4 March 2018


Happy March everyone! Well, what a week it has been! We have had two days of snow, which melted overnight, followed by a couple of days of quite spring-like weather; this morning was super warm and bright! As you will already know, if you read my previous post, Monday was my 37th birthday and my parents were here for a few days, narrowly missing the crazy weather, and so we had a bit of a cupcake fueled catch up and went out for a really yummy meal to a restaurant in Marazion. Joe is off work for a couple of weeks so there have been a few errands to run and places to go so, all in all it has been a crazy week... here's what has been happening!

:: My birthday, and the days that followed (including today), have been somewhat over-indulgent (more on what I am doing about that in a later post and vlog!). There has been some delicious food and some really lovely pressies too. Joe got me a gorgeous crescent moon necklace, mum and dad bought me some skincare bits and gave me some money too. I got a gorgeous set of essential oils from Gemma and I had so many flowers delivered (all beautiful daffodils and narcissus) that even the postman commented on all the deliveries! Thank you to everyone who sent me a card, pressie or message on Monday, all of them mean the world to me.

:: The couple of crazy snow days we had came out of nowhere but I really enjoyed seeing our village all covered in a white dusting. The birds got stocked up with fat balls, bird peanut butter (yep, that's a thing you know!) and seeds and they kept all cosy in our garden whilst the snow fell. We attempted a walk to see the beach but the road down was crazy amounts of slippery underfoot, so that mission was halted fast (mostly because I am so clumsy on a regular day, let alone a snow day!). Watching Gizmo look at the snow was so cute; to be fair to her, she went to bed at about 10am in the bright sunshine and when she got up at 4pm the garden was covered in snow. She looked confused but got out there and trotted about happily eventually!

:: This week we had no water for a day and a half (fun!), which fell perfectly on the day that I was finally allowed to have a bath again after having my tattoos! When the water came on yesterday I had the best bath ever! I really enjoy a soak in the bath with a podcast or YouTube for company!

:: Yesterday, in the rain, Joe and I took a drive to Godolphin House, a National Trust property about 15 minutes away from us. We have been there before but just fancied a walk and didn't really care about the rain. Having been there for about half an hour the rain stopped and we walked about the gardens; there was no-one else about whatsoever for the most part and all I could hear was the birds chirping. It is such a magical place and will be in the vlog I am currently editing, but to see a previous vlog of Godolphin House just click here!

:: This afternoon, whilst having a bit of a chill out on the sofa, I had a bit of a scroll on Netflix and finally watched a film I have wanted to see for a long time, The Danish Girl. Wow, what an incredible movie! Have you seen it? I really recommend it if you haven't watched it yet. It's so moving and proves that love crosses many boundaries... so beautifully made.

:: Through March, I am taking part in the hashtag 'March meet the maker' (#marchmeetthemaker) on Instagram. The challenge is thirty days of prompts to help creatives/makers let people know more about them and their business and was created by the lovely Joanne Hawker. I am really enjoying it so far and have had a chat with a couple of other creatives on the back of the posts I have put up already. If you want to follow along be sure to follow my Leaf Lane Studio Instagram!

I hope you guys have had a wonderful week, come and have a chat in the comments! See you on Wednesday! (New vlog coming soon!).


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  1. What a wonderful list yet again Lucy. I'm so happy you had a great birthday. I adore Godolphin house and used to go with my Grandad when I was little! I can't wait to watch your vlog. I hope you have a lovely week this week.
    Peta xx


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