18 March 2018


Happy Sunday everyone! As I sit, finishing off this weeks Gratitude List, it has just started snowing! I think it looks so pretty, but I am really ready for the warmer weather that spring brings now! It has felt like a very wet winter period and I am more than grateful for that, as we need water too, but the selfish side of me, who needs sunlight to function, is ready now! Has it been snowing where you are? 

The wonderful news for me this week is that my back is feeling so much better! It has had a couple of 'blips' but overall is doing good, hooray to that! I will be back at the gym tomorrow for some gentle exercise, which is awesome because I hate missing training!

Let's jump into this weeks happenings and gratitude!

:: On Friday I found myself in a bit of a 'funky' mood. Unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of cool-funky you are probably envisioning, but a more I-have-so-many-things-in-my-brain-I-don't-know-where-to-start kind of funky! My head was swimming with both positive, inspirational thoughts and some little, annoying, negative ones which were causing me to feel somewhat stuck. I decided that the best course of action was to get a blank sheet of paper and write it all out, in no particular way really, simply list all the mind-crap on a piece of paper. Once I did that I cast it to one side and popped on some podcasts including Gemma Sands 'Free to Flourish Radio', episode 46 'Be Responsible for Your Energy' and Julia Treat's 'Stepping into the Light', an episode called 'The Importance of Allowing the True You to Shine Through'. Isn't it funny how sometimes things come along that totally resonate at that specific moment, about that specific thing you are experiencing? I am super grateful for these two ladies and their podcasts, they are my absolute favourites by a long way and I highly recommend them. As an additional note, yesterday I listened to Gemma's latest episode, 'Five Steps to Gaining Momentum in Your Life', which I would also recommend, as it is super motivational! 

:: This week I got to have an actual telephone conversation with my 'Lobster', otherwise known as my bestie, Helena! Her and her hubby, having recently relocated to Lynmouth, to run a bed and breakfast, have just reopened for the season, and have spent their time off totally redecorating and jazzing up their gorgeous B & B! If you fancy a weekend break in Devon please check out Lynmouth and their bed and breakfast, East Lyn House, as it is truly gorgeous! Our busy lives mean that we touch base over WhatsApp but don't get to see each other at all now really, so I am always grateful for a girly natter! 

:: I am so grateful to be living right by a beach. We have taken a few walks this week and they always remind me to step back from the bigger things that we take on board in life and remember that we truly are somewhere amazing. There is something new to see each time we walk the same path and the sea is forever changing and I absolutely love it.

:: On the subject of nature... on Thursday, around 4am, Gizmo wanted to go outside and, as I stood at the door, waiting for her to take her tail with her (she always sits for ages making up her mind, knowing that, if she leaves her tail over the threshold, I won't shut the door!) I noticed just how super-clear the sky was. I stepped out, bare foot (so cold!) and just stared up at the stars for a couple of minutes; I don't think I have ever seen so many, it was so beautiful. It made me think about clear, warm summer nights, when we sit out on our garden chairs and look up for ages without fear of catching pneumonia!

:: As a total stationery freak (who's with me... comment below!), I jumped for joy when these mini, pastel highlighters arrived this week! Aren't they so cute? Honestly, I wish I would just have a job testing stationery out forever more, it is my 'thing' and I can't get enough!

:: I have mentioned this lady before but I thought I would mention her again as she makes me feel grateful and happy every single time I see any of her Instagram Stories! Who is this magical unicorn lady? Her name is Emily Coxhead and I highly suggest you check her Instagram out, because everyone needs a bit of her happiness! (She also has a book out called 'Make Someone Happy and Find Your Own Happiness Along the Way: a Creative Kindness Journal', which I am desperate to get my paws on at some point!). I totally resonate with this beauty as, not only do I also sing and dance at my computer whilst I work (I just don't have the balls to put it on my IG for fear of terrifying everyone who dares to look) but I am of the same school of thought as her, which is all about positivity creating positivity! Go check her out, you'll adore her!

:: After buying the birds some 'bird peanut butter' but missing them actually eat it every single time, I finally witnessed a gorgeous robin pecking away at it yesterday. I knew that they had been enjoying it from the hundreds of little beak marks in it, but never once have I seen a bird doing it (I was beginning to wonder whether my own peanut butter obsession had driven me to sleep walking and stealing off our feathered friends!).

That is it for this week lovely guys and girls; thank you for being here! I have a new vlog that I am due to edit soon, so keep your eyes peeled to social media for that! Have a great rest of weekend and a lovely week ahead and I will see you on Wednesday for another post!



  1. Oh what a wonderful list of gratitude Lucy. I love those highlighters and I adore Emily Coxhead too. I hope you have a lovely week this week.
    Peta xx

    1. I'm so pleased you follow Emily too! She really knows how to brighten up your day doesn't she and bloomin' heck doesn't she work her little (colourful)socks off!! I hope you are going to be able to make it over for easter lovely, fingers crossed you are on the mend now! xxx


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