14 March 2018


If you have been following me for a while you may know that, in January 2016, I set up my very first Bullet Journal (see my previous video by clicking right here!). I thought I would give it a go because I was always finding that diaries weren't adaptable enough for me (and all my lists!), so it made sense to experiment with something that allowed me the flexibility that this way of journaling does.

Now it seems like everyone is having a go at it and I really love seeing what other people are up to, especially on Instagram! Although I think the original idea behind the Bullet Journal was to use it in a very simplistic way, so many more people are getting super creative with theirs and so, naturally, they are turning into a bit of an art journal too.

I had been doing the same set up since 2016 and recently found myself wanting a change and also wanting to be a little more creative within my pages, so I sat down and re-jigged the journal for next month and, if you are interested, you can see the whole thing in the video at the bottom of this post!

If you fancy giving it a try for yourself, here are some ideas for what you may need!

I use the original Bullet Journal but, quite honestly, it really doesn't matter. You could use a blank, dotted, squared or lined page if you want, it can be so easily adapted. The original Bullet Journal is a Leuchtturm (1917) and is handy purely because it has numbered pages, several ribbons to help you find your various spreads and many useful dotted pages. I would recommend that you look into something with thicker paper if you know you are likely to be using intense markers or paints though, as the Leuchtturm is just standard writing paper and some marker pens will show through to the next page.

I show what I used for my April spread in the image above. In my previous Bullet Journal I used several different pastel coloured pens for a mood tracker too, and will continue to do this. I also have a supply of paper that I have torn out of magazines, that I use to collage with. There are no restrictions though, just let your creativity run wild!

I love drawing and using a few different hand-lettering styles in my journal. It is not only great practice, but also so therapeutic! I always have a store of quotes I like on my Pinterest account, so just sketch out my pages roughly first then, armed with a cup of tea and something good on the TV, I will sit and draw over the various quotes in my fine-tipped black pens and make them look more interesting by adding borders etc. I do try and think about what I have going on in the month and pick out images or quotes to suit what I predict I will be feeling. April this year will be a full on health kick again, and I have big fat loss goals, so many of the quotes and things I have pre-written into the spreads for the month are with that in mind!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures inside my journal. If you want to hear me talk about it in more detail please give the video below a watch too! If you haven't subscribed to my From Lucy with Love YouTube Channel yet, I would LOVE it if you could! Just click here and hit 'subscribe' when you get there!

PS: I am currently in the (early) stages of designing some printable journal goodies. When they are done they will be available (for a super affordable price of course) on both my Leaf Lane Studio shop and my Etsy shop too. I am thinking that each 'journal pack' will be between 4 and 8 pages to print, will be themed (botanical, stars, flowers etc) and will contain things like: hand-drawn/painted pieces, patterns for collage or layering, hand-lettered quotes, days of the week and months, gratitude prompts and much more! The good thing about printable packs like this is that you can print off as many as you like and use them for anything you like! I am super excited to get working on these!



  1. Love your new weekly layout! The boxes are large enough for heaps of to do items and the sketches and quotes make it so colourful and inspiring to use. Keep up the great job x

    1. Thank you honey, so lovely of you to comment! I am really enjoying journaling right now :-) x


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