There is something so nice about climbing into bed, the window open a little for some fresh air, and just reading for an hour or sleeping; it feels wrong, but in all the right ways!

There are more things to be grateful for this week for certain, but before I get into them, let me talk you through what happened on Wednesday morning. As usual, I got up at 5.30am to head to the gym; Wednesday was leg day and I rattled through my squats, lunges, leg press and dead-lifts and, as I was returning some dumbbells to the rack I felt something in my back 'give'. I felt instantly sick and very, very faint. I just made it to the sofa in the entrance, saving myself from a fall to the hard floor. Long story short I left the gym on gas and air (one of the things I am super grateful for this week!). I felt like the biggest idiot ever having a poor old first response unit cart me off (luckily they are based literally a stones throw away from the gym). I am now the proud owner of a prolapsed a disc, which I have done before (lucky me!) but this time, now that I am a few days away from when I did it, it seems to be making a much hastier recovery and I have even managed a few walks and to not be pushing painkillers into my mouth like a mad woman.

Having filled you in on that little happening, let's continue...

:: I am super grateful for all the wonderful people at the gym who looked after me on Wednesday, even though I did end up looking like a pile of lost property when they covered me in every jumper available to help me stay warm! I am also grateful to the ambulance guys who would be super rich by now if they had been given a pound for every time I swore... but the gas and air calmed that down!

:: Poor Joe, car-less and stranded at home, received an SOS call from the gym instructor and came to pick up the car in a taxi, which charged £13 for a five minute journey (eek!) then came to the hospital to retrieve me...great day for him, but I am grateful he didn't leave me there!

:: With all that going on and the thought of not being able to train for a while you can probably imagine I was feeling a tad sorry for myself. When the postman arrived on Friday though I was cheered up by two wonderful parcels, one from the gorgeous Peta (pe-ta.com) of a little set of Teapigs teas (thanks so much lovely lady) and one from Joe of a new Bullet Journal (something to keep me busy...much like you do with a child and a colouring book!). Thanks guys, that really perked up my grump!

That pretty much sums up my week! I will do my best to vlog this week coming and straighten myself up from my slightly strange posture I adopt when I am in pain! Fingers crossed I will continue on my fast road to recovery though! Thank you for bearing with me this week! Have a great one guys!



  1. Aww my lovely The Eden Project looks amazing and the scones sound delicious! I hope your back is feeling much better. Afternoon naps with the window open a little are the best! Sending lots of love your way xx

    1. Thank you sweet, I am feeling better every day :-) I hope you and Albert are getting better too. Fingers crossed for the cone of shame coming off soon! xx


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