18 February 2018


:: Truro Cathedral looking beautiful in the sunlight ::

Here we are again at another Sunday, already midway through the second month of the year! How has your week been? This week for me has been a busy one, packed to the brim with work and new things going on. I am going to jump right on in to this weeks gratitude list and save you from my usual waffle! Let's go...

:: I have been super grateful for the evenings starting to get lighter and early signs of spring starting to creep on in. I love spring so much; the smells in the air and signs of brand new life all around really brings me happiness.

:: This week I shifted my weights training to a heavy programme of lifting, aiming to increase my strength and generally change things about for six weeks or so. It felt amazing to try pushing my body that little bit harder and I will be upping my cardio this coming week too and mixing in a full body circuit day too, just to keep things interesting. I can't do without the gym; it feels like it cleanses my body and mind like nothing else!

:: Gorgeous reflections on the sand :: 

:: Yesterday was a really nice day weather wise (well, up until late afternoon anyway). The chill that had been in the air had subsided and the sun was really bright and warm. We took a walk along the beach in the morning and got some much needed fresh air in our lungs, which felt so good. The tide was super low too, which makes our beach look huge and it had some beautiful reflections of the sky on the wet sand. The beach is one of my favourite places to go to feel calmer and refreshed; it really does work miracles.

:: This week I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous box of my favourite flowers, scented Narcissus, which smell so wonderful and really brighten up the house and make it feel like spring has sprung. As well as the flowers, Valentines Day also brought with it a super pretty necklace that is absolutely lovely and something I have been looking at for a long old time (thanks so much Mows!).

:: I managed to put the first two items from my new Leaf Lane Studio 'Love Hearts' collection up in the shop this week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to accept the fact that they wouldn't be ready for Valentines Day, but I designed them to be used for other occasions too, so it really is okay! I am just so content to be getting products in my shop and would love it if you checked them out!

:: To pass some time whilst sticking some bits together for the printers this weekend (a girls got to earn pocket money!) we watched the film 'Victor Frankenstein' on Netflix, and is was a really good film! Daniel Ratcliffe and James McAvoy are the leads and it shows a really interesting view to the popular story we all know. I highly recommend it if you fancy something to watch!

:: I have done a few hours work at the printers this week (as well as bringing home things to stick!). There is not much parking there so it is literally a case of driving around the little roads in Penzance until you find a space on the road somewhere. This used to be something that filled me with anxiety, but recently it is something I have really enjoyed doing. Parking the car a few roads away from the printers means I have a little walk into town and can pop a podcast in my ears and take in the sights! I have worked really hard at trying to turn around the things that give me anxiety and seem to be winning with this one!

:: My gratitude list wouldn't be complete without a mention of the little bear... she is always super cute and this week has taken to a new sleeping 'spot'... it took me a while to realise where she was on Friday, but I found her in a super old bed (one she refuses to sleep in normally) that is thrown on a stack of stuff in the spare room! Love her!

:: Friday was a big old day (which is why I am splitting it into two sections!). As you guys may remember, I booked in for a tattoo in a lovely place called Ateleir Four in Truro and Friday was the big day! I specifically booked in with Remy (see her Instagram for some of her work) as I loved her style and thought she was the perfect person to see. Honestly guys, Remy is one of the sweetest humans ever! She made me feel so at ease and we had such a giggle that it all passed so quickly and was pretty much pain free. I will do a separate post on my new additions (yep, two!) as soon as they are fully healed up. But I am super happy with what Remy did, the main piece seriously exceeded what I thought it could be and I am in love with it.

:: It would be wrong to visit Truro and not go to the cathedral and so a visit was top of the list before the tattoo! I really love churches and cathedrals and could spend so much time just sitting and taking in the architecture and feel of the buildings. Truro cathedral is stunning inside and, when we walked in, there was a lovely man reading a prayer out and so we just sat and listened until he finished. There is such a calmness within these places and, although I am not religious, I certainly appreciate the spirituality of these spaces and what they represent. I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the city.

That's all for this week! I hope you had a great weekend, see you on Wednesday for another blog post! (I have a vlog coming out this week!).



  1. Oh what a beautiful list Lucy, you've popped a huge smile on my face. Truro in the sunshine sounds wonderful and a walk to work with a podcast in your ears is such a good way to get a little mind space - I do it every single day!

    Sending lots of love your way and I hope you and Gizmo have a beautiful week, she's such a gorgeous fluffball!!

    Peta xx

    1. Thank you sweet. I hope you and Albert are feeling better this week xxx

  2. I really enjoy your Weekly Gratitudes, it's started to me me look at the positives in my own week! I can't wait for the Vlog

    1. Thanks honey! The first vlog back is a bit of a catch up then normal service will hopefully be resumed!! Have a lovely week xx


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