25 February 2018


Welcome to the last weekly gratitude post that I am writing as a 36 year old! Tomorrow I turn a whole 37 years old, not that I am bothered one bit about my actual age, more bothered about how fast time passes by! Before I go on to anything else, I have a special 20% off code for Leaf Lane Studio, which is running right now until midnight tomorrow (26th Feb) and applies to anything, from sample wedding stationery packs and cards to prints and downloadable artwork too (just enter the code 'BIRTHDAY' at the checkout!). Head on over for a mooch!

This week has been super bright and sunny here in Cornwall and has made me feel so much happier; the daffodils are out and spreading their yellow joy everywhere and new blooms are starting to pop up everywhere you look. I really love this time of year so much (although it sounds like this week coming may be interesting... snow, minus temperatures all over the shop and general freezing weather all over the UK. Get your hot water bottles ready everyone!). Let's get on with this weeks gratitude list shall we?

:: Yesterday we finally got out in the garden to start the tidy up process after weeks of rain and full on wind, which has been rearranging the garden furniture, pot plants and generally causing havoc! It was so lovely to be outside and spending time with the garden. Every time I have tried to get out there it has poured with rain and so the poor old garden has had to wait. It still needs more work but it is on its way to being 'spring ready'!

:: I had an amazing amount of narcissus delivered this week (I literally cannot get enough of those happy little flowers!). Both Joe and mum and dad sent some for my birthday and they arrived early (no complaints from me though!). They are so beautiful and I have them in vases all over the house.

:: Due to the super low temperatures we've been having I have been finding the gym super cold and I just cannot get warm, no matter how hard I try. I made the decision to join the wear-a-bobble-hat-whilst-training gang this week and ordered myself a new, gym friendly bobble hat in the Gym Shark sale! I shall be wearing it next week and hope that will aid my heating system! I am already grateful for it as I wore it in the garden yesterday and it helped keep my temperature up a bit!

:: Speaking of training... this week I re-introduced a few (gentle) running intervals back into my cardio program. I haven't attempted running for a long time as my poor old back just hates it, but I know I am a little stronger now, so figured I would give it a shot and I actually really enjoyed it. I was surprised at my cardio fitness level actually, in a good way. I have been doing a lot of interval training on various pieces of kit this last year, so I guess I am fitter than I anticipated!

:: The colder weather has brought along some of the most stunning sunsets I have seen in a while. The night that I got the photo below was super clear by the time it got dark and the stars were so beautiful. If I hadn't have been shivering I would've stayed out for much longer!

:: These days I rarely talk about beauty products (only because I really don't have the money to spend on them right now) but I wanted to mention a new shampoo and conditioner I have been using because it is super gentle, calming, cleansing and smells yummy! I initially got the Garnier Ultimate Blends Oat Milk Shampoo just because it was on some serious offer in Morrisons (still is actually!) but I really loved it! My hair struggles to feel properly clean sometimes and shampoos that offer a full on 'cleanse' can sometimes be so drying. If you are on the look out for something more soothing then seriously, try this range. I love it! (I just re-read this and realised I sound like I am being sponsored... I'm really not!! I just love it!) :-)

:: You guys are honestly the best when it comes to commenting and answering my pleas for help or advise on various things on-line! When I posted my video on YouTube this week (click here if you haven't seen it yet!) I asked about a size of notepad you would prefer and so many of you commented, either via the video or on Instagram etc. I really appreciate all your thoughts and feedback so thank you so much for taking time out of your day to respond, it means so much to me.

:: Recently I have been doodling in my Bullet Journal and just letting my imagination run a little bit away with itself, as a bit of a mindfulness thing I guess. I ended up drawing this little leafy-land inside a light bulb which I actually quite like! I have since added a few more details to it, but thought I would share it with you in-case you missed it on Instagram!

That is all for this weeks gratitude list guys. Thank you for reading and stopping by the blog. Have a really wonderful week! Stop by on Wednesday for a special 'birthday' blog post from me (I was actually going to post it tomorrow, on my birthday but, lets face it, I will probably be eating cake!). xx


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