25 March 2018


Today marks the start of a big few months for me, which I will talk about on Wednesday I think, as it will take up way too much space here otherwise! This week, despite the rain fall here in Cornwall, has been a really positive one. I have been consistent with my little morning routine of ten minutes of uplifting meditation, using peppermint essential oil to help energise and uplift my mood (seriously guys, this is so awesome) and I have been journaling after my meditation too, just writing really positive little goals and dreams on paper. I am trying to work a bit with the law of attraction and manifest all the good stuff... I'll keep you posted on that :-)

:: This week I went back to very (very) light gym training in the form of cardio only, just to ease my back into it and to see what it felt like afterwards. I am so lucky that I have recovered so fast (obviously I am not fully back to normal yet, but I am well on my way for sure) and I feel so grateful that the pain has been minimal. It has really made me take stock of how amazing the body can be.

:: I have had a 'good art week' this week; meaning I actually managed to be patient with myself for once and allow myself proper time to create what I set out to create. I am super impatient with myself a lot of the time and label myself a big, fat failure if I can't do something I want to do on the first attempt. I have been working on a new wedding stationery collection, themed around leaves and foliage, that I want to be super fresh and clean looking and I am really happy with where things are going with it! I tried a few different things and really enjoyed the process of it all.

:: Speaking of art... I stumbled across the wonderful Katie Moody recently, a gorgeous illustrator / artist / all round lovely human (bean!) and spent way too much time this week admiring her from a suitable Instagram distance! Then, on... Wednesday (I think), I open up my Insta to a little message from her and I was the happiest ever! It gave me a little spring in my step to have a chat with someone I really admire online.

:: Yesterday morning, just before the rain hit, Joe and I managed to get a little walk in. It was possibly the muddiest walk I have ever experience and, I have to admit, I felt like a right wally when we got over taken by a cool surfer dude, who was easily navigating the mud in just his wet-suit, whilst I walked like I had wet myself across the slippery surface! In my defense, I was just being super careful not to slip and hurt my back even more!

:: You guys know that I get endless hours of entertainment from our little bear (Gizmo the cat... just in-case you may be new around these parts!) and this week I discovered her new little 'look-out' spot, up the weather-beaten old apple tree at the back of our garden that looks out to sea. She reminds me of a little sailor, up the crows nest of a ship, keeping watch for anything of interest! She is awful at climbing though and looks very un-lady-like on her way down!

:: Today we woke up to bright sunshine and it was beyond needed and oh so beautiful. After I had been to the gym we decided to make the most of the clear, sunny day and head to the coast path by Godrevy and have a walk. It was very clear and so pretty; the sea was super blue and the colours in the rocks seemed to jump right out in contrast; I love days like this. We have not long come back from a short walk to the beach by the cottage, which was mostly quiet, other than a few dogs playing in the sea and some surfers/paddle-boarders enjoying the lighter evening!

It's a bit of shorter one this week, as I have still been keeping myself to myself to help my back recover really, but I hope that the warmer weather approaching will mean more adventures very soon!

Thank you so much for reading this weekends post, I hope you have a lovely week ahead; in the meantime, here are a few more pictures from today to remind you that the sun is still out there!


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